Hello to whomever clicked on this part of section!

My name is Leja (J is pronounced with a Y) and I am currently living in Slovenia. Slovenia is a small european country situated between Italy, Croatia and Austria. It's not much but it's home. I created this site on 1st of July in 2013. The main reason why I did this is my sister. She started writing a blog long before I did and that is how I entered the world of blogging. My writing has been all over the place.  I had a period of time where I completely neglected it, but got back on track and hopefully I'll stay there. If I'm absent again, blame it on the Uni ;)

The topics you'll find on my blog are related to fashion. I have some 'random pictures' posts because I like taking photos of different things and edit it later on the computer. I also love doing different hairstyles which have to be simple otherwise I can't do them (I'm not that talented whoops). So that is another topic you can see here. Of course I will share some beauty posts, but I feel like those won't be in excess because I don't experiment with makeup alot and because of that I can't give you any useful tips. There are some occasions where I become obsessed with a certain makeup product and that is when I usually write a post about it. Right now my blog is something I do for myself and share my advices with you. I really hope you'll find my ideas interesting and would gladly accept them (or even share your recreations with me).

To sum all up: random girl from a small country trying to share some ideas with everyone who is interested in them.