August 24, 2015


A long time ago I wrote a post about a topic that I could talk about all the time. It was a post about Books.
I don't know if you know this little secret about, but I do love books. I love that feeling when you discover a new book and you start reading it and you're so hooked that you can't put it down even for 10 minutes. Those kind of emotions are truly my favourite ones. Ever since I started college last year I haven't found the time to just sit and choose a random book and indulge in it.

A few months ago I came across a Youtube channel all about books-reviews, reccomendations,.. and of course I got a little obsessed with it. I thought to myself-if I don't have the time to read, then I'll watch these kind of videos that'll definitely cheer me up. I also came across a new account on Instagram that is all about books. I kind of sorrounded myself with books even though I don't have the time to actually take one in my hands and read it. Yeey Leja is showing her nerdiness (is that even a word?).

What the heck. I love writing a blog and I especially like writing about the things I like or should I say love or let's say adore. I don't know why blogposts about books isn't a monthly thing? It's also something I love reading on other blogs and that feeling when someone makes a review on a book that you're interested in... Yep, books have weird effect on me. I just love them. Does anyone else love the smell of a new book? And even a better feeling when you can buy a new book and soak in it. There is a bookstore in Ljubljana that has a lot of Fiction and Sci-Fi books (my favourite ones to read) and everytime I enter I want to leave with 5 new books but in the end I can only afford one otherwise I would be broke all the time. Some people are addicted to drugs, I am addicted to books.

This was a little intro into what you can, hopefully, expect in the future + my thoughts were a bit obsessed with the thought of not reading as much as I used to. Of course I need to hear your thoughts on this plan and if you like books in general.

Love, Leja

August 17, 2015


Who doesn't love Frozen? I think it was the most adorable animated movie and I just love Elsa's braid. That is by far the thickest hair I've ever seen (let's ignore that she's a cartoon). So let me tell you a story behind my hairstyle. Last week my cousin had her wedding and a week before it I still didn't know what kind of hairstyle should I have. So my mom experimented on my hair and believe it or not, she actually made it to do the braid exactly like Elsa's. I was amazed and shocked in a good way. The only trick to it is that you make a basic dutch braid and when you finish it you spread the braid out so it looks like you have so much hair. I was so surprised by the result and I thought it's a perfect hairstyle for a wedding in August-your hair is out of the way and you're not hot at all.
I really want to know what you guys think of this hairstyle and if my mom succeeded in making the replica of Elsa's hairstyle. I will see you soon ❤️‍

August 13, 2015


Hey guys!

Maybe you're already aware of my love for necklaces, whether they're big or small or chunky or just choker necklaces, I love them. I think my obsession with them started when I was in high school - you know when you change your style and you're searching for yourself. I have to say that everytime I had an outfit planned, I always added a necklace. It was sort of my signature. People knew me for my necklaces and they knew I would wear them all the time.

Over the years this changed a little. I went from very long and girly necklaces to both very simple ones and statement ones. I started discovering new types of necklaces and I was loving it. My sister also liked necklaces so that meant I had more of them to choose from. I also realised that if you added a necklace (or any piece of jewelry) your outfit becomes more interesting and dressed up.

When I started accumulating necklaces, my collection was very small of course but I was so happy about it. Everytime I got a new necklace or I bought one I would wear it immediately and just show everyone that I have it. As I said before I didn't concetrate on just one type of necklaces but I had everything. Of course at first all of my necklace were longer length and I would always wear a basic top, some skinny jeans, Converse and of course a necklace of my choice. Now I don't wear basic tops anymore (or very rarely) but printed tops and I cacme to know that you can also style it with a gorgeous statement necklace.

I just love the fact that you can have so much fun with necklaces. I learned so many new ways of wearing them and I am really content with how my love for them grew even bigger. I never you can have so much fun with one piece of accessory. I barely wear any other type of accessories but rings-they're the only thing beside necklace that I love collecting.

Today I want to show you one of my favourite necklaces that I happen to wear on a daily basis and I want to show you a new addition to my collection. It's this gorgeous necklace from Happiness Botique and you can find it on thir website HERE or just click a link under the picture to go straight to this necklace. When I saw this website I was amazed by it. The choice of necklaces is amazing. I would buy them all if I could. They have all types of necklaces and is almost impossible to choose just one. If you're a sucker for necklaces like I am, then you'll become obsessed with this site.
They also have a Reward Program where you can earn extra points and receive a jewelry or a piece of clothing. It's really amazing. If you want detailed information about it, then check out THIS.

Check out this necklace HERE

August 10, 2015


Another day another post. I am getting good at this. I am telling you guys - if you have pre-planed posts, life gets so much easier and you are so satisfied with yourself. You've done a lot of work and you have time to do something else (maybe go shopping). I am enjoying these final days of school-free moments and I am trying to relax. When are you guys going back to school? Every time school year ends, I have the urge to watch all the TV shows and all the movies there are, but when I finally have the time to do it, I do everything else but watch movies. I don't know why. I'd love to watch Charmed or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Oh well I guess during school year will also be a good time to do it (I'm such a liar). That is why I procrastinate - I watch movies instead I do my homework or anything related to school work (don't we all). So I don't start school untill October but I still have a few exams that I have to re-take and that is what bothers me at the moment.
Anyways let's not talk about school and let's see what kind of outfit I have prepared for you. By now, I am sure you all know I like to wear cozy outfits and this one is precisely that. There is however a twist to these kind of outfits. I like to dress them up a little bit. I like to add a lovely necklace, or a lovely pair of heels, or an amazing purse. Those little things that makes me think I have a decent outfit that day and that I don't look like I just got up.
For this outfit I have an amazing loose jumper with a print on it and some plain denim shorts. I love wearing this kind of combination: tops with longer sleeves and a pair of shorts. I dressed up this outfit by adding a gorgeous layered necklace that has these cute triangles on it with an Aztec print. I have this amazing purse that I got for my birthday. So we can say that this outfit is not so plain, or am I wrong? What do you guys think?

August 06, 2015

THAT 70s

Time is passing by and today I want to show these amazing, breath-taking pants. They are 70s inspired and have a floral print all over them. It's made out of a sheer material but it has a lining in the right parts so it's all good girls AND I got these gorgeous pair of pants on sales-that's another perk. Let me know what you guys think about them. At first, I was totally against this trend but I guess if you don't try it out, you'll never know how it suits you. That's always how it goes with me and the new trends - I will hate some of them but then I'll love it and that's the end of story. So that's exactly what happened with the 70s trend. It's back and I'm diggin' it. I too have to confess that if the outfit doesn't include one piece from today's time, then I probably won't like it. Darn, I'm so complex.

I styled these beauties with a basic bright pink top and some platform sandals that I already showed you in one of my previous posts. I also added this lovely gold necklace to make the outfit more interesting and a gorgeous bracelet (similar here) that I got for my  birthday from my best friend.
Enjoy in this set of pictures and I'll talk to you soon ❤️‍

August 02, 2015


Today was a pretty hectic day and I loved it. It was so busy and my sister and I did a lot of work. We shot 3 outfit posts and we also filmed them for a new Back to School video that we're preparing. Anyways let me tell you a bit about today. We went on a bus at 9AM and we got home at around 2PM-ish. At first it was gloomy and we didn't want to take pictures, so we went into our local drugstore Müller and got ourselves few bits and pieces. I also went to Lush and treated myself with a face scrub, because my skin feels so weird lately. In that time the weather got better and of course we took advantage of it and changed into our second outfit and shot another set of pictures. So I think that's a lot and when we got home we also took a few pictures in our hometown. I just love that feeling when you do a lot of things and you are satisfied with yourself.
Now I am here writing this post and trying to edited it. After that I have to try my new scrub from Lush and see if it's any good. This is actually my first product from Lush, so I hope it'll be satisfying.
Let's go onto the pictures. I have an outfit post (in case you didn't get it :P). I wore this gorgeous printed tank top, which you know I have an obsession with if you have read my previous post. I added this chain necklace to make the outfit appear edgier. Because of the gloomy weather, I also had this olive-green jacket. And my all-time favourite (and only one at the moment) slip-ons with an amazing snake print on them.
Hope you enjoy in the pictures. See you soon ❤️‍