November 30, 2014


Hope you're having a great weekend. I have to study and I can't force myself to do it. Since it's almost December I wanted to show you something festive related.
My sister decided to do an Advent Calendar. It's kind of a DIY post. We also made a video if you want to see it more detailed. Here you'll see the pictures and how it turned out. Hope you like it.

You can also find a different type of Advent Calendar over on my sister's blog here. If you decide to do something like that or you already did it than let me know in the comments bellow and tell me how you like it. See you on Tuesday with an official post about December.

November 27, 2014


Hello everybody!

Today I have something beauty related for you. I've never done this kind of post as I am not that obsessed with make-up. That's also not good because that means that I am not very good with putting all products on my face. So I decided to work on this because it became an important part in our lives and well I don't want to be left behind. I am not saying that make-up is priority or anything. That only applies to those who love playing with it and I was always fascinated by those who have make-up on so nicely and are so good with it. I will have to practice that and see if it's something I can learn.
I have three products to show you today: Lipstick, Eyeliner and Concealer.

Lipstick is by a brand called Misslyn. It is a dark red purple-ish colour and is in the shade 119. It's called Love Temper. The reason why I went for this colour is the fact that it's winter time and I think darker shades are more appropriate for this time of the year.

Eyeliner... It's by Essence and it says it's extra longlasting. Well that is something that was bought on impulse. I want so badly to learn how to make a little flick at the end of the eye and basically to learn how to use it. Everyone is using it and their eyes look so nice and mysterious. Wish me good luck with it. I am sure I'll have a lot of struggle with it.

Concealer is by a brand called Maybelline and is a product that I purchased for the second time. I really like it and it conceales all the spots that I have and it's great for under eye area. Mine is in the shade 02- Natural. I think it's a perfect product and it is kind of liquid. It's not in the stick as these kind of concealers really dry up my skin and I don't like using it. So if you're looking something more liquid base then this is for you. The only downfall is that in our country there are only 2 shades available. I'm sure elsewhere there're more varities. 

Let me know if you have some lipsticks that you love wearing in this time of the year. Have a lovely day.

November 24, 2014


I have another outfit post for you. Right now it's freezing outside and it's not even below zero celsius. I have a lot of work with school and my sister and I are making some youtube videos and it't taking me a lot of time. I still like to just dress up and make some pictures or just talk about random things. I still have some new clothes that I haven't showed you guys yet so here they are. I kind of left bright colours out and I don't really know why... I guess maybe because I always wanted to look more sophisticated and am trying to complete this kind of style. I am far from that but I try to get some pieces that actually look nice.

On to the outfit: I wore a black and white jumper which is from New Yorker, next are my jeans that are from C&A and have a little zipper at the end of them. Next are the boots that are from H&M and are just plain black booties with chunky heels. They're very comfortable and easy to walk in. Next is my coat so that I don't freeze in this timeof the year. It is also from H&M and I bought it a long time ago but it is still very good for me. To add a pop of colour I added ombre scarf because I realised I was very monochrome.For my accessories I had a black clutch with some zipper detailing. I also showed a book that I just got and am eager to read it.

Let me know if you liked the look and let me know if you read this book: Elanoir & Park by Rainbow Rowell and what you thought of it.

November 19, 2014


Since winter is coming or has already come in some of the countries I decided to do a little list of WINTER ESSENTIAL that are very useful to me and help me get through the least favorite season of the year. Some of the things are actually useful but some are just perfect for winter and that is why included them. Lets get into it!


Now I don't know for you guys but my lips tend to dry very quickly in the winter and I start biting them and that makes everyhing worse. So when I start to bite lips in these cold days, that is a signal for me that I need to pull out my favourite lipbalm and take care of the problem. When I have lipbalm on my lips I never bite them because I don't like the taste of it so it is a great solution for everyone.


Like my lips the hands are no exception. I don't know why but it feels like everytime I get out in the cld weather and it is a bit windy outside my hands get SO dry and a small layer of my skin starts to crack and that is the worst feeling I can get. I use hand cream when I come home and before bed. But don't use it too often or when you don't have a dry skin because then you actually do get dry skin even if you didn't have it before (learn from my mistake).


I don't know what's wrong with me but I just love scarfs. No matter which I just love them. My favourite scarves are chunky ones and that feeling when you go out and you have a scarf around your neck is just so nice + it keeps you insanely warm. It is a good investment and they don't cost much.


Coats are my favourite things when I go out because they make me feel so sophisticated and fancy. I love wearing basic one-black and if I add a chunky scarf, my whole outfit looks better. I do prefer coats to winter jackets (just so you know). When you add some boots with high heels and a cute bag, you achieved the perfect winter look.


I know books aren't essential just for winter (I actually like reading all year long) but I really like when you come home in the evening and you see you have some spare time and instead of watching TV you can just lay in bed, cover yourself with a fluffy blanket and read. Outside is snowing but you're inside safe and warm with a good book.

6) TEA

Since I am not a coffee person, I drink tea. I think we all like tea a lot and it is made for winter. You can choose from different flavours and add anything you like-milk, honey, cinnamon... My favourite tea at the moment is Rooibos tea with caramel. Teas go perfectly with the book you're reading and it relaxes you after a hard-working day.


Yes music is a must for those days when you just want to relax, have a warm bath and listen some good music. I am currently loving Taylor Swift and Echosmith. 

Disclaimer: all pictures were found on

So these are my winter essentials. Let me know if you have something similar or something else that  is indespensable for you to use in winter.
Till next time...

November 17, 2014


One day a got a comment on of the previous posts that I should do/write about things I am passionate about and the reader specifically said to write about the books I read and like (I guess I talked something about it). So as you can tell from the title of this blog I will mention some of the books that are currently on my reading list (beside the ones for college) and my all time favorites. I really hope you will like this kind of post as this is one of the things I  really like to do. I don't usually tell anyone what I read at the moment because I always think only a small group of people are interested in it but then I remembered that I am one of those people who love to see what is on smeone else's reading list. With that thought I decided to do this post and hope many readers will find this interesting.

On my current reading list are series called Beautiful Dead and The Immortals. Beautiful Dead was written by Eden Maguire and The Immortals by Alyson Nöel. Both of them are fiction and romance type of books. I think both of the authors did a terrific job on these series. I still have 1 book out of 4 to read from Beautiful Dead and I already read the Immortals series. I actually re-read the first book as it it so well-written and everything in the book is so nicely described. All in all if you love romance and a bit of action combined, then this is a series for every teenager. As for Beautiful dead I read first two books in one day but then I stopped because I didn't want the series to end so quickly. The only downfall to this series is the fact that is short. It needs to be longer. I wish I knew the author... 

Now it is time for the old classics of mine. Just a few of the books I read probably 10 times already. The first two books are from a very well known author who actually made novels the best genre to read. She is no other then Jane Austen (who would've thought ha?). Well the two books that I love from her are called Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. You all very well know that actually all of her novels are romance and all of them have a happy ending. I read that the happy endings got to do with the fact that she never had a happy ending in love herself. I absolutely looove her novels and I also saw Northanger Abbey movie directed by Jon Jones and a Pride and Prejudice mini TV-series from 1995 ( I prefer this to a movie which is a bit too short).
The last book that I read loads of times is by an author who got famous with this seires. She is called Stephenie Meyer and her book is called Twilight. I know there's been a lot of hate to this series but I personally think books are so well written and the author did an amazing job with the story itself. There is nothing that you can do to convince me that that is not a good book. I really admire Stephenie Meyer and I think she has an amazing writing style. This is a Sci-Fi and a romance. I love the concept of the book and I never get tired of this book. I read every book from this serie but I think the first one I read the most.

So there you have it. I put myself out there and my reading list and I really hope you like it. These are just a few of the books I love. I think I should also mention that my taste in books changes all the time and I currently read fiction. I would love to know some of your all time favourite books and your favorite genre to read. If you want, you can leave some suggestions in the comments.

Talk to you soon.

November 13, 2014



My sister decorated our room and I really wanted to show you some of the things I find very nice and it really looks like I have autumn in my room. Since  autumn is almost at its end I still want you to see some of the decoration. It is also a reminder for me that it's going to end soon and that the winter is on its way (hope I'll survive).

Here are some of the pictures that my sister and I took:

 Teddybear and some candle holders

 Decoration on the wall-autumn is everywhere...

 Some candles that will be used more in winter time

 Some pine cones on bookshelves

One more candle

Let me know if you're looking forward to winter or are you more of a summer person like I am. See you next time.

November 09, 2014


Soooo I have something so ordinary to show you: Rainy Autumn outfit. Who would have imagined that I have something like that to show you. Okay just kidding. I shot this outfit a while ago and right now is the perfect time to show it to you since it's pouring rain and I don't have anything to do at the moment (lying-I should be studying and now I see I am the laziest person in the entire world).

I am currently listening to Selena Gomez's new song and I think she did a great job. I am in the kind of mood where I just want to write and tell you guys random things about me. Well that would be a TMI Tag but it's not that kind of post so we'll just have to stick to my outfit idea. I decided to get more organized with my blog because I will have a lot of school work and I bet I will want to post a lot on my blog also but if I am not organized this won't be possible. So I should think of the next posts that I would like to post and be prepared in advance. Yey that is possible but only if I start right now-write some thoughts in my planner-who would've known I already have some ideas. That's so not me. Ah well we'll see how it turns out. Now I leave you with my outfit and your thoughts on it. 

Have a lovely day.

November 06, 2014


Yet another one of the outfits I wore in Belgrade. I wanted to show you my shirt that I recently purchased and is in my HAUL POST

I am currently exploring the benefits of a smart phone and I am constantly on Instagram, Tumblr, Weheartit... I know that's not good and it is a bit addicting and soon I will need help (just kidding) but I really enjoy in all of these apps and recently I downloaded Snapchat and I am also exploring that. As for blog, fashion related apps I only use Bloglovin' for now. I really do not know any apps that would be good and fun and related to fashion of course. If you know any and you really enjoy using them then I would be most happy, if you shared with me some of it so I can check it out.

On to the outfit. I wore this black and white shirt which is very light and a bit sheer but I wear it with a white basic top underneath. I paired it with some treggings that I must say are SOOO comfortable and perfect for those days when you're a tourist and you are out all day and you walk all day. As for my shoes I wore baby pink loafers that are not as comfortable as someone would think but it was still bearable. Of course I added some accesories and this time I opted for a simple gold heart-shaped necklace to just spicy things up a little bit. A small black shoulder bag is perfect if you do not want to carry to much stuff and it is great for your shoulder since it is not that heavy *wink*
Over the shirt I wore a loose grey sweater but it is not seen in the pictures.

Hope you liked my outfit and let me know some great apps about fashion. Till next time...

November 02, 2014


As I am writing this it is already November and I am a bit late with this post but it is here anyway. You know at the beginning of every month I write something about that month: what I like, what it reminds me of etc. So for November I am left almost speechless but do not worry I wrote ALMOST *wink*
I do not have anything against it it is just the fact that winter comes along and everything gets worse. I really cannot stand winter. If I am home in my bed, drinking cocoa and watching an awsome movie, then it is okay, but if I am outside freezing, then I just cannt stand it-I am cold, I do not feel my toes and the worst part of all I am wet from all the snow...
November for me is like a preperation for December which is one of the most festive months of them all. And it is also a beginning of a winter if I may say so even though it is still autumn. At least where I come from it gets colder and days are shorter... I wish I could go to Australia for this time of the year because winter is my least favourite season of them all. I would love to celebrate New year there too as I think it would be such an amazing experience. Anyways enough about that. Today's post is all about our lovely November. Lets see what pictures I chose for this month.

Everything cozy and soft is important to survive the beginnings of a cold weather.

Hot drinks are indespensable for the days to come.

I also need anything that provides heat. Wish I had a fireplace as it looks so warm and cozy.

This is how I see November. The frost and the cold are about to attack.

One of the things I do love when it gets cold are sunsets. Again indespensable.

There you have it my devoted readers. This is how I see November and the things I cannot miss in this time of the year. If someone is very fond of this month, please tell me how to like it more and tell what is it that you like about it so much. Till next time...

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