February 28, 2015

Hair: check

I spend a lot of time on Youtube and I always look at others making different hairstyles and rocking it. Then one day it just occurred to me that I too have long hair so why don't I make something with it. So today I decided I was going to show you this hairstyle for long hair and medium also.
It's very easy and I think appropriate for all the different occasions. What I did was a ponytail and I made a loop and pulled y hair through it. From that point on I just did a regular fishtail braid. I love how it turned out and the effort I put in wasn't huge at all.
So guys if you have long hair and it's always let loose or in a ponytail, then I think it would be a great idea if you did something wtih it. I found inspiration on Youtube, Pinterest, Weheartit... There are a lot of sites from where you can find inspiration. So go and make yourself even prettier than you are right now.
I really hope you will do something new. Let me know what you think about this hairstyle. I think I'll do more of hairstyle posts because I really like that you can make an easy hairstyle and it turns out SO pretty and it looks as if you put a lot of effort in it. Hope you're having a great day wherever you are. Catch up with you soon :)

February 20, 2015


Ugh my fashion posts are always being neglected. I don't know why.. Well actually I do know why: I am too lazy to put something together and go out and show you that. I've really got lazy. Ever since my sister and I started making Youtube, I am more concentrated on that. I gues it's because I like watching videos and I lose a track of time and I forget to prepare a post for my blog. I love blogging a lot and I just figured out that I have a writer's block. I never knew how that feels like because I always thought you can write some random things and that's it. But that's not the case. I somehow avoided going on blogger and I tried to forget about the fact that I should write a new post which sounds VERY weird since I LOVE showing you guys some new things and outfits and maybe some beauty bits. I always said to myself that I need to make myself a schedule and stick to it but it never works out for me. I alwas end up on Youtube or wander around the house and throw away that precious time where I could make tons of outfit posts for you. And that just gave me an inspiration... Yeeey! 
Anyways as you see I like to ramble on and on about unimportant things. The main idea of this post are some new bits and pieces that I recently purchased and I like them a lot. As you all know fancy bacpacks/rucksacks are back and I just had to get one for myself. I also got a crop top with a dark green pattern on it, Some treggings from Zara and a pair of bracelets which are specifically bought for my cousin's wedding (look at me I have a whole outfit already planned out... eeep). There's not a lot but I decided to show you and  you can expect an outfit post about some of the pieces. 

Tell me if you sometimes have a writer's block, and what do you do to suppres it. Also you can let me know if you like any of the pieces I got. Have a spectacular day.

February 17, 2015

How To Be Happy

A while back I was going through some inspirational quotes and found one that is actually so true and honest. We are always proned to do this. I do this all the time and I feel like crap afterwards and then I start asking myself why did I even do that. It's in the way to make myself feel really really bad and I do this unintentionally. I don't hate others for being so successful at their age or they've achieved so much in life, whereas I look like I am a potato and just feeling sorry for myself. Well it's time to put an end to this whole charade. The minute I saw this quote I knew something had to be done about me. I am actually SO happy seeing others and their accomplishements (by others I mean all the bloggers, vloggers, dancers,...). So I decided if I want to achieve something in life, I should stop feeling like an idiot by comparing myself to others, and just do my thing be myself and sincere and stick with it. So that is actually what I wanted to tell you guys: don't compare yourself with all the other successful people. You can be whatever you set your mind to and be good at it. I really hope some of you will reconsider about this quote and maybe change your point of view because I know I have mine. I just needed a little reminder.
Tell me if you agree with this statement and if you do that. I hope you're having a great day and I'll talk to you next time.

February 14, 2015


Now I am no expert in giving good advices in fashion or anything just because I don't study fashion, but I do follow trends and sometimes watch some fashion week shows (on the internet). So for today's post I decided I am going to tell you my opinion on SPRING TRENDS 2015. I created some collages where you can see how these trends are visible. Let me just warn you first that I did some research and these were the things I found on all different fashion sites. This year spring has so many different trends and I'm so excited about some of them. I can't wait for these trends to hit the stores and for me to try and style some new outfits. So excited. I divided all trends in small sections and added a few pictures for you to see how certain things are shown.

First one is colour palette. Now I know that spring has a lot of colours and it's really bright and all and that's exactly what designers were thinking of. There are a lot of colours on display this season and some of the colours are pretty darn beautiful. Just seeing the colours makes me feel so happy and enthusiastic to start wearing them. The colour called Marsala is just amazing and it reminds me of burgundy colour so I don't think it's going to be difficult to find it.
Next things are different sections. First I chose to show you that fringe is still popular. I only own 1 top that has fringe but I'd love to try some more. Maybe with basic skinny jeans to make the outfit more interesting and some heels to look chic... (not bad actually-tap on the shoulder)
Next are patterns. There are a lot of patterns this year of course but I decided to show you Gingham pattern and stripes. They're more of a geometrical patterns. For animal lovers-animal prints are still popular but it's possible to see more exotic animals. I think I'll stick to stripes because I just love this pattern. Next are Ribbon Belts. I personally am not a fan of these belts because I think it looks like you didn't have time to use a proper belt and you just took a cloth and put it around the waist. Nope I don't like it-sorry not sorry. But if you like them you can see some ideas on how to wear them below. The next thing that I chose to show is the All White category. I like the colour white, as it makes you look super chic and clean and polished and all the great things. All the pieces on me white? Pants and the top? Everything white? I dn't know will have to try it out soon.
The last thing I decided to emphasize are ruffles and the 70s. I am not quite excited for the second one but if they show me a good outfit and how to style it, then I'll gladly change my mind. The ruffles are always here. They kind of show happiness and excitement with their flowing. So yeah I like ruffles.

These are the trends that you can expect in this spring. Let me know if you like them and what do you feel of this year's fashion. If you liked this post, you can comment if you want one for summer. Have a lovely day everyone.

February 11, 2015


Here it is as promised. The whole outfit I wore the other day when my sister and I went shopping (post here). Since it was quite chilly outside, I knew I had to somehow dress extra warm. I still wanted to wear this dress that I recently purchased on sales. It has a thick material so that was a good thing. The only thing I had to do now was to find a pair of warm leggings. I also added some knee-high socks and a pair of brown boots with a small heel. Over the dress I wore a simple white jumper and it actually looked nice (too bad I started wearing this now when the winter is almost over-bravo Leja-.-). On top of all that I put on a basic black coat from H&M and an infinity scarf in the colour of burgundy. I also added some golden statement rings so that it didn't look to plain of an outfit and a big black bag which is also from H&M. It felt so nice to wear a dress in winter and I wasn't cold at all (okay maybe a little bit in the morning). I really hope you like it.

Let me know if you guys like to wear dresses in winter and how do you style them. Have a splendid rest of the day.

Bag: H&M (similar here)
Coat: H&M (similar here)
Jumper: H&M (here)
Dress: New Yorker
Infinity scarf: H&M
Tights: H&M (here)

February 08, 2015


Popular at the moment-that's what I'm going to be talking about in this post, nothing weird I promise. I just realized that we follow the latest trends no matter what it is-fashion, electronics, furniture,.. Everything. So I made a little research on what is popular at the moment amongst the teens. I still think I am a teenager and that's why I concentrated on this group age. So guys if you want to know what are the things that we all rave about, then just go to Youtube and watch some Youtubers. Just kidding. I did that for you. It's actually pretty obvious but when I really thought about it I was like: ''ehmm noup I don't know what's popular or going to be popular." I always talk to much I can never just immerse myself right into the point of this post. Now let's go and see what I found.

Portable Turntable

Since vinyl's are being produced again, it is obvious we need Portable Turntables. So I actually love this idea of bringing back the old things. Mainly because they're designed to go with everything and I think it's so tumblr-ish. The only big downfall is that it costs a small fortune to get the turntable plus a few vinyl's. So anyone who has money can get one and enjoy music like in the old times. I've always loved seeing old vinyl's in music stores but I never bought any because I am missing the main piece. Maybe one day I'll get one for myself. But seriously who would get something like that when they can get an Ipod for less? *slowly raising hands...Awkward dude*


Just hear me out. You all know how Tumblr invaded teen culture and there are a lot of pictures that have random saying and quotes you can relate to. So that is exactly what I am talking about. These sayings are present everywhere: on random pictures, public buildings, pillows, notebooks, we create them ourselves... Does that mean we are the ones responsible what will be popular and what will be unpopular. ''Great discovery Leja. It's not like you discovered hot water...'' I really like seeing different inspirational quotes and also the ones that are hilarious or even far-fetched. You just gotta have something funny in your life.

Polaroid camera/pictures

We all know this is popular for quite some time now and I still don't have one. Gosh I am so cool (sarcasm). These things are an amazing invention; shame that it costs so much. I would love to take a picture and put it on my wall right away or even have different filters + the actual camera looks Amazing and isn't as big as the ones from the past. Go teenagers for making this popular. I just need to get it somehow. Wow I just realized I belong to the not so popular side of teenagers (awkward again...) Never you mind my head is up and still think I am awsome in some weird geekish way. Not everyone can be what they want*khmm need to get a life khmm*

Eat healthy and exercise

It's really not my year. I tried to make a plan and exercise so my body stays in shape and that. Let me just say the plan didn't last long (hint: 2 days). If you tell to lay off the chocolate, I'll start laugh at your face because that's my biggest weakness of them all-you could even tickle me and I wuldn't care as long as I have my chocolate. But don't eat it to much anyway it's bad for your skin. So yeah teenagers started exercising more and eating more healthier. I am 100% on their side, it's just not something I'd do. There're a lot of videos on Youtube if you're interested and want to do something for your body and your innerself. Again so proud of us. Tap yourself on the shoulder. Good job everybody.

If you think this list is all wrong, then please let me know in the comments your suggestions so I'll learn something new.
I guess this is where I'll finish this list and go to bed. I have a lot of studying to do and exercises (for UNI not my body LOL). If you think I should do another list of something like that, then let me know or if you want to see a list of things on a different topic.  Lots of love xoxo
Disclaimer: Again these pictures were found with my awsome talent on google

February 05, 2015


There wasn't an outfit post for a very long time so I went to the city with my sister. At first there was no snow but just as we decided to take some shots...
So I am still not sure if I like the snow on me. I don't know guys. Maybe you can help me decide and let me know in the comments. It just looks a bit wet and not clean. So let me tell you what I wore for this outfit. I opted for some skinny printed jeans which has feathers on it. It is printed in a vertical way so it lenghtens my legs. It looks amazing (I think). Then to make this effect even more visible I put on a grey crop jumper from H&M which is SO soft and cozy. Of course I had a basic white top under it. To make this look a bit more classy I added some accessories. I had this chain necklace from BikBok which is actually my sister's that she bought in Sweden. Next accessorie are midi rings-one is silver and one's gold.. Since it was pretty cold I wore a simple black beanie and a good old black coat which is also from H&M. For my shoes I had black ankle boots with a chunky heel again, from H&M. To top everything up I added a red purse which made the whole outfit more 'alive'.
I am really satisfied with this outfit and Maja did a gret job on these pictures. That just makes me go out in the city more, and take even more pictures of my outfits. Exciting!

Okay enough rambling. Tell me guys how do you like this more darker,edgier look of me and if you think I should continue with it (I actually really like it). How's your week going so far? Have a lovely day everybody.

 Photo credits: Maja

Jumper: H&M (here)
Jeans: New Yorker
Coat: H&M (similar here)
Basic top: (here)
Shoes: (here)

February 02, 2015


February has always been a month of celebrating birthdays. My mom and my sister both have a birthday this month and it's always about that. I've never had anything else that month so I always remembered it by them. So we all know this is still a month of winter and we are all kind of getting tired of it (mostly me). I mostly just can't wait for March to arrive. I know I'm so mean but I really don't like winter because it's so cold and my spring clothes are just waiting to get out of the wardrobe and start wearing them again. I know clothes I miss you too ;) 
I guess we can say that February is a month of preparation for spring and anticipation of those warmer days and nature coming to life. All the lovely things. I really like all that if I may say. I really want to know what you guys think about February and are there certain things that are happening in your country on which you cannot wait for to happen.
 It's kind of a short post but it's a new month so we got to welcome it with our best grettings. Have fun you guys and I'll talk to you soon with another post about? You'll see... *wink*

 It's only the beginning og the 2015 so make the most of it.

 In our family we have two birthdays to celebrate- my sister's & my mother's

It is also Valentine's day. Will you be spending it with someone special or you don't consider it as a holiday?

Believe or not 2 days ago this happened in the picture above I did not like it at all...