July 28, 2014


Hello guys!

For this post I'm going to show something I recently got from the website called HOODBOYZ. I recieved a pair of sneakers and a top perfect for summer. Shoes are from Adidas and are bright red whereas the shirt is simple, has no sleves and it's grey. When I was chosing these products I was thinking of summer and I chose a good/light top but for the shoes I secretly wanted to have the ones that are bright and well... cool (at least for me). If you like to wear casual things and are more of a sporty type of person then I would reccomend this site as it has a lot of great T-shirts and shoes and a lot of others products.

So again I went out with my sister and mom and we've made some pictures of our new things. I paired my top and sneakers with some basic jeans and that it is as I think the shoes we're enough heavy with its colour. My sister also made a post about the things she got and it's more of a sporty look. Here's her blog and you can go check it out (Maja's blog).

Hope you guys like the things I've got and let me know if you sometimes like to be more casual than dressy because I know that I have those days when I could be in my sweatpants ALL DAY.

July 25, 2014



Having such a beautiful day one must go out and make the best of it and so I did. I wanted to show you guys what I've bought just recently. It's a white skater dress with black strippes.

I've bought this dress in H&M on sale and I absolutely love it. I love the fact that it's so simple and at the moment I'm into strippes and that's another plus. To spice it up a little bit I added red lipstick and a ring with angel wings-it's so cute. For the shoes I went for simple white sandals. Hope you guys like this outfit as much as I do.

Have a lovely weekend!

July 18, 2014


Hello hello!

Today I want to show you some pictures from the day my sister, mom and I went for a walk and ended on the school field where we have running track, football field,... I am wearing ym favourite dress at the moment which is blue, flowy but it's a bit too short so I paired it with some patterned leggingg and some sandals. My mom also made me a braid. It was a fun day and these are the results:

July 12, 2014


Hello guys!

This time I had more luck with the weather and the sun came out. It was a lovely day and very hot. Of course I've decided to go out and show you this summery sheer top. I paired it with light jeans, gold/white flats and some accesories- rings and a feather necklace(not real feathers) which are also gold. Since this top is sheer I wear a top the same colour underneath it. The whole look is more vivid and works perfectly for summery time except I think I will change jeans for something shorter-maybe a skater skirt or just some short jeans. Hope you like this look and I gave some inspiration.
Let me know in the comments below.

July 09, 2014


Hello again!

I have decided to post a new post once a week so now you know when to go and check it out-every Monday. With that I have more time to think what should I do for my next post and produce new material + I can comment and search for other great post.

For todays post I have decided to be (again) a little more spohisticated-at least I think so because I wear heels. My sister and I went to Ljubljana -capital city of Slovenia- and we have found a beautiful spot to take pictures. The only problem was that the weather wasn't quite pleasing as it was cloudy. Yet we managed to take some pictures and I was very pleased with how they have turned out.

Hope you like it and you can leave your opinion/suggestions in the comment box.

Have a nice week!

July 06, 2014


Hello again!

Right now I am listening Fancy by Iggy Azalea and am trying to put some sentences together. I've decided to do something a little bit different this time and just show you some photos I've made yesterday when I was at the seaside with my family. I am developing in photography and hoping to try and produce some good photos. What I'm trying to say is that not all posts will be about me showing my clothes and different styles but also something NOT RELATED TO FASHION. I don't think I have some special style that needs to be shown and give you some tips related to fashion world... Besides I can quickly run out of those (LOL).

I really hope you'll bare with me on this one and tell me what do you think of this new way of blogging or should I say my new topics.

Looking at the sunset 


Planes are the only one to draw on the sky


Part of the more remoted beach 

 How I 'love' rocks ;)

Last rays of sunshine