June 30, 2015

dress or...

I am back with this lovely laid back outfit post. I love to wear something like that for running errands. It makes me feel more comfortable and easier to do everythings. I believe you can also never go wrong with a simple outfit. You just choose your favourite pieces and your good for the day. You just need a small shoulder bag for the keys and phone. For my outfit I used simple colours for the actual base and over it I added this gorgeous checked dress. Yes you heard it right-it's a dress but there are buttons in front of it, so you can unbotton in whole. So there you have it. You can take different clothing and change their purpose. In my case the dress became a very light 'cardigan'. Now about the footwear. I opted for a safer choice and wore these brown sandals because there was a lot of walking that day. I think platform sandals would look perfect for an outfit like that- you would appear taller and the outfit would look more on point. Of course we need a pair of sunglasses since it's summer and now I'll let you see how the outfit turned out to be.

Let me know in the comment if you like wearing comfy outfits. Have a lovely day and I'll talk to you very soon.

June 26, 2015


Hello hello. It's gotten a bit chilly where I live. Why? I did this hairstyle to remind myself that summer is already here, it's just that it's hiding somewhere. Just a little bit more and I will be able to enjoy my well deserved summer holiday. 4 more exams and then i'm going to come home and watch Full House and do nothing. I can't wait for that day to come.
As you can see this hairstyle has a bit of bohemian vibe in it and I love it. I've never had a hairstyle like that so I thought I should try to make it and see if I can pull it off. Basically I got this idea when I undid my braids that I braided a night before. I had these curls and it looked nice and I decided to pin sides of my hair and add random braids in it. That is basically it guys. It also looks good if you add a flower crown or just a random headband. Just have fun with it. You can also add more braids-it's a summery type of hairstyle so it's supposed to be fresh and effortless. Hope you like this hairstyle. Let me know what you think about it.

June 23, 2015


Z Majo sva pred kratkim bili povabljeni v samopostrežno restavracijo na Trgu osvobodilne fronte, ki se imenuje Loving Hut in kar je najbolj zanimivo je to, da je VEGANSKA. Osebno sama nikoli ne bi pomislila, da jo obiščem ampak, ko sem vstopila v prostor sem bila navdušena. Bil je zelo odprt, prijeten in domač in poleg tega ima možnost obeda tako zunaj kot znotraj. Lokacija le-te se mi zdi posrečena, saj je blizu glavne železniške postaje in ne daleč od centra. Torej odličen za turiste in hkrati odlična izbira za vse tiste, ki želijo poskusiti vegansko hrano. In to je šele prostor. Sedaj pa najboljši del: HRANA, 
Naročila sem Vegi kebab. Nikoli nisem jedla to verzijo in po pravici sem bila malo skeptična, saj sem bila trdno prepričana, da bom dobila kruh in zelenjavo. Prosim za minuto molka, ker sem skoraj 100 % prepričana, da je to eden izmed boljših kebabov, ki sem jih jedla. Vseboval je vegi majonezo, zelenjavo in nekaj kar še nikoli nisem jedla in to je Seitan. Izvedela sem da je to pšenično meso, ki nadomesti pravega. Prisežem, da je imel zelo podobno strukturo kot pravo meso. Bila sem zelo prijetno presenečena in za piko na i je bilo vse tako dobro začinjeno. Še vedno ne morem pozabiti okusa, čeprav sem ga jedla pred enim tednom. Kapo dol, res je bilo odlično narejeno. Naj dodam še to, da tisti dan nisem jedla večerje, saj je bil kebab zelo nasiten.
Rada bi omenila tudi zgodbo, ki stoji za restavracijo. Z Majo sva dobili priložnost pogovora z enim izmed solastnikov. Govorili smo o vidikih veganstva in kako ta pomaga ne le živalim ampak tudi nam in Zemlji. Torej dejansko niso samo živali, ki so na slabšem.  Restavracija ima tudi navdihujoč moto, ki se glasi: "Bodi vegan. Širi mir." Zelo je preprost in jasen in nam pomaga razumeti smisel vsega tega. Ta izkušnja mi je dala misliti o vsem, kar počnemo na svetu in se mi zdi, da je tudi to dober začetek, ki lahko vodi k izboljšanju našega življenjskega sloga.

Different post as you can see. I always surprise I know ;)  Alright let me tell what I've been up to a few days ago (besides studying). Last week Maja and I got invited, by my cousin, to visit a quite different restaurant from what I would usually choose. It's called Loving Hut and it's such a lovely self-service restaurant and the interesting part of it is that it's VEGAN. It never crossed my mind to visit one of those and I really don't know why. I mean hello?! where have you been all my life. Let me talk about the actual place. It surprised me because it is so bright and cosy and you can sit both inside and outside. It is situated very near to the centre and Central station in Ljubljana. I would say it's a well-chosen part of the city. Perfect for tourists and I'd say perfect for everybody who hasn't tried vegan food yet. I was blown away by it (and that's just the place). We decided to go inside to see what they have to offer. There were a lot of people waiting in line to choose their meal, and after I tried one of their specialties, I knew why. So I think it's now time to talk about the one thing we're all waiting for: FOOD.
I ordered a Vegi kebab. Never had one of those and I had no idea what to expect. To be honest with you I didn't have high hopes for it. Let's take a minute of silence because I can almost for certain say that that was by far one of the best things I've ever eaten. It contained a vegan mayonaisse, some vegetables and the one thing I never tried in my life and that is Seitan. Basically it is a wheat meat and it is a substitute for a meat and I kid you not but it has the same texture. I was shocked, and to top it all off they seasoned it perfectly. How did they do that? I still can't forget the taste of it and I had it like a week ago. Compliments to the chef. And I got to add that it's so filling that I didn't eat dinner that evening.
Now let's talk about the story behind this restaurant. Maja and I also had the pleasure to talk to one of the co-owners of this lovely place. We talked about the views of being a vegan and how it helps not only animals but also us and our planet. So it actually doesn't concern just animals but also our lives.  They also have a very nice logo which says: "Be vegan make peace." I think it's a great idea behind it and we should be aware of the things we're doing. I know becoming vegan is not for everyone but at least it helps us to be aware of the things we're consequently doing to our planet by exploiting it. It got me thinking and that's a good start to make changes.
Enjoy in the pictures and let me know what's your perspective on veganism and if you like vegan food.

Check out their Facebook and official page for more information. Have a great day everybody.
Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/1CqtOqr
Official page: http://www.lovinghut.si/

June 16, 2015


Woohoo I can't believe summer is already here (Let's ignore that it's raining where I live at the moment...). I got a bit chilly but I don't disapprove of it because the last few days were so warm (31°C). We're not going to talk about my exams because I feel that that's all I'm saying and I have a slight feeling that you could get irritated by that (I do when someone talks about school all the time). To be honest with you guys there's nothing interesting at the moment. I can't wait to finish school, I can't wait to finally go swim in a swimming pool, to watch my favourite TV shows... Those random things that you usually don't have time for when you're studying. I got to say that with all the exams and the blog and the YouTube channel, I think I am doing just fine (hope I didn't jinx that right now). Let me know some of your favourite TV shows or movies that you reccomend and I'll watch those as soon as my exams are over. 

I have an outfit post for you today. Since it's hot and summer I decided to dress for the occasion. I put this gorgeous mint green crop top from H&M and over that I added a black vest since I am not yet 100% comfortable with wearing crop tops. For my pants I decided to take these light jeans with a zipper at the end. Since I am a girl, I have a lot of things so I took this amazing white rucksack from Top Shop which I absolutely adore. I also have on my wedge heel sneakers to make me look a bit taller (who doesn't want that). Of course I had to have some accessories. I added 2 necklaces. They're very minimalistic which I really like at the moment and they're both from H&M. I then also added these lovely earrings which were a gift from my friend and I just love the aztec print on it.
Talk to you in my next post which might be a small restaurant review.... Not sure yet but I think it'll be soon. Let me know in the comments how you like my outfit for today. Hope you're having an amazing summer.

June 13, 2015


I guess it's normal for me to write posts at 1 AM. Such a night owl I am. Not really.. I just remembered that I haven't posted in a long time so I am doing this now. At the moment my days are filled with studying and eating and sleeping and oh yes studying (in case I didn't say). So there aren't any big adventures in my life at the moment. The biggest highlight of this week was that I went to buy a pair of sandals which you'll soon see. I am literally in love with them and they're perfect for summer. At first they didn't have my size but I managed to get my hands on them anyway. I am so excited. Yea it's weird that I talk about shoes with so much passion... What to do. The girl loves shoes. You'll soon find out more about the shoes and now I am pretty sure it is time for me to go to sleep and relax. Tomorrow is a whole new day jst for studying. Yeeey I know... Let me know if you finished your finals already or do you still have to go through this like I do.
I am leaving you with this hairstyle that I actually never tried before and I experimented a bit. Since dutch braid and fishtail braid are two of my favourite braids to make, I decided to combine them and see what I am left with. Here are the results. Let me know if you like it.

June 08, 2015


It's hectic I have to admit but I guess that's the life of a blogger and a student at once. Maja and I are always out and about and we are taking pictures of our outfits and it's really cool how we always manage to find time to do all of this. We also both have to study for our upcoming exams but we are quite chilled and I think we'll have good results. I have my oral exam tomorrow and I really hope I'll do well because that means one thing less to worry about when I'm on my holidays. So yeah we're getting there slowly.
I guess this post will be a bit shorter because I'm just waiting to go to sleep and wake up fresh and prepared for tomorrow. Let me tell you a bit about these pictures. They were taken in Ljubljana and, as you  will be able to see, some of my poses are a bit more edgier and that is because I wanted to try out different things in front of a camera. So I really had fun shooting it and I think it turned out pretty welll. I'll let you be the judge of that. I wore this well-known piece of mine - a vintage purple blazer, added some Zara leggings with a zipper at the side and a lovely floral top from New Yorker. And I have to thank Maja for lending me the shoes. Now enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave your opinions. Talk to you soon.
Photos by Maja

June 02, 2015


Yuup guys it's starting. It's that time of the year... I have to study 24/7 and I can't take a break from it. It's 22.47 where I live and that's the only time I can write a post. Okay I wanted to write a new post because I feel like it. I finished writing a paper and I am at peace right now. I also studied and went to college this morning. A little bit of everything. Now it's the perfect time to sit down, drink some orange juice (I had cravings for it), listen to Ed Sheeran and write something. Lately I've been feeling so tranquil as I usually am not. I mean c'mon who can be calm when the exams are in two weeks? It's quite the opposite with me. How do you guys get through this?

I got it all planned out. I know which exam I will take first and so on. I just hope I did the right thing with choosing these dates. I think I know which of the classes are going to be easy and which are going to be, let's say, interesting. I am not a big freak when it comes to organizing certain dates or just organizing the time. My posting schedules are a great example of that. Will just see how it turns out. I will definitely keep you posted. For now I have passed 6 out of 14 classes. It's not that bad, I think. Oh and the last exam is on my birthday - July 10th. Funny :D I am only thinking about the vacation and I'm going to be able to sleep longer than I do now. It's the life of the student peeps. But I can't complain. It's quite fun and classes aren't obligatory. It's much more free than in secondary school. Okay don't know why I wrote that much. At the moment, I am listening to Birdy. Such an amazing girl and the voice is just... *speechless*
Onto the outfit. Maja and I took these photos last week and yes I am showing them to just now (awful I know). Since I got these new shoes, I am  obsessed with them. The snake print is just perfect and the faux leather around it goes perfectly with it. I decided to keep it simple and I added these plain skinny jeans and paired it with a vanilla part-sheer top. And can we talk about this adorable rucksack? I just had to have it. I had a lot of stuff with me that day and I needed something bigger. I decided on this lovely bag. I thought it's a great combo as it adds a slight colour to the outfit. Let me know what you guys think about it. Do you own any fun bags that spice up your entire outfit?

I think I'm gonna finish here and leave you with your thoughts on this outfit. Hope to hear some suggestions. Have a lovely day/night everybody.
Photos by MAJA