August 25, 2017


Hi, guys. I have a special post for you this time. It was inspired by a website that I came across a few weeks ago and I decided to write a post about something that a lot of us have problems with.
Now I know everyone in the world has something in their closet that has never worn or we don't know how to style it. Of course, I have a lot of these items and I'm not ashamed to admit it. But lately, I am trying to buy things that I'm 100% sure that I will wear. I've gotten a lot better at this. My main problem at the moment is shoes, but we can talk about that in another post. So today I want to share with you a piece of clothing that I got from someone 2 years ago and I still haven't worn it. It's been sitting in my closet for too long. To be honest, I didn't even try to style it, but today I did it. I finally decided to do something with it. I mean it still has a tag on it - not anymore haha.

The item I'm talking about is this beige blazer which is made from a soft velvet material. To be completely honest with you, I don't really like blazers anymore. I mean I used to when I was in high school but I noticed it's just not my style, and I don't feel the most comfortable in them. The colour of this one is also not my favourite. Still, I decided to give it a shot and try to create a look with it.

When I was looking at it, I knew I wanted something subtle. I immediately saw that I will need a simple top underneath, but I still wanted to add something to it. So I took this top from Zara which is very fit and underneath I decided to pair it with a bra that has this black detailing which is seen above the top. I just think it adds a bit of dimension to the whole outfit. For my pants, I opted for some high-waisted skinny jeans. They are dark blue and a bit stretchy as well and they're from Primark. I tucked the top in it and that was it. For my shoes, I wore some purple stilettos tinged with a bit of gold colour. You can choose just about anything here. I saw that the whole look lacks colour so I pulled out some funky pumps and that was it. I also notice that the inside of the blazer had a fun pattern so I also rolled up my sleeves and made the outfit more playful. I could've also added a scarf around my neck to make it look fancier. I realised there are so many options to choose from when I started styling this outfit. Quite frankly, I enjoyed this little challenge a lot and I'm super excited that I came across this website that gave me the idea. You can check it out if you want to and maybe get some inspiration from it: Dia&Co.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and now maybe you can try something similar because I'm almost positive we all have something we don't know how to style or we don't feel the most comfortable in. That doesn't mean something doesn't suit us. I remember when I was little, I wore the craziest outfits in the world. Neon shirts, hot pink sneakers and I never cared what everyone thought of me. I never wondered what people thought of my style. So I started thinking what changed? Nothing's changed, I just let people get to me and I decided to put an end to this. I'm going to wear whatever I want and I know I'll look great in it because it's my own creation and I have fun with it.

Have a great weekend everyone and try wearing something you've always wanted but was too afraid of other people's judgement. xo

P.s.: my cameraman (sister) is on vacation so I had to improvise with pictures. 

June 30, 2017


Hi guys, I'm coming at you with another fashion post. I have to say I'm getting good at this. We'll see how long it lasts. My summer has officially started and now I can just relax, do whatever I want and not feel guilty about it. Yesterday I was reading a book until 1.30 in the morning and it felt so good. I am back on track. I still need to see what I'll do this summer and where to go on vacation because I don't have that planned just yet.

I want to show you this plain dress that I got a few months ago. At first, I wasn't sure if I want it because it's really nothing special, but I decided to take it anyway. So a few days ago I had an opportunity to see what I could do with it. I had 2 choices: go heavy on the jewelry and adding as much colour as possible because it looks like a canvas on which you can paint whatever you want. Or I could just add a statement bag or statement shoes and as little jewelry as possible. So you can see by the pictures that I opted for the second version. I realized I don't like to overdo my outfits. I don't like the outfit to be all over the place. Of course, I have my days where I wear funky clothes but I usually don't add many accessories to it. I like to balance everything. If I have funky shoes, I will definitely wear plain jeans and a simple top.

Here I have a dress as the main piece and I just need a little bit of colour or in this case, a bit of glitter to spice up the outfit. This is definitely a summer dress or even a beach dress, so I think you don't have to go overboard with it. You don't need too many accessories because it has its own charm. I wore these gorgeous espadrilles that I purchased at Mass on sale. I just love the glitter. To be honest, I am quite obsessed with them. I also added a statement purse to give the whole outfit a splash of colour. That is everything. I also didn't bother with makeup because I feel this look is definitely more on a simple side.

That's it for this post. Hope you have an amazing summer.

Photos by Maja

June 21, 2017


It's way past my bed time but my brain isn't tired a bit. I can't quite comprehend how they work so I'm stuck here at 1am studying and at the same time writing a post. It's such an awful timing at the moment. Finals are already here. I've had 4 so far and I got 2 more to go. Internally I'm dying but hey it'll be worth it at the end. If I pass all of them of course. Fingers crossed.

Some time ago my sister and I went to Italy and we visited a department store where we bought ourselves some goodies. I knew I were going to buy something even though I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't spend money on unecessary items. Of course they had sales so I already knew that my plan is going to be ruined. I bought a few fashion pieces which I am really happy about and they are definitely something that I wouldn't choose right away. One of them are the sweatpants on the pictures.

Maja knows me and she also knows I would never go out in public in sweatpants unless I'm going to have a relaxed walk. This piece of clothing is something that changed my whole perspective on fashion. I could never wear sweatpants anywhere. I'm just that type of girl that likes to get all dressed up and puts some effort into her outfits. I always wear jeans, fancy pants or dresses, but never sweatpants. When I saw these I already noticed that they were different. First of all the colour of them is amazing. Navy blue is one of my favourite colours when buying clothes and when I saw these pants I immediately grabbed them. The second thing that I love about this item is the material. It's so soft and it almost feels as real silk. Definitely not your regular type of sweatpants. I just went straight ahead and tried them on. They fitted me perfectly. The top to go with it is also from that store. It was actually Maja who was trying it on at the time, but I noticed it would look great with my bottoms because of the colour of the stripes. When I tried the whole thing on, it was immediately sold and taken back home with me.

I am aware that sweatpants are already a fashion statement for some time now, but I just can't grasp the idea of people walking around in sweatpants and looking good. I guess I had to do my own testing. I see a lot of fashion influencers wearing them and looking absolutely amazing and now I see that it's not that hard to style them youself.

When I style these pants I definitely like to connect the top with the bottom. In this case I connected the colour of the top with the stripes at the side of the pants. You can also have a darker top - a navy blue one or even black. I would definitely recommend to keep it simple with the upper piece. I wouldn't add too many different patterns, but I would definitely encourage you to mix materials. Here, I immediately knew that I had to keep it simple with the top because pants were already somewhat shiny and I didn't want to overdo it by adding another shiny material.

All in all I think if you have 'fancy' sweatpants, you don't have to put too much effort into styling them. The pants themselves do the trick. All you need to do is find a top that suits you and doesn't overshine your amazing new piece of clothing. I'm super excited that I got them because I learned something new and from now on I will definitely not be afraid of getting a new pair of joggers ;) There is also a big plus to this purchase. I mixed comfort with style and that is one of my main rules when it comes to styling my outfits every day. To feel good in your outfit helps you feel good  about yourself as well and the level of confidence just goes as high as possible.

Hope you liked this post. Have a great day ahead.


Photos by Maja

June 10, 2017


Hello everyone. I have to say that I am stoked for summer. It's already here and I can't wait to fully enjoy it. Just 2 more weeks of studying and then I can do whatever I want. The best feeling ever. I've decided I'm not going to spend it watching tv shows and movies because I realised that is a waste of my time. I'll read and do more posts for you guys. I really miss taking pictures and just write about what is happening. I also miss making videos. I don't know why it just like the process of making one - film it, edit it and that's that. I hope I'll get to do that more often too.

Right now I am like a cocoon - I've been studying for a week and I haven't properly left the apartment. I will go crazy soon. And I still need to study for 2 weeks because my last exam is on June 23rd. I have no idea how I'll endure that. But I've decided I want to finish everything on time and I really hope I'll be able to do that. But after that I'll try to enjoy my vacation and do something productive. A lot of times it happpens that all I do is the opposite-watch tv and do nothing and then I argue with myself  why did I do that. That's so me. Hopefully this year it'll be different.

I wanted to share with you this gorgeous piece of clothing. I really like that it's so fancy. I can literally just wear my skinny jeans and this top and I'll look like I've put a lot of effort in it, when actually the top itself does all the work. You don't even have to add a lot of jewelry because of the golden detail under the collar bone. Maybe a few rings and that's more than enough. The other thing I really like about the top is the mixing of fabrics. The white part is silky material and the black part is faux leather. I am obsessed with mixing different fabrics because I feel like it adds some sort of dimension to your clothes, it looks really special. The fact that it's peplum also emphasises the girliness and the playfulness of the top which again makes it more special. All in all the top has a lot of my favourite features. Also you can spice up the whole outfit a little-add a pair of high heels and you are all set for a night out. You don't have to worry about anything. It's by far the most effortless outfit I've ever worn and still manage to look like I've done something more to it (don't even know what this sentence means xD).

That's it for today's post. Hope you enjoyed it and I hope it gave you some inspiration for your future outfits. Untill next time xx

Photos by Maja

May 27, 2017


Hi everyone. I have another fashion post for you. Here in Slovenia we already have spring/summer weather, but there are days where it gets a bit chilly so I decided to show you how I style my outfits on those days. I love layering any time of the year. I just think it makes the whole outfit more interesting, There's always something going on. Here I wanted to share with you this amazing sleeveless coat that actually belongs to my sister. I just love it and I borrowed it from her. That's what younger sisters are for ;) If it was a warmer day then I would definitely wear a sleevless top underneath, but here I have a basic black top. I just think that black really makes the outfit more classy and chic. I paired that with grey denim and and a pair of boots from H&M. I really wanted the main focus to be the coat because the colour of it is white and I wanted everything else to be in the background. That is also why I have a minimalistic jewelry. I just added a long necklace and a choker from Accessorize. The last thing are a pair of sunglasses and my cute blue shoulder bag for a touch of colour. But again I opted for a small bag and a darker colour of it because I didn't want it to stand out. The main thing in this outfit is definitely the coat.
Now with the warmer days approaching, I can't wait to bring out lighter clothes and bright colours. My favourite time of the year and I'm definitely ready for it. Okay I still need to buy loads of new clothes, but I don't think this will be a problem for me since I'm obsessed with shopping.
Let me know how you style cothes on colder days in summer. Till next time xoxo

Photos by Maja