December 31, 2014


The most festive month only came and it is gone already. Now it is time for a very cold and white month at least in this part of the world (lucky you who can go sunbathing) and it is also time for new beginnings as it is the 1st month of this new year. I honestly do not like January just because it is freezing here and as some of you already know I can't bare the cold and wet snow in my shoes. It's the worst thing in winter for me. But there is also something positive about it. Believe it or not I do like taking long walks in winter where you can see clean, crystal snow everywhere in the nature and that feeling when you're cold but eventually you get warm and you just want to spend more time outside and just admire the beauties of this planet. One of the rare things in winter I truly enjoy in. This post is precisely about this-how I see this month and some of the things that remind me of it.

Let me know some of your likes/dislikes of this month. Have a great beginning of a new yet unknown year.

We can still enjoy the benefits of hot drinks...

It's the last real month to wear fuzzy socks...

 Wrap yourself with a blanket and READ...

 Enjoy in tranquility of the untouched nature...
Best thing for me in winter: endless walks in the nature..

Disclaimer: all pictures from Tumblr

December 28, 2014


Right now it is snowing where I live-first snow this year. I am in my bed going through some pictures and I thought I'd show to you who aren't following me on Instagram or don't know that I have an account some random pictures that I posted during this short time. I am actually having fun with it and watching other people's pictures. I follow some of the bloggers and now I always see when they have a new post or their new plans. It's really great. And yes I can stalk some celebrities-you just can go without that (wink). It's a peaceful morning and I should definitely study but I can't bring myself to it. Instead I am tucked in bed and contemplating should I watch The Maze Runner or go through some blogs and youtube videos-believe me it's a hard decision xD

Let me know if you like watching Youtube videos and some of your favourite Youtubers. Mine at the moment are Maybaby, Aspyn Ovard, TantrumJas, Zoella,... Oh no there're actually to many of them to tell you. Anyways this shows that I am slightly obssesed with it. Here are two sets of pictures that I chose and edited for you guys. Hope you like it and if you want to see more of them you can click on this link HERE.

December 25, 2014


I think we all have busy days or weeks or even months and I honestly don't operate good where there's not enough time to relax. You are always tense and always think you didn't do everything you were supposed to. December is definitely one of the busiest time of the year and also when the finals come... A LOT of occasions actually. In those 'hard' times I always think of the days I used to have no worries and I did whatever I wanted to do. Now is that time where I can really relax and do things I was eager to do for a long time. The truth is that I always crave for some new TV shows, make myself a cup of tea, spend the whole day in comfiest clothes I own, no makeup/hair done, good reading, scrolling through Tumblr... Those little, not so important things that are indespensable to me  and are literally the ones that keep me going. I don't know I guess I am really calmed when I do some of these things that are stress-free and demand so little of me.
Here are some pictures that express what I really meant with those words that I wrote above.

Laying in bed and listen to some music...

Reading in bed-YES please...

currently obssesed with it...

 Comfy clothes are the one...

No hairstyle for my relax-time *wink*

Disclaimer: photos taken from tumblr, weheartit, google

I think all of us have something that keeps us calm and makes us crave for it so let me know some of them in the comments and have a lovely rest of the week.
P.S.: If you are as obssesed with tumblr as I am then you can check out my account HERE...

December 22, 2014


It's almost here... What's almost here?... Christmas is almost here!

I've prepared for you some Christmas outfit ideas. I thought about it and I came up with two types of outfits and you already know which one's I'm sure- dressy one and a more casual one. I tried to incorporate the red as it is the main colour of this time of the year and I also chose a basic black colour because-let's face-it you can never go wrong with black. Accessories are a must and of course find the perfect shoes girls! I would really recommend you wearing some shoes with heels and by that I mean the ones that have a chunky heel as they're the most comfortable ones. Try to have fun while chosing different outfits and try to choose the ones that you're most comfortable in. I really hope these ideas will/has helped anyone.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and to spend it with the ones you love the most and to enjoy in it.

Let me know if you liked my ideas and if you want to see more of these type of posts- fashion tips. Also let me know if you would re-create one the two outfits.

December 18, 2014


My fellow readers,

I have something new for you. I came across a lot of these kind of posts so I thought I'd share these pictures with you. They're pretty random and were created when I got home from college. My makeup was pretty simple and I added a hinch of red lipstick. My hair was half-up and that's how I looked that day in college. I'm telling you it is pretty simple as I rarely use to much makup when I go to college. Parties? Well that's another story for another post. Let me know if you like to see my party makeup look. Enjoy this small selection of pictures.

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday with a new post.

December 16, 2014


Hello lovely readers!

Who would've known college can take up so much free time (wink). I honestly have a hard time keeping up with everything. Studying, making new posts, providing new material for you... All of it has been quite tricky. To be honest I have a lot of new material prepared but the actual process of designing the whole post is a bit longer thing as most of the days I come home in the evening and feel so tired... But all this is ONE BIG excuse so there will be no more of that. I still post on schedule so today's no difference.
Let me show you my outfit that I wre recently when I was in the city and my sister and I decided to also take some pictures. Hope you like it. I have a skater dress with flowers on it. I paired it with some black stocking and grey high-knee socks. Over it I put a fluffy sweater and I also had a pair of winter shoes. And of course I had a coat and a simple black scarf.

Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL time. See you next time.

December 13, 2014


It's almost Christmas and I think it's the perfect time to show you guys some of the homemade Christmas gifts that my sister and I made. We really had fun making them and I think it's a perfect way to show someone you love them by making the actual gift as it has a bigger value to them. The gifts aren't hard at all so I think anyone can make them and all the things yu'll need are probably already in your cupboard or a closet. So let me show you my gifts and if you'd like to see some more than you can go over to my sister's blog here. She also showed some of the gifts on her blog. If you want to see how the gifts are actually made, then you can go watch a video.

Now we actually begin:
1) COCOA MIXTURE (for those cold days)
The first is pretty self-explanatory and I will let the pictures do the talking.

P.S.: you can add a mug to the gift (besides the mixture)

2) STOCKING (make it with someone else and have fun with it)
Again pictures tell a thousand words so I won't bother you with my bad explanation

Let me know if you like making gifts instead of buying one. Although I agree that buying is easier and includes less work . Hope you all have a festive December and I'll talk to you next time.

December 10, 2014


Here it is. The outfit I wore when I was in town and took those random pictures that you saw in my previous post here. It was so cold and my hands were freeezing and it was raining. Awsome... So this is the outfit and of course I have a big winter jacket and I look like a chubby baby.

I wore a basic jumper with a black vest over it. As for my jeans I wore destressed jeans with some golden details on it and I got them in London ahhh good memories. And my shoes are just simple brown ankle boots with a very small heel. I also added a black&white scarf and a big bag. Hope you like it.

Tell me some of your favorite pieces you like to wear in winter and does it snow already because here it's only cold and no snow.

Love reading your comments so feel free to write some. Have a lovely week.

December 06, 2014


I haven't done one of these in a while. Just walking around and take some random pictures. I really like taking them but if the weather would be better (by that I mean warmer weather without the rain..) then I would enjoy even more. I decided to choose a certain theme for these type of posts and you can guess hw this one's called: URBAN... I know that's like SO original.
Hope you'll enjoy and you can see what cities look like in Slovenia-at least the older ones. I've been to the capital city called Ljubljana as it is very near to where I live.

All the little shops are already decorated...

 Tiny caffees and pastry shop...

 The river going through the city is called Ljubljanica...

 Part of the cutest little pastry shop. Will have to visit it soon...

 That's actually a fountain but it's secured with this type of wollen hat to look more festive (I think)

Let me know if you like visiting older parts of the city and if there's somethings you especially like doing. My favorite thing is discovering new shops and caffees. Have a great day.

December 03, 2014


It's finally here: DECEMBER. The most festive month of them all. I think words are not necessary here and that the pictures tell the whole story. You know the drill: I show you some pictures that remind me of the certain month and what I like this time of the year.

That's how the cities look like. So magical...

 That feeling when you go out and buy presents for everyone you love...

The coziest place when it's freezing outside + it looks festive... (good for your eyes)

 I don't go anywhere with my sweater, gloves and of course a scarf-these are a MUST...

The most beutiful scenery possible... In December :)

Favorite thing to do: decorate a Christmas tree and then onto the whole room...

Disclaimer: all pictures are from

Let me know what's your favourite thing in December and tell me one thing you look forward to in this time of the year.

November 30, 2014


Hope you're having a great weekend. I have to study and I can't force myself to do it. Since it's almost December I wanted to show you something festive related.
My sister decided to do an Advent Calendar. It's kind of a DIY post. We also made a video if you want to see it more detailed. Here you'll see the pictures and how it turned out. Hope you like it.

You can also find a different type of Advent Calendar over on my sister's blog here. If you decide to do something like that or you already did it than let me know in the comments bellow and tell me how you like it. See you on Tuesday with an official post about December.