April 27, 2015


This sun is really welcoming. It should always be present and the coldness can just disappear. I love those kind of days where you don't have to bother what you're going to wear because it's warm and whatever you pull on it's great. And yes these pictures were taken at the graveyard but it's really fancy and there're a lot of statues and it's really clean. Just thought you were wondering why this title. I am on holidays at the moment but I feel like it's worng that I don't post anything for a whole week so I'm taking time off and doing it right now. And also because where I am right now there's some internet so I got to make the best of it.
As I was saying that day that I took this pictures was amazing. The sun, the heat it was just perfect. Yes my hair do look kind of messy but let's just say I was going for that look *wink*. Also I tried to expeiment a bit more because I always feel like I'm posing the same in every picture so let's think this post is a bit different.
Okay gotta go. I'll talk to you very soon but for now enjoy these pictures that Maja took and you can also check her blog and her version of 'the graveyard'. Lots of love :D

Let's hang out!

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April 25, 2015


I wanted to do this hairstyle for some time now. I saw it on Youtube channel called Cute Girl Hairstyle and it looks so nice and not that difficult to make (if you exclude the time). The steps are really easy to follow. It's a bun but it looks way more prettier and sophisticated. I think it's perfect for weddings and some dinner parties. So if you guys have any special occasions, then I strongly recommend you check out this hairstyle and their Youtube channel.
I also wanted to say that I am having some time of next week and I'll be celebrating my mum's birthday and will have some party time. I already have a few posts prepared in advance and they're fashion posts. So if you would like to check those out, then be on the look out this nex week. I will try and post as regularly as possible. It's sort of a Spring break type of vacation before all the exams start in June and kill me and my spirit. I just can't deal with so much stress that I'll be consuming in June. I just don't think I work well when I am under pressure. Although now I think that I did do everything on time and did not fail any of the exams. Maybe stress helps me? NO?! I do not like that feeling in your stomach and always being nervous and waiting for something bad to happen to you even though you know in the end everything will be just fine and you're probably making a big deal out of it.
Whoops I wrote a bit too much again. I just feel great when I write down everything and let it all out for the world to see. Tell me what do you think of this hairstyle and if you'd re-create it. It's, as I already said, so easy and it looks perfect for any occasion.

If you want more of these posts all you got to do is let me know.

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Photos by Maja

April 21, 2015


I know I haven't posted in a while and the reason for it is that every day I got home in the evening and I had a lot of work with school. It's so weird because I usually have time to post at least something. So right now it's also quite late but I decided to post this anyway because it's been to long. I feel like I am neglecting it so yeah. Here it is a new outfit post where my sister and I worked on top of the car park. We experimented and tried new things. I really hope you like it.

You already know my outfits are a bit casual and with a hint of grunge. Here I wore a black leather jacket. I put on some tights and of course H&M boots with a chunky heel. Underneath everything I wore a light grey crop top also from H&M and this cute little bag that has a golden detail on it. Pretty simple but I felt so awsome and cool. Maybe that was just me xD

Enjoy the pictures guys and tell me what you think about it.
Pictures by Maja

April 15, 2015

VANILLA with a hint of PURPLE

Do you have those days where you just want to stay in bed and watch all 8 seasons of Full House? Or The Cosby Show? I just feel like I could do that every day. I lost all interest in college. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I'll have a break soon and I'll be able to relax. I think there're better things to do than study and be in a room sorrounded with books. I am starting to think that is not something I want at this age. You were meant to enjoy in this time of your life and go explore the world and make mistakes. College, I think, won't teach you that. Life is something you should experience for yourself and not read it in the books.

Even when you finish college what are you going to do next? Finding a job is not that easy and even when you find it you again have obligations. It's like you have no break, You always have to do something constantly and make other people happy. Unless you decide you want to be the boss, then you will be busy all the time. I don't think I'm ready for this kind of life. I believe every person needs something in life so that after that he/she can settle down and start being a grown up. Sorry but I sometimes think adults are no fun. I mean they wouldn't spontaneously go on an adventure and just 'go with the flow'.

You know those movies that show teenagers having a roadtrip and make a lot of mistakes but they still have a lot of fun? Well I want to experience that and see what the world has to offer. Travelling is just something no one can say 'NO' to. I just love it. Seeing pictures from Iceland or New Zealand are just breathtaking and you dream you are there. Ahhhh. I want it so badly. For now I'll have to stay here, in Slovenia, and do things that I have zero interest in. I am finishing the first year of college (hopefully) and then there're two more to go and if I want to have a BA then additional 2 years. Yeeey me -.-

I am just blabbing about things that make no sense. Maybe one of you can relate to what I wrote. I have a set of pictures that were taken a few days ago and they make me feel all grown up and it looks I put a lot of effort in it. I guess I wanted to look more fancy for a change. I paired this light white top with a vanilla-ish blazer that is a bit wavy at the bottom. I added my favourite lipstick by Mislynn in shade 119 and a pair of cute stilettos with a small heel. I think the lipstick did the trick ;)

Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.
Photos taken by Maja

April 11, 2015

cherry blossom

I am so excited for this weather. I can't get enough of it. I just love when you don't have to wear a big winter coat or boots and you can just throw something simple on and just enjoy this beautiful nature. I don't know about oyu guys but for me there's nothing better than waking up in the morning and see that there's already bright outside and temperatures are high. The best moments ever. So the background for this post is right on point. Cherry blossom in the back, so sunny, warm. These things are really one of my favorites. Also when you know that it is that perfect temperature outside and you can wear whatever you'd like because it's not too cold for it. I don't like winter because I always have to think throught what I'll wear so that I don't feel cold. Spring and summer are just perfect.

Let's go back to the outfit and let's skip the whole 'I worship hot weather etc.'. So as I said my sister and I immediately knew we want to take pictures with this perfect tree behind us. There were a few people but we try and ignore it event though we probably look so weird taking each other's pictures. Well you got to do what you got to do. The outfit that I wore literally reflects my mood that day. It was sunny and I had no intentions on getting all dressed up that day. I mean come on it was the first day where it felt like it was summer already. I threw on this white knitted jumper, a pair of distressed skinny jeans and I added the belt to make it less plain. I also added a chunky scarf so that I felt more cosy and a pair of hot pink sneakers which you've already seen in one of the previous posts. I also took this amazing rucksack which is still one of my faves and of course a pair of sunglasses. The day was great, I felt great and that is all that mattered at that very moment.

I hope you guys like it. Tell me if you are more of a spring/summer person or do you prefer winter and more cold weather? Hope you have a great day everybody.

P.S.: I created a Twitter account so if you guys want to be on track with everything I post and do on daily bases, then you can head over and follow me. Hope to see you there. xo My username: @leja_kezmic


April 07, 2015


I know that you guys may think that dutch braid is pretty simple but for me it is special because that day I made it myself and I was pretty proud of it. I woke up one night and came up with this idea that maybe dutch braid will be easier to do than normal french braid. I was right guys. I tried it the first time and I succeeded. I was so proud of myself and SO over the moon because I could never do braid close to the head. I always knew how to do a braid from a neck down and that's that. But now I know I can do something more. I will start doing hairstyles a bit more complex so that I can try my boundaries. You know what they say: "Sky's the limit."

Let me know guys if you can do this kind of braid or any special ones. Hope you like it and I'll see you next time with another outfit post.
Photos taken by my sister Maja. Check her blog here

April 04, 2015

floral prints for spring

Hello guys. I come to you with a bit of artsy type of pictures. My sister decided to focus more on some of my details on today's outfit so maybe some of you will like it. Let me tell you a bit about what's going on. This college life isn't that hard. At least for now-hence the 2 paper assignments that I have to do as soon as possible and an extra essay and another exam on 20th... What I meant is that my grades aren't bad at all. I am more relaxed and I think more time to do things. Rather than be nervous all week and then you mess everything you worked for. So guys key to success is not to be too strict on yourself and don't be nervous because that's the worst thing you can do.

So as you can see from these pictures the weather wasn't nice at all. Just as we got to our destination to take pictures, the sun dissapeared and then it started to get windy. All the bad things. I really hope you'll like the pictures even though I wasn't in the bestest of mood (can you say that...). I wore these pretty floral  pants to enhance the coming of spring and I added cute baby pink loafers. I paired all this with a half-silky blouse to keep it simple. 

Let me know what you guys think about it and I'll talk to you next time :)

April 02, 2015


I don't know what's up with me...
I started doing so many hairstyles lately and been loving it. I see a lot of new things and I'm always eager to try it out. My mom always did different types of braids when I was little. Now I think it's my turn to do something myself and I always surprise myself.
This hairstyle that I did was actually one of the things I wanted to try for some time now. I know how to do a fishtail braid but I don't know how to do it close to the head. So this was my attempt this time and I think it's okay. Still learning though. I started doing it from the top of the head and I took bits of hair and put it UNDER insted of over the braid (that's the secret to make the braid pop out more). When I got to the bottom of my ear I took the rest of my hair and started braididng as a normal fishtail braid (putting bits of hair under the braid). That's the whole trick.
My blog just started showing more Hairstyle related posts. I hope you guys like it. I really like to discover new things and right now I'm obsessed with doing different hairstyles myself and spice up my hair a little bit.

Let me know if you like it and tell me if you like seeing this type of posts. Have a great day guys.