December 12, 2016


Hello ladies,

It’s such a beautiful day where I live. It’s sunny and quite warm even though it’s winter. Winter, as you all already know, is one of my least favourite seasons of the year, but I have to admit that I love different makeup looks when it comes to this time of the year. I can finally get out my darker shades of lipsticks and just experiment with them more. So for today’s post I want to show my 3 favourite makeup looks for winter. I have to tell you that they are the easiest makeup looks you’ll ever see because I don’t like to complicate things. I like to try new things of course but I don’t want it to take up a lot of my time. Yeah I’m a fussy person like that.

The 3 looks that you’ll see today are definitely something I wear on daily basis. I love to wake up in the morning and already know what I’m going to do to my face. Biggest focus is definitely on the lips. I am obsessed with wearing dark lipstick. I believe it makes the whole makeup look more fresh and sophisticated.

The first makeup look is called ‘’Dark Lips’’. For my eyes I used the Too Faced Natural Matte eyeshadow palette. I chose the darker shades in it. For the base I chose the colour Chocolate Cookie, for the crease I took Strapless and for the outer corner of the eye I opted for the mix of Risqué and Sexspresso. You can tell that the eyes are still quite nude, but I chose darker shades. The main focus is definitely the lips. I outlined my lips with a lip liner from S-he in the shade 003 and the lipstick is by Misslyn in the shade 119. I am obsessed with this colour, but I also like to switch this colour with the one by Mac in the shade A45 and it is called Quelle surprise. These two lipsticks are definitely my favourite berry shades. I sometimes like to add a thin eyeliner just to emphasize the eyes a bit.

The next one is called ‘’Bold Eyeliner’’. I must admit that I’m not very good when it comes to applying the eyeliner. I can never get it right. But for the last 3 months I’ve been practicing and I think I am getting the hang of it. When I wear eyeliner I don’t usually do much because I love when the focus is on the eyes. I do a bit of contouring because that I always do and then I add a nude lipstick. I contoured my face with Prime and Fine Contouring palette by Catrice in the shade Ashy radiance. On my lips I have a lip crayon Matt Lip Artist also by Catrice in the shade Best ROSEbuddies Forever. Lastly on my eyes I have a combination of two eyeliners which are Eye matic’ Dip Liner by Catrice (waterproof) in the shade Stay With Me and Eyeliner Pen by Essence (waterproof).

The last look for today is called ‘’Classic Red’’. I cannot have a makeup look that does not involve a classic red lipstick. I’ve always been a fan of them and I can never get enough of it. For this look I like to put something on my eyes as well as on my lips. Again I used the Too Faced Natural Matte eyeshadow palette, but I opted for lighter shades.  For the base I took the shade Honey Butter, for the crease I took Nudie and for the outer corner of the eye I have a mix of Chocolate Cookie and Strapless. I blended all out as much as I could and that’s that. Of course I contoured and everything and the last step are my lips. I wore a lip liner by S-he in the shade 004 and a Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 107. That is my look completed.

Let me know what your go-to makeup look is for winter. Hope you liked this post. Comment your thoughts below and I’ll see you soon.

If you have any questions about the products let me know in the comments below and I'll answer to you as soon as possible.

November 25, 2016


Hello everyone.

Right now it’s 1.40 am and I decided to write a post but I’ll be posting it at 12 pm because everyone’s asleep right now. When I get frustrated at something or someone I always like to do something with myself. I hate lying in bed and think about what happened. So today’s that day (or night) and I decided to write this post. Some people are just so hypocritical and ignorant. I know a lot of people judge you but don’t even know you. I mean what is up with that? Okay if you are being judged by a friend or a family but by someone you don’t even know very well? By someone who you don’t talk to on a daily basis? What is that? I just don’t get some people. I mean usually these things don’t upset me because I’ve seen a lot of stupid things but today I was actually in shock that I got a certain remark. After a few moments and a talk with my friend I realised it’s not worth my time. I mean these things happen on a daily basis. People are that way. They surprise you in any way possible. All I can say is: Let it go. If we were worried about every single stupid thing in our lives we would always live under a lot of stress. So I learned to let it go. You only need your truest friends and your family in your life. That’s more than enough. J  Now let’s go on with the actual post.

Two years ago I was obsessed with making different hairstyles because it was so long and I always liked doing something with it. When I was little my mum also used to do all sorts of things with my hair and I always liked it. I have to admit though that sometimes it was painful but in the end totally worth it. Last year in November I cut my hair to a shoulder length and since then I have to admit I haven't done anything with my hair. I always air or blow dried it and that was it. I guess I lost interest in making hairstyles because my hair was short and I always thought you can do nothing with it. Or I even lost interest in hairstyling my hair in general. Anyway now I have to say that I am back with making hairstyles.

I love watching Youtube videos where they show different hairstyles and they make everything look so easy (and it actually is really simple). So I decided to continue this obsession from two years ago. I want to show my hairstyles and how I like to style my type of hair. My hair is pretty thick and pretty easy to style with. The length of it is sort of medium so it’s not very long yet –I have to wait for it to grow out so I can make some weird things with it ;)

Today I have a very simple hairstyle for you. I love making dutch braids. I actually live with them all the time. They’re SO easy to make and it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into it. It’s amazing how they turn out. The key to this braid is that you make a braid from under. When you add hair to the braid you put it under so that the braid has a 3D effect – it stands out and it looks a-mazing. I love making two or just one braid and it looks great in both ways. You can also pull out bits of your hair to make it messier or you add bobby pins to look more polished. Both ways are effective and won’t let you down.

That’s what I wanted to show you for today’s post. I hope you like it and stay tuned for more hairstyles in the future because I’m super excited to do some more. My obsession is back. Have a great weekend.

November 15, 2016


Another beauty post for you guys :)

I may be listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album and thinking about Christmas. It will soon be here so I’m definitely allowed to start listening all of the Christmas songs. It also got really chilly here where I live so I guess autumn is over which makes me sad because no more vibrant colours and warmer days. Now all I can expect are those grey days-who wants that? I just want snow and high temperatures, but that’s not possible so I’m stuck with what we have here (sad and angry at the same time).

I have to admit that with these colder days I definitely use more products for my body. The cold makes my skin so dry and dull. I love discovering new hand and face creams. I definitely need a good face cream to be honest, because my makeup game has to be strong 365 days a year hehe and winter is no exception. I feel my skin dries out quicker in winter so I always need a good base for my makeup. So today I want to share with you a new face cream that I recently received. It is by La Roche-Posay called Effaclar Duo +.

This cream is mainly targeted for people, who have marks on their skin from acne, for oily skin, it controls the appearance of shine, unclogs pores and many other things. My skin is definitely acne prone skin so I was really glad I got this in my hands because I am always on the hunt for new creams to cure my acne. I also have a lot of scars and redness on my face because of that, so I thought this would be a great product for me. I have to point out that with this product I wanted to see if it would be good as a base for my makeup.

When I first applied it on my face, I realised that little goes a long way. I didn’t have to use a big amount of it at all. The cream was so easy to apply with my fingers and it felt so smooth. It does have a slight tint to it but if I can work with it, everyone else can too. When I smeared it all over my face, I saw that it definitely had colour in it but it didn’t contradict my skin tone. Bear in mind that my skin is very light and almost none of the shades suit me but this one did its job.

When I let it dry, I applied my makeup. The whole makeup was really nice. I didn’t have any problems applying it on, the cream was absorbed quickly and it left no shine after it. Also my makeup stayed on for quite some time without me having to correct it. Still I have to admit that after some time I was a bit shiny on my T-zone. It wasn’t too drastic or anything but I still reached for my compact powder to mattify it.

The cream itself is very nice. It feels very light on your face, it absorbs quickly and if you don’t feel like wearing full on makeup that day, you can definitely get away with just this cream, concealer and a mascara and you’ll look great.

Regarding other effects that it says it has on your skin, I can’t just say it yet. I haven’t used the cream for that long to see any changes and to be honest I mainly wanted to see how it works as a makeup base because it is very moisturizing and therefore perfect for winter. It does say you have to use it daily to see the results but I didn’t. If you want me to test it for the reasons stated above, just let me know in the comments.

All in all this product is really good and in my opinion perfect for winter time. Have you tried any of the La Roche-Posay products? If you did, let me know in the comments below so I can check them out.

Where to get it: Worldwide


                          I also saw you can get it in Boots and other Drugstores/pharmacies.

Talk to you soon. Bye

November 03, 2016


Hey guys. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I actually like autumn. Even though nothing can compare to summer, still I can live with autumn as well :D
I love wearing dresses and skirts even more because I can add tights knee high socks and make the outfit look more special. I also love the simplicity of outfits at this time of the year. I can just have a simple skirt a cropped sweater and that's that. I don't have to think too much about the outfit because the skirt itself makes it nice.
I bought this skater skirt a few years ago in Primark while I was in London. I can never get tired of it because the length of it is just perfect. I don't like short skirts and dressses but this one is just great. I also like that it's a bit shiny so it catches the eye of the people around me. It's definitely one of my favourite skirts that I own. On top of the skirt I added this sweater from H&M which is a very light grey and so soft. I could wear it every single day. I like that it's a bit shorter so that I can pair it with skirts and even on top of a dress (check it here). For my accessories I added a statement necklace from Happiness Botique and you can see that it makes the whole outfit slightly dressy and like you've put an effort into it. Of course I can not go anywhere without my amazing sneakers. I am obsessed with them just because they are so shiny and they have a platform. Just perfect for me.
That's basically it. Sometimes I like to put more effort into my outfits but on the other days I just like to be simple but still look like I've done something cool. It's true that I like to play with my wardrobe and try to come up with as many different outfits as possible because it's a challenge and of course because I don't have new clothes every week ;) Hope you like today's post. Have a great day.

Pozdravljene. V prejšnji objavi sem že omenila, da imam rada jesen. Seveda se s poletjem ne more primerjati, ampak je dovolj blizu :)
Jesenske oblekce in krila zmeraj rada nosim, ker lahko dodam žabe, nogavice do kolen in outfit takoj izgleda boljše. Rada imam tudi, ko so moji outfiti bolj preprosti v tem času – potrebujem samo krilo, pulover in to je to. Sploh ne potrebujem razmišljati preveč, kaj naj dodam celi opravi, ker je krilo dovolj (vsaj pri meni).
Tole krilo sem kupila pred nekaj leti v Primarku, v Londonu. Nikoli se ga ne bom naveličala, ker je njegova dolžina ravno pravšnja. Sama ne maram kratkih oblek in kril, tako da je ta res perfect. Druga zadeva, ki mi je pri tem krilu všeč je ta, da se malo svetlika in naredi look res nekaj posebnega. Zgoraj sem oblekla svetlo siv pulover, ki je malo krajši. Njegova dolžina je super, ker ga lahko kombiniram h krilom in oblekcam tudi (poglej tukaj). Modni dodatek je bil samo eden in to je tale velika verižica iz Happiness Botique, ki naredi celo opravo malo bolj fensi. Seveda ne morem, da ne bi imela obutih svojih najljubših superg. Tale srebrna barva je res top in všeč mi je da so malo dvignjene. Popolne zame :)
To je to punce. Včasih se z outfitom rada bolj potrudim, po drugi strani pa imam rada enostavnost. Res pa je tudi, da se rada poigram s stvarmi, ki jih imam v omari, ker je res en velik izziv in pa tudi, ker nimam vsak teden novih oblačil ;) Upam, da vam je današnja objava všeč. Lepo se imejte.

Photos by Maja

October 27, 2016


I just hate applying nailpolish. I mean I love it when it's already on and dry and perfect but I hate the part where I have to wait for it to dry. You could say that is one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to nails. I am just not a patient person. Although it is true that I always get so excited when I buy myself a new nailpolish and I apply it on perfectly but then I magically ruin it. I just don't get it. You put so much effort in it for nothing? Just because of that I don't apply nailpolishes as much as I would want them to. Untill now.

I recently received this life-saving product by Avon. When I saw this, I almost died. It's the Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze aka quick dry nail spray. I immediately thought to myself that if this works, I'm going to change the colour of my nails every single day.

This product is supposed to instantly dry your nailpolish when you apply it. You just spray over it and wait a few seconds and you're good to go. Of course I couldn't believe a product like this existed. I mean I spent years struggling to get my nails dry as quick as possible, and now there's this product that supposedly dries your nails in a second? I had to test this right away. I took the nearest nailpolish I had and I immediately began the test. I was patient (for a change), I applied the nailpolish on perfectly and then the moment of truth… I took Avon spray and I sprayed it on every nail and that was it. I said to myself: '' I should probably wait a minute just in case it doesn't work.'' After 30 seconds I touched my nails and OMG! The nailpolish was completely dry guys. I couldn't believe this. I pressed it really hard to see if there were fingerprints on it but NO. Completely dry.

I have to say I am amazed by this product. It's a blessing for my nails *wink*. I did apply only one coat because that is all I needed. I will definitely test the product if I apply a thicker coat because a lot of my nailpolishes need 2 coats. Still I can't get  over this product. It saves the day. If you're running late or don't have time to dry your nailpolish, you just use this and voila. Just amazing. The content is clear and it is oil-based but it goes off of your fingers easily-you just use a paper towel and rub it off. It also has a certain smell but nothing overwhelming. It doesn't smell bad or anything.

If you're anything like me and you don't have the patience to wait for your nailpolish to dry, then you definitely need to try this product. It will change your whole perspective on nails, I promise. I can't believe I lived without this product for so many years. Thank god I found it and thanks to Avon for giving it. I really hope you liked this review. Let me know if you like doing your nails and how do you dry them as fast as possible. Now excuse me while I go and change the colour of my nails *hehe*

Jaz res sovražim mazanje nohtov. Seveda mi je super, ko je lak že gor in suh, ampak tisti del, ko moram čakati, da se posuši je pa naravnost neznosen. Je pa res, da obožujem kupovanje novih lakov in ko si ga naneseš na nohte in potem kar od enkrat vidiš, da si si uničil noht ker nisi bil dovolj potrpežljiv. Sovražim, ko se mi to zgodi. Toliko truda za nič. Do zdaj punce.

Pred kratkim sem prejela izdelek od Avon. Ko sem zagledala kaj je sem bila zelo presenečena. Izdelek se imenuje Avon Nail Experts Liquid Freeze - sprej za hitro sušenje laka. Takoj sem pomislila, da če ta izdelek deluje, potem bom vsak dan menjala lak na nohtih.

Na embalaži piše, da naj bi izdelek takoj posušil lak, ko si ga naneseš. Samo našpricaš ga čez nohte in to je to. Sploh nisem mogla verjeti, da kaj takega obstaja (po pravici nikoli nisem pomislila, da bi lahko to obstajalo). Seveda sem to mogla takoj stestirati. Vzela sem najbližji lak in sem ga takoj začela nanašati na nohte. Za spremembo sem bila potrpežljiva in pazljiva. Ko sem končala sem vzela ta sprej in ga pošpricala po nohtih. Nato sem si rekla, da bom raje počakala kakšno minuto, za vsak primer, če potrebuje več časa. Po tridesetih sekundah, me je neučakanost premagala – morala sem se dotakniti laka. OMG! Lak je bil popolnoma suh, res nisem mogla verjeti svojem očem.

Moram priznati, da že zelo dolgo nisem bila navdušena nad kakšnim produktom, kot sem bila nad tem. To je naravnost popolno za moje nohte. Res je, da sem nanesla samo 1 sloj laka, ker več ni bilo potrebno. Bom pa seveda preizkusila izdelek, če nanesem debelejši sloj, saj moram pri večini mojih lakov nanesti 2 sloja. Vsebina izdelka je prozorna in ko našpricaš lahko vidiš, da je na oljni bazi narejena, kar ni noben problem saj gre takoj dol ko obrišeš. Nek vonj ima vendar ni močan. Definitivno se tale izdelek splača, še posebej, če nimate časa, da se lak posuši ali pa pač niste potrpežljivi. Tako kot jaz upss. Nanašanje laka bo čisto nova izkušnja, ker ne boste rabili paziti na to, da je minilo dovolj časa odkar ste ga nanesli. Sama sem res vesela, da je Avon podaril ta izdelek, ker bo sedaj vse drugače, ko bom nanašala lak. Nič več skrbi, da bom popacala nohte in nič več skrbi, da bom pozna kam zaradi tega, ker se mi nohti še vedno niso posušili.

Povej mi ali se ti rada ukvarjaš s svojimi noht in ali imaš kakšen pripomoček, ki ti olajša delo? Do naslednjič. Čau

Ps.: grem iskat nov lak, da si ga namažem :D

October 24, 2016

Trend It Up | DM

Hello lovelies. Today I want to talk about a new drugstore brand called Trend It Up and can be found in DM drugstores. It is a german store so I think you can only get it in Europe. I was inspired to do something like this because I recently received a little package that consisted of a liquid lipstick and a nailpolish from this brand. Trend It Up came to Slovenia in September so it's a relatively new thing. So because I got these two products I decided I want to go to the store and get myself 3 new products and write a review about it because it is a very afordable brand that I think everyone should check it out.
In total I have 4 different products to share with you: Double Volume & Shine Nailpolish (270), High Shine Lipgloss (140), 2 Ultra Matte Lipcreams ( 080, 085) and an eyeshadow palette called The Colors Selection (020). I will start with an eyeshadow palette because it just looks amazing.

Zdravo punce. Danes sem se odločila, da vam bom predstavila novo znamko, ki jo lahko najdeš v DM drogeriji. Znamka je v Slovenijo prišla septembra, tako da je dokaj nova zadeva. Tole objavo pišem, ker sem pred kratkim dobila 2 njihova izdelka na Beauty  Bloggers Meet Up, in sicer en lep lak in pa tekočo šminko. Odločila sem se, da grem kupiti še kakšen izdelek in na koncu sem prišla domov s 3 novimi izdelki iste znamke. Tale znamka je res poceni in zaradi tega se mi zdi, da bi si jo morala ogledati vsaka punca, ki jo zanima nekaj novega.
Torej vse skupaj imam 4 različne izdelke, ki jih bom danes delila z vami, in sicer: Double Volume & Shine lak (270), High Shine Lipgloss (140), dve Ultra Matte Lipcreams (080, 085) in pa paleta za oči,, ki se imenuje The Colors Selection (020). Začnimo kar s paletko, ker je res prečudovita.

The palette consists of 6 shades which are more purply and dark. It's a combination of mattes and shimmers so I think it's perfect for both day and night looks. I really like the purple shades for autumn and winter and that is why I chose this palette. There are 3 different palettes in total. It comes with a small two-sided brush so you can use it for travelling. I swatched the shades on the back of my hand and I was really impressed with pigmentation. It si really good. The shades are easy to blend but are a bit more powdery so you will definitely want to tap away the excess product. The range of colours is great because you have shades for the crease, for the whole eyelid and for the inner eye corner. It's just great. I also really like the size of it because you can take it anywhere with you. I can see myself using this palette a lot in winter (and Maja's also liking it hihi).

V paletki imamo vse skupaj 6 senčk, ki so bolj vijolične in temne in so mat in bleščeče, tako da lahko definitivno ustvariš večerni in dnevni look. Vijolični odtenki so mi res super za jesen in zimo in zato sem jo tudi izbrala, na sploh pa lahko izbiraš med 3 različnimi paletami. Zdi se mi super za potovanja saj zraven dobiš tudi dvostranski čopič in pa, ker je majhne velikosti. Pigmentacijo senčk sem stestirala kar na roki in moram priznati, da sem bila res navdušena. Barve so res močne je pa res, da ko nanašaš senčke na veke moraš čopič otresti, ker dobiš kar precej produkta na čopič. Zelo lepo se razmaže in med seboj se barve super dopolnjujejo. Všeč mi je, da so notri od temnih barv do svetlih barv. Paletko res priporočam vsem, ker ima res vse tisto kar rabiš in ni ti potrebno zapraviti ne vem koliko denarja zanjo (še moja sestra je nad njo čisto navdušena hihi).

Moving on with the lipgloss and lipcreams. Lipgloss didn't impress me very much. I mean it is great and it apllies nicely but it's nothing special. It's not very pigmented so you can wear it every day and it's not very sticky so that is a big plus. As for the lipcreams I do have some pros & cons. First of all the shades are amazing. You have a big selection of lipcreams and I love all of them. I have a deep red shade(080) and a stunning plumb shade (085). The pigmentation is stunning and the application is great although I would definitely recommend using a lip pencil with it because you'll apply it 100 times easier-I had some struggles with the red one when I was applying it because I couldn't be as precise as I wanted to be. It would be easier if I applied the lip pencil first. Also when you apply it, it won't dry completely which for me is good because you won't be left there with dry lips and your lips will look more healthy. All in all they're great but I do have one negative thing to say and that is they transfer and because they transfer the aren't as longlasting as I would want them to be and you have to re-apply it. That is everything I have to say about the lipcreams. They're amazing and I will definitely keep using them because I like the texture of it and they are so affordable.

Naslednji produkt sta lipglos in tekoča šminka. Lipglos me ni nekaj navdušil, ampak tudi ni slab. V sebi ima nekaj pigmentacije, ampak nič pretiranega, tako da ga lahko nosiš vsak dan. Tudi ni lepljiv, tako da te ne moti ko je na ustnicah. Glede tekoče šminke pa imam nekaj besed več. Že takoj lahko povem, da sem nad njimi navdušena. Odtenki so res izjemni. Jaz imam dva in sicer rdeča (080) in pa odtenek slive oziroma malo bolj svetla. Pigmentacija je na vrhuncu punce. Zelo bi priporočala, da jih uporabite s svinčnikom za ustnice, ker bo s tem nanos veliko lažji. Jaz ga nisem uporabila in sem pri rdeči šminki naredila manjši nered na ustnicah (upss). Ko šminko naneseš se ta ne posuši v celoti, kar je dobro saj se ti ustnice potem ne izsušijo in zgledajo bolj zdravo. Edina stvar, ki me moti pa je da pušča odtis. Sicer me to res ne moti, ampak zaradi tega sem morala šminko nekajkrat na novo nanesti. Priznam, da me to sploh ni zmotilo, tako da sem z njimi navdušena. Definitivno priporočam njihove mat šminke, ker so res dobre + poceni so – popolna kombinacija.

The last product I will talk about it is their nailpolish. Again they have a big selection of colours so you'll definitely find something for yourself. I got this dark purple-ish colour and it's perfect for autumn. I was really impressed by it. You only have to apply one coat of it and it's done. You don't have to use 2 coats and that is something I'm super excited about. I didn't use the base coat or a top coat and it's holding out just fine. I did just wash the dishes and I can see that it chipped a little at the end which is to be expected actually, but if you use the top coat I think you'll be fine. All in all it is a nice nailpolish and the best thing about it is that you don't have to use 2 coats.

Zadnji izdelek pa je tale lak. Izbira lakov je res velika, tako da sem prepričana, da se za vsako nekaj najde. Moj je zopet bolj temen, bordo rdeč. Ko sem ga nanesla, sem takoj videla, da bom rabila samo 1 nanos, ker je tako zelo prekriven. Sploh ne rabiš 2 sloja. Definitivno je to največji plus pri tem laku. Pri nanosu nisem uporabila niti podlak niti nadlak. Malo prej sem pomila posodo in se na koncih malo vidi, da se je odluščil, ampak ne veliko. Prepričana sem, da do tega ni bi prišlo, če bi uporabila še nadlak. Lak je super ampak najbolj me je navdušila njegova prekrivnost jeeeej.

Trend It Up is a brand I will keep checking out because it made a good impression on me and I can't wait to go back and maybe get some face makeup- foundation, blush etc. Let me know if you know this brand and what you think of it. Have a great day.

Trend it up je definitivno znamka, ki jo bom še spremljala. Zelo me zanimajo še ličila za obraz-puder, rdečilo,... Je kdo že preizkusil njihove izdelke? Kaj si mislite o njih? Do naslednjič. Čauu


October 17, 2016



I just love when autumn comes. Of course nothing tops summer, but I can also live with autumn because temperatures aren't very low yet. Also one of my favourite things about it are vivid colours, leaves falling and sun still shining bright.

Autumn really makes me feel like wearing dresses and skirts even more and I'm not sure why. I love wearing them in summer as well but autumn just makes them look more cute. I also looove tights underneath any dress. And then you just add a cute accessory and girl you are good to go. Wearing these kind of clothes really makes me feel more beautiful and I feel like I'm someone else. It brings out the feminine side of me and I like it especially if I add a pair of heels. By the look of the first picture you already know what today's post is going to be about: me obsessing over a dress *wink*

It was the most gorgeous sunny day but to be honest it was one of them colder days. I was definitely not expecting that. So my sister and I decided to take some outfit photos. I immediately knew I was going to wear my grey flowy dress from H&M which I actually bought last year and I only wore it twice since then. So of course I wanted to show it off a little more and what a better way than on my blog. This dress is so comfortable and I love the black detailing on the sides because it makes my waist appear thinner (what girl doesn't love that xD). I have to admit that it is a bit short but when I wear a pair of tights I don't have any problems with that. I added a basic long necklace and a black choker from Accessorize. That was everything I wanted to have as an outfit that day. Of course I also had a small shoulder bag from Pimkie and a pair of boots also from H&M.

I really like these kind of outfits because they're so versatile. I could wear it to any event I thought of + I think it really shows autumn vibes. I really like layering in autumn but with this outfit I kept it really simple. You can also add a chunky scarf and a pair of knee high socks over the tights. I think that would look super cute and so school proper.

That is it for today's post. I hope you like it. You can leave me a comment telling me what you llike about autumn. See you next time.


Ko pride jesen, sem tako navdušena. Seveda nič ne more premagati poletja ampak jesen je dokaj blizu saj temperature niso še tako nizke. Poleg tega so mi všeč te tople barve, ki so na drevesih, kako odpada listje in to, da nas sonček še vedno kar dobro greje.

Po pravici povedano me v jeseni najbolj pritegne nositi razne oblekce in kikle, čeprav ne vem zakaj. Seveda jih nosim tudi poleti, ampak se mi zdi, da jih jesen polepša hihi. Z oblekami pa naravnost obožujem nositi žabe. Zraven imaš še kakšen modni dodatek in si pripravljen na super dan pred tabo. Takšna oblačila se mi zdi, da zbudijo mojo žensko stran, kar mi seveda zelo paše. Če še dodaš kakšne čevlje s peto, potem si pa res zadela. Seveda po prvi sliki že veste o čem bom govorila-o moji obsesiji nad res luškano oblekco.

Tisti dan je izgledal res lep in sončen, vendar so bile temperature dokaj nizke. Nekaj kar res nisem pričakovala. S sestro sva se odločili, da narediva par fotografij za najin blog. Takoj sem vedela, kaj hočem  obleči. Izbrala sem super fajn obleko iz H&M-a, ki sem jo sicer kupila prejšnje leto, ampak sem jo nosila samo dvakrat. Seveda sem jo hotela malo razkazati in se mi je zdela super ideja da to naredim kar na mojem blogu. Res je zelo udobna in najbolj mi je všeč, da ima na strani črn detajl, ki ti naredi pas bolj ozek (super zadevca res). Obleka je malo krajša, ampak ko pod njo oblečem žabe s tem nimam več težav. Za nakit sem izbrala dve verižici-eno dolgo in eno črno choker verižico in obe sta iz Accessorize. To je dejansko vse kar imam. Seveda brez torbice ne gre. Tale je iz Francije iz trgovine, ki se imenuje Pimkie in pa škorenjčki iz H&M-a.

Outfit je res preprost in se mi zdi, da je primeren za vse priložnosti. Pomoje bi bilo super tudi, če bi dodala en res velik šal in pa celo nogavice do kolen-to bi bil pa res čisti jesenski outfit.

To je to za današnji post. Lahko mi pustite komentar in mi poveste,kaj je vam všeč, ko pride jesen. Do naslednjič.

Photos by MAJA

October 14, 2016

L'occitane Arlesienne


Lepotne objave so zmeraj bile moja šibka točka. Seveda sem jih nekaj že napisala, vendar vsakič ko začnem pisati novo, postanem malo živčna, ker ne vem kako bo izpadlo in ali bo v njej dovolj potrebnih informacij. Seveda nisem mojstrica na tem področju, ampak rada testiram nove stvari. Mislim da vsaka punca komaj čaka da poseže po novih izdelkih, še posebej, če je to L'occitane.

Pred kratkim sem prejela 2 nova produkta od L'occitanove nove linije, ki se imenuje Arlesienne. Dobila sem glos za ustnice in pa seveda njihovo znano kremo za roke. Takoj prvi vtisi, ko sem preizkusila oba izdelka, so bili osredotočeni na vonj. Resnično ne vem kako jim zmeraj uspe narediti tako dobre vonjave. Kadarkoli preizkusim kakšen njihov izdelek, me vonj zmeraj premami. Po pravici povedano nisem nikoli bila obsedena z raznimi parfumi ali pa naparfumiranimi izdelki, ampak pri L'occitanu pa komaj čakam, da zavoham kaj novega.

Prvi produkt, ki sem ga preizkusila je bil glos za ustnice. Sama nisem nikoli imela njihov glos, saj sem zmeraj imela oči samo za njihovo kremo za roke. Vsakokrat, ko si jo nanesem, se moje roke počutijo, kot da so v nebesih hihi. Kar se tiče glosa, nisem imela kakršnih koli pričakovanj, ker, kot sem že rekla, nimam z njim veliko izkušenj. Ko sem si ga nanesla, se je zdel zelo nežen. Seveda te vonj takoj premami ampak sem takoj tudi opazila, da ni lepljiv ali kaj podobnega. Podoben je balzamu za ustnice z manjšimi dodatki, kot te, da ima sijaj in da je v njemu tudi malo pigmenta, ki pa vsekakor ni vpadljiv. Izdelek je res super in se mi celo zdi fajn za zimske dni, ki so praktično že tu, da malo popestrijo ustnice. Glede zdravilnega učinka pa ne morem komentirati, ker ga na ta način nisem testirala. Glede na to, da je to prvi izdelek za ustnice, ki sem ga probala od L'occitana, sem bila zelo pozitivno presenečena.

O kremi pa res nimam kaj dosti novega za povedati. Zmeraj sem bila nora nanje in nikoli nisem imela z njimi slabih izkušenj. Vsakič, ko jo nanesem na roke se sprašujem kako jim uspe narediti tako mehko kremo. Res izjemno. Zdijo se mi tudi zelo primerne za zimo, saj res navlažijo roke in jih pustijo mehke. Seveda je tu vonj dodaten bonus, tako da s tem res ne morete zgrešiti. Krema je res top in mislim, da bo všeč tudi tebi, ko jo preizkusiš.

Hotela sem ti tudi pokazati majhen DIY, ki sem ga naredila s tem luškanim trakcem od L'occitana. Povabili so me, da nekaj z njim ustvarim in ker rada delam razne frizurce, sem se odločila, da ga vpeljem v frizuro (z manjšo pomočjo moje mame). Sama nisem nikoli ustvarjala s trakovi, tako da je to moja prva izkušnja. Upam da vam bo všeč.

P.S.: Ta kolekcija izide v Sloveniji 3. novembra. Imeli bodo tudi mleko za telo, milo za roke, parfum, gel za prhanje ipd. Če si z L'occitanom obsedena tako kot jaz, potem ne pozabi pokukati v njihovo trgovino in preizkusiti nekaj novega.


Beauty posts are definitely something I'm not most comfortable with. I've done some of it in the past of course, but every time I prepare myself to do a new one I always freak out a little bit inside me because I never know if it's going to turn out okay. I'm not an expert when it comes to beauty but I do love to test different  things out. I'm a girl, of course I want to try a new lipstick, eyeshadow palette or in this case a new range from L'occitane called Arlesienne.

I had an opportunity  to recieve 2 of the products from L'occitane's new line. I received a lipgloss called Delicious gloss and their famous Velvet hand cream. When I first tried both of the products I was of course immediately amazed by the scent. I don't know how but L'occitane never fails to amaze me with their scents. Whenever I try any product of theirs,, I'm instantly blown away by the smell of it. To be honest I was never a big freak when it comes to scented things, but with this brand I never mind the different fragrances.

So as I was saying I received their gloss which I never actually tried before. I always went for their hand creams because they're an absolute dream and my hands always feel so smooth when I apply it on. I didn't expect much from the gloss because I didn't know if it's any good. When I applied it on my lips it felt really smooth. Of course the scent was there and I loved it, but it also wasn't sticky or anything. It felt like some sort of a lipbalm and it also added a little shine to your lips which is a bonus definitely. I also noticed that it did have a tiny bit of pigmentation in it but nothing serious. In my opinion it is similar to lipbalm. Although I cannot tell if it has a protective effect because I hadn't tried it in that way. All in all I liked this product and the fact that this is my first lip product from L'occitane, I'm positively impressed.

For the hand cream I don't have anything new to say. I always loved them and I never had any bad experiences with them. Every time I put it on my hands I always wonder how they manage to make such soft creams. When I apply this cream, my hands are literally in heaven. They're absolutely amazing. They're also perfect for winter. Of course another bonus is the new smell. I am obsessed with it and I'm sure you'll be also when you try it out.

I also wanted to share with you a little DYI. I also received this cute pink ribbon from L'occitane and they challenged me to do something creative with it. Since I love making hairstyles I decided I wanted to incorporate it into my hair. To be honest I never used a ribbon in my hair before. I've seen a lot of amazing hairstyles with it, but I never thought I could make anything good with it. Now I had an opportunity and this is what I created (with a bit of help from my mom because she also loves making new hairstyles). Hope you like it.

P.S.: The launch of the new range is November 3rd (at least in Slovenia). They will also have new fragrance, body milk, shower gel and more. If you're a freak like me when it comes to L'occitane, then don't forget to check it out.


Photos by: Maja & Me

October 10, 2016



Warm days are already over here in Slovenia and I am so bumped about it because I'm a summer girl and I really cannot stand low temperatures. If I could, I would sleep through the winter and I would wake up in May-just in time to get me new bathing suit and book a hotel next to the perfect beach. We all know that's not possible so I will just have to find the best way to survive this coldness. Don't get me wrong, I love love love winter when I'm at home all cozy and just watching the snow falling down and I have a cup of tea in my hands. I love this picture of winter but not the part where I have to get up at 6AM, still dark outside, probably snowing and public transport running late. Now that's definitely the worst part of winter.

Anyways I didn't write this post to complain about winter, but because I wanted to share with you this outfit that isn't the most wintery or anything like that. It's actually the outfit I fell in love with while I was in Paris. It's so simple but still looks nice. I've been to Paris 2 weeks ago and I actually bought this pair of dungarees for the trip. When I first started styling it, I came across a problem. For my top I wanted to have a sweater because I was certain it was going to be cold in Paris, but since dungarees themselves are quite wide and not skinny, I realised this isn't an option. So I searched through my closet and I finally found a piece of clothing that could have a good potential for my outfit and I wasn't wrong. I found this cute burgundy short-sleeved bodysuit from H&M. Then I decided I want to roll up dungarees and I added black varsity jacket. To finish the look, which I wanted it to be quite sporty and comfortable, I wore at the moment my favourite sneakers - they are Nike Air Force 1.

I was so pleased with this outfit and I don't even know why. It's nothing special but I am still obsessed with it.I guess because I always wanted to have dungarees in my closet and now I finally found the perfect pair. I tried a pair of dungarees in H&M but they were so skinny I felt like I was going to die and it made my butt look weird upss. When it comes to this type of pants, I certainly prefer the ones that are more loose/baggy. They're a bit harder to style with BUT nothing is impossible. I just proved that to you and to myself. Now excuse me while I go and try to come up with some new outfits with these pants.

Let me know if you even like dungarees or do you think this is something it should've stayed in the 90s. Have a lovely day :)


Topli dnevi v Sloveniji so že kar precej za nami, kar me zelo žalosti saj sem definitivno punca, ki bi celo življenje imela poletje. Nizke temperature so res ena izmed stvari, ki jih ne prenesem. Če bi imela možnost hibernirati celo zimo, kakor to delajo nekateri medvedje, bi to zagotovo storila. Zbudila bi se nekje maja, kar je pravi čas za nakup novih kopalk in rezervirala top hotel takoj ob morju. Seveda so tole le pobožne želje, tako da bom morala najti način kako preživeti mraz. Samo da se razumemo, da jaz obožujem zimo, vsaj tisti del, kjer si v stanovanju na toplem, si skuhaš en čajček in gledaš čez okno kako sneg lepo pada, po možnosti si najdeš še knjigo in imaš popoln dan. Tisti del, ki me res iritira je ta, da ko zgodaj vstajaš, je zunaj še vedno noč, ko moraš nekam iti ravno začne snežiti in posledično zamujajo vsi avtobusi in vlaki, na cesti pa je kot ponavadi gneča. To je res najbolj beden del cele zime.

Kakor koli, tele objave nisem napisala (samo) zato, da se pritožujem nad zimo, ampak predvsem, ker imam danes pripravljeno outfit objavo. Tale look je dokaj poletni oziroma ni ravno za tele mrzle dneve, ki so trenutno v Sloveniji in sem trenutno vanj dobesedno zaljubljena. Nosila sem ga pred 2 tednoma, ko sem šla na počitnice v Pariz. Seveda je osrednji kos tega look-a 'delovni pajac'. Iskala sem ga kar nekaj časa in ko sem ga končno našla, sem bila najbolj srečno bitje na svetu. Našla sem ga v Kiku za 16,90€ - deal in pol J Mela sem manjši problemček, ko sem ga začela stilirati. Pod njim sem hotela obleči malo bolj debel pulover, ki ni najbolj oprijet, ampak sem videla, da to ne bo šlo, ker so hlače že same po sebi kar precej široke. Nekaj časa sem brskala po omari ni končno našla fajn majčko. Vzela sm bodi iz H&M-a za 10€, čez pa sem navlekla jopico. Za piko na i sem zavihala hlačnice in obula moje trenutno najljubše superge Nike Air Force 1.

Na koncu sem bila res zadovoljna z outfitom pa sploh ne vem zakaj, ker res ne zgleda nič posebnega. Verjetno zato, ker sem dolgo časa iskala takšnele hlače in ko sem jih končno našla, so me čisto prevzele. Pred temi hlačami sem preizkusila še ene iz H&M-a, vendar so bile tako oprijete, da sem komaj dihala v njih pa še moja rit je izgledala ne najbolj privlačno upss. Verjetno mi pri teh hlačah bolj ustreza če so široke in udobne. Zaradi tega jih res malo težje stiliraš, če želiš imeti bolj šik outfit. Seveda ni nič nemogoče, kar sem že dokazala in vam in sebi, ko sem ustvarila tale look. Sedaj pa grem probat stilirat še kaj s temi hlačami in upam da mi uspe.

So vam sploh všeč take hlače ali bi raje, da so ostale v 90-ih? Imejte se fajn :)

Photo by Maja

October 03, 2016

LJFW 2016

Hello my lovely readers. Today I wanted to share with a few of the highlights from Ljubljana Fashion Week that lasted from 18th to 20st September. My sister (her blog) and I went the last day and we saw the last two shows.
This was a totally new experience. We've never been to a real fashion show (except when I used to train for a model but that was a loooong time ago) so you can imagine us being pretty excited about it. It was held in the Slon hotel. When we arrived there it was all very fancy. I saw a lot of amazing outfits and a lot of people.
The first show started at 19.00. The designers that presented themselves were Maja Ferme, Nejc Skubic and Sanija Reja Aske. They are all Sovenian fashion designers. Maja Ferme Fashion is on the top of the Slovenian designers and is even known for some of the famous people such as Monica Bellucci and Anna Netrebko. She's travelled the world and never ceases to amaze her costumers. Nejc Subic is a young designer that started his path in high school and continued it at the Faculty of science and engineering in the department of textile. Soon he's won a lot of awards and has gotten a lot of experiences to cooperate with some of the known brands all over the world. Sanija Reja Aske studied at the Faculty of science and engineering in the department of textile. From there she became a part of Young @ Squat crew, which is a group of designers that have a great influence in the fashion industry here in Slovenia. She is mostly known for her roughness that is seen in belts and harnesses that are a part of the collections and lately her collection has gotten more feminine.
I've already heard about Maja Ferme and I always loved her work and the way how she creates something new and always looks amazing on the other hand I've never heard about Nejc Subic and Sanija Reja. Right now I'm really glad I got to see them because I was really impressed by their work and I realized that you don't have to go to Paris or London to see amazing creators. I loved the whole collection from both of them.

The next show was at 21.00 and the designers that presented themselves were Young@Squat which is a group of young designers that have a chance to sow their talent and gain new experience, Natasa Hrupic is a brand created by Nataša Hrupič in 2005. Her collections are mostly known for duality. She always creates new clothing designs but everything still stays very feminine. The last designer is Petja Zorec who is a very young designer. Shealawys combines different fabrics which results in very casual clothing, playful or even appropriate for work. She designs menswear with emphasis on knitwear.
Again I only knew the first group of designers through my sister but I was definitely not disappointed by the other two. In fact my favourite of them all was Natasa Hrupic. Her collection was truly amazing and inspiring.

Before the fashion shows started we planned to take some pictures for our blogs and that is exactly what I'm going to show you today. I opted for a jumpsuit that has a golden top, just to make the outfit a bit more fancy. At first I was all ready to wear my pointed heels from Bershka but I changed my mind the last minute and I'm not really sure why. Instead I chose white ballet flats with a golden detail on them. I added a khaki blazer on top of that and a black rucksack/purse. Hope you like it and I'll talk to you soon.

Photo: Klemen Razinger

Photos by Maja