October 30, 2014


As promised...

The first day in Belgrade was in my opinion the best because we were all so enthusiastic about it and wanted to see all of the sites and secrets of this beautiful city. When we got to the hotel we wasted no time and immediately went on a little strawl which turned out to be a LOONG strawl and actually saw most of the sites that the city could offer. Of course we weren't planning to visit all of it but I guess we got a bit carried away. Mostly we saw that a lot of things were so close and so we took the opportunity and had fun.

I personally think this outfit is casual enough to walk through the streets of Belgrade but still has a sophisticated look in it. I opted for some checkered trousers as they are my favorite ones at the moment and I think they will be for some time (+ one of the readers wanted to see how I pair them). For the top I chose navy sweater because it was quite windy that day but we were in luck as it was still sunny. I also wore light brown ankle boots with a small heel to look more sophisticated (wink). I also had a black coat just in case and I added a big bag as I carry a lot of things and I had to be prepared. It has some gold details and it spiced up the outfit a little bit. I also had a 'wing' ring- it just looks so mysterious and unique. I also did a little bit of something to my hair. You know I rarely do anything with it but this time I saw a gorgeous fishtail at the side of the head on weheartit and I think it looks really nice.

Remember in previous post there was one fact that stated that I don't know how to take a selfie. Well don't worry I still don't know how to do it but I still created Instagram (maybe I'll learn to make them one day). If you want to check it out here's where you can find my account: leja_kezmic

Have a lovely day!

October 26, 2014


It's been a long time since I've made a blog award post and I found this one actually very lovely and useful for others to see what is going on in my head (yeah I talk to myself sometimes...). Anyways the rules for this award are really simple plus there are not too many of them *wink*
I was nominated by a lovely girl called Arianne. Thank you very much girl. She said she does not know me well so I decided to do this post just for her and obviously for everyone who wants to get to know the real weird version of me.

Here are the rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

* Take time to thank the person who nominated you. Also, use the award logo.
* List 7 facts about yourself.
* Nominate other awesome bloggers you would like to get to know better and follow the person who nominated you.
                          -the following is optional-


1) I talk in my sleep. That means I have conversation with my sister and sometimes even walk and I don't remember any of it (possessed?)

2)  The only thing I like to do that includes exercise is Rollerblading (at least it is good for my legs) That is of course when I remember that I actually have rollerblades

3)  I do not know how to take a 'selfie' as I don't like taking pictures of myself... I don't know how that picture above was made (maybe that is why I don't have an Instagram-maybe one day?)

4)  A lot of people think I'm a confident person but my self-esteem is actually very low (in public I almost don't exist).*sad face*  My blog is exception (don't judge I'm working on it... sloooowly)

5)  I sometimes imagine stories in my head and I never thought of writing anything down. I never tried to write stories in my life

6)  I am a complete nerd when it comes to fiction-to read books about fiction is probably the best thing for me at the moment but my taste in genres changes every few years so we'll see what I'll choose next

7)  I can not wear the same outfit or just the same piece of clothing two days in a row (is this considered to be a problem?)

These are some of the weird facts about me and if you liked it we can do some more digging about this odd topic *smile*

And now I nominate these lovely bloggers to do this post and tell their readers something they don't know about you:




+ everyone who wants to share some random facts about themselves.

Hope you girls have time to do it and let me know how it turned out.

October 21, 2014


Hello everybody!

I went to Belgrade last weekend. It was the first thing I did on impulse. My mom really wanted to go somewhere and she thought of Belgrade. My sister and I weren't against it but we also didn't have an opinion about. We both thougt we won't go because it was all so quick and we're not that kind of people to do things SO quickly.
I can honestly say it was one of the best thing I did in my life (and I missed one day at college *wink*). We went there by car and it was kind of a road trip. Even though we've been there for only 3 days it was really nice. We walked most of the time because we think this is the best way to get to know the city. I had some problems-my legs hurt because of long walk so the best thing was to get to the hotel and lay down and read a book after a great day in an unknow city.
I also took some photos of the city and my outfits from the clothes I recently showed in my haul post.
I can say with no regret that Belgrade is a lovely city and very beautiful one. But I say that for all the old cities because they're so special. If you're planning to go there you won't regret a thing. It has a lot of sightseeing and also a bit of everything for everyone. Now lets see some of the pictures I made.

 Sightseeings? CHECK

 Food? CHECK

 Satisfied costumer? CHECK

 Lovely accomodation? CHECK

 Soft bed? CHECK

Perfect weather? CHECK

Hope you like the pictures and tell me have you ever been to Belgrade?

October 14, 2014


disclaimer: picture found on weheartit.com

Some of you know that I started college and so I decided to write a post about organising yourself in the times of the exams or just throughout the year because that I something I really need at the moment. Even because this whole college thing is all new to me and I need some help. If you are curious about those 3 magical tips, then continue reading.


No one can go wrong with organizers. You can make a schedule and write ANYTHING down.. This way you do everything on time and you will not forget a thing. There are different types of organizers:
                   - MONTHLY: they show one month only on one page
                   - WEEKLY: they show one week on one page
                   - DAILY: they have one day on one page

I prefer using the last one as it looks more organized, I can write a lot of things down and it looks more spacious. If you have a chance to buy one for yourself- DO IT. You can even make one and you have your own personal organizer. All you need it as a small notebook, ruler and some highlighters. You draw squares in the notebook and color up every day of the week... ent VOILA


Now that you have your organizer take the time to organize everything. A lot of people just start doing stuff whenever they think it's good.  If you take your calendar and go through it you will see exactly how much time you have and when is the best time to start to study or whatever you have on your schedule. Time is the most valuable thing in your life and if you schedule it you will have better results and more time to do something else - in my case: I have more time for writing this post (wink).


Do not be one of those people who don't know why they are doing this they do (that used to be me). Your own personal goal makes organising easier. If you know what you want to do in your life then organising yourself will the easiest thing to do. For example: if you want to become a proffesional blogger (sounds tempting) then you will have to take some writing or picture lessons and if that's not enough you have to do college stuff (I study English and comparitive literature) - going to classes, seminars,.. and that also takes time. You already know you will have to study a lot and still find time to come up with a new posts for your blog. When I see all that I know I will have to organize my time big time. When you have a goal everything makes sence.

For most of you these tips are obvious but if you look at the bigger picture maybe you'll  start to think differently and try to follow these three simple hints. If I knew this was somehow connected maybe I would use my time better and wouldn't study untill 3AM for my finals in high school. I really hope anyone who needs this will read this post and I am almost positive it'll help you if you stick to it.

Let me know if you agree with these tips and tell me some of your secrets to achieve your goal.

October 12, 2014


Girls it's that time of the year...
Time for shopping. The only thing I like about winter is buying new clothes for colder days. I know I know. There's Christmas and snow and hot chocolate. I loooove all that but the cold part almost ruins all those things. It's actually not winter yet or even cold but I want to be prepared and it was a good excuse to go on a hunt for some new sweaters (truth: I don't own many).
So as some of you know college started last week and it is hard. It's a HUGE change from high-school. Then yesterday I started to wonder is that somethingI really want to do-go to college. It sounds a bit weird but I'll probably continue it and hope for the best. Seminars are way better than lectures (which are sooo boring). It's not just the lectures that bore the crack out of me but it is also the fact that I coome to school at 8 am and finish it at 8pm and in between I have a 2,3 hours long breaks where I don't know what to do with myself. So I thought of skipping some lectures but older students say it is good to attend them as it can be very helpful and less confusing when you study at home. Again don't know who to listen myself or them with more experience.

I promise you I am not complaining. All I want to say that there's a big difference between college and high-school and you can see from above that I prefer high-school *shock*

On to the actual post for today. I already told you some of it at the beginning and there is not much to say but the fact that I needed supplies for winter which I still do not have enough *my opinion*. I was searching for some pants but mostly sweaters. Everything else is sort side-damage.

Let me know in the comment section if you want to see how I style these pieces and I'll talk to you next time.

October 08, 2014


It was one of those days where sun actually came out and I was able to wear my ballet flats, crop top and sunglasses. WoW was this for real? Anyways it was perfect day to go out and make some photos. 
I wore black basic crop top, black&white trousers and golden/white flats. Since everything was black and white I decided to add a bright blue bag because it actually looks nice (in my opinion-hope I'm not mistaken).

Hope you have a great weekend. I am going to Belgrade. Expect some pictures from that awsome city.  Talk to you soon.

October 04, 2014


I have a new post.
  "Well Leja that's fast."
I just felt like it. I wanted so badly to post something new and I have an autumnal outfit for you guys. Well the sweater is fluffy and I usually wear it in winter but let's think it was a cold morning and I needed something warm (*what a lame excuse to wear fluffy stuff*)...
Anyways these I feel a bit down... I somehow think I won't have time to write posts, take pictures for my blog as college started and I have classes mostly in the afternoon. I feel sort of sad but I really want to continue with blogging and post regularly. So I bought a planner and I will mark all the posts I want to post, ideas on what I want to write about, how many times a week I will post etc... I really want this to work. I got this feeling like I need to post more. I have less time but want to post more *does that somehow contradict?* I know I'll have to put more effort into it and find even more time to do all this but if I set my mind to something than I'm pretty sure I can do this.
I haven't told anything about my classes or even what I'm studying. I decided to study English and literature. First one is kind of obvious as for the second one I was not sure but I was convinced as I like reading and I heard from a lot of people that the subject can be very fun. So yeah guys that's what I study. I only had one class so far -English morphology- and I actually really liked it. Profesor is nice and I think the class itself will be alright. More on that next week when all my lectures start.

As for the outfit.. I did go out in the morning and it was foggy and humid. I decided to wear, as said above, a fluffy creamy sweater, some black treggings and a new pair of ankle boots. I also like to wear rolled up jeans with those boots as it looks really nice. Over the sweater I added a beige jacket.

Disclaimer: there aren't a lot of pictures because I looked so tired and consiquently the pictures looked rubish

Hope you like this post and tell what is your favorite clothing piece at the moment. 'Till next time.

October 01, 2014


It's 1st October and you know what that means (besides that it's my first day of college and I'm freaking out)... I get to tell you why I like/dislike this month and show you some pictures to understand what I'm talking about.

I'd say everyone who thinks about this month instantly thinks about pumpkins, Halloween. With me it's completely the same, except that Halloween was never a big deal in our country or should I say in my family as much as it is anywhere else. I know in USA that's a big  holiday and everyone gets in costums but not me...

So lets get into this month and let me tell you a bit about it from my side of the fence.



 The only thing why I love it because of the decoration and I LOVE watching halloween type of movies. 

3) SWEATERS ARE STILL IN (with tights)


Disclaimer: all pictures are from Google or weheartit.com

That, Ladies, is how I see this month. I'd like to know how do you see it and what's you favorite/worst thing about October.