July 30, 2015


Hi everybody.
Today I wanted to show you something a little bit different and that is MY SUMMER PICKS, which basically means what I've been wearing the most this summer. I am aware that summer is not over yet, but I still wanted to show you guys. I have been obsessed with these things and I can't stop wearing them. So to make things a little more interesting I made 4 collages so that you can visualize it easier and I kind of separated them into categories. Now let's begin our quest :D

1) Here's the first collage, which is built out of tops. Oh and a special pair of pants.
This summer I got obsessed with crop tops and I don't know why but I guess it has to do with a new pair of dungarees. I love wearing something of a shorter length because summer is so hot and it feels so good when I have a loose crop top. Another piece of clothing that I have been obsessed with, these last couple of days, are loose jumpers. It's gotten a bit chilly here and it's raining and the best thing that I like to wear are these jumpers. They're os cozy and I love the ones that are slightly oversized. I could stay in them forever ;)
The next thing are printed T-shirts. I love pairing them with statement necklaces and a pair of skinny jeans. And of course my dungarees. They're my latest obsession and I am not kidding if I tell you that I wear them non-stop. They're so laid-back and cozy and they remind me of my childhood, so no wonder I love them.

2) The next collage consists of accessories. I literally never leave the house without any of these-necklace or a ring. I adore chunky rings and of course midi rings. I think midi rings have been on the market for quite some time now, but Leja will start wearing a lot later. Oh well, let's say I'm special and not late in these sort of things. Okay but I have to admit that I had mixed feelings about midi rings. Necklaces are my favourite piece of accessorie and if I had to choose between any of them, I would definitely choose my collection of necklaces which is still growing. I have this thing about layered necklaces and if they are also statement, then that's a big plus. Love love love ❤️‍

3) This collage is a bit girly and there's not much to say about it. Out of all dresses or skirts, skater ones are my favourite to wear and this summer was no exception. I wore them on vacation and I still wear it. I don't like bodycon dresses because I am just not yet confident about them. Anyways I love pairing skater skirts with converse or if I want to look more girly, I'll add a pair of wedges.

4) And the last summer obsession are my beautiful bags. I love having different types of bags and in this collage you can see the ones I've been wearing the most and been of course obsessed with. Backpacks are a must right now for me. I love that I can put it on both of my shoulders and get that school-ish vibe. I also really like that they look super trendy and fashionable. My favourite ones are leather. I also love having clutches for short trips and when I go to college, I take big handbags a.k.a. Shoppers. Shoulder bags got me hooked this summer because when I go out I don't need a lot of things and because of it I need a smaller bag. I have the exact one as in this picture and it's the perfect size for me. I also really like that it has a shape, If you're wondering this one's from Accessorize and you can check it out here.

*Disclaimer: All pictures were found on Google.com*

July 27, 2015


Hey guys I'm back from holiday. Now I am back into blogging and preparing more fun material for you. I still have a few more moments to enjoy my summer vacation and that means taking a lot of pictures, styling new outfits,... For now I want to show you this cute updo that I did. You basically do 3 regular braids-two on each side and one down the middle. Then you roll the middle one to look like a flower (in my head at least xD) and then you simply at the other two underneath the middle one. I used a few pins for this hairstyle, but that is actually all you need and clear elastics to secure the ends of the braids. I love this hairstyle because my hair is not all over my face and I don't feel hot since it's summer and the temperatures are insanely high. That's it for now guys. I hope you like and I'll see you soon. Enjoy your day :D

July 23, 2015


Hi guys :)

I am still in Croatia and this is another pre-made post. I recently purchased these amazing overalls. I wanted one for so long time. Originally I wanted them to be long but since it is summer, I decided for the shorter version and I have to tell you that I am glad I chose them.I wear them all the time and I always pair them with a crop top and this is by far my favourite summer outfit. I am not exaggerating if I tell you that I wore it at least twice a week in July. They're so comfortable and they bring back memories of childhood, when we used to wear it all the time. My favourite thing about it would probably have to be the buttons and the way they function. I am obsessed with that.

Like I said, I like to pair them with crop tops and honestly I think it works out perfectly. Because of the length of it, you don't have to worry about untucked T-shirt and things like that. So I took this lovely striped crop top and some basic sandals with these wide straps- I really like the brown and gold combination of it. I also added a small dark blue bag only to put in the things you need - a phone some money, a pair of sunglasses. I have to tell you guys that overalls are my new favourite obsession and I think I will not get tired of them for some time ( I think).

Let me know what you guys think about overalls and how would you style them. Have a great day :)

Overalls: C&A ( similar here)
Crop Top: C&A ( similar here )
Sandals: Deichmann ( Here )
Bag: H&M

Photos by: MAJA

July 19, 2015


Hope you're having a great start of the week. I am currently on vacation in Croatia. I think I deserve some 'me' time and relax and enjoy my time with friends. I will be very brief and will leave with a set of pictures that were made last week.

Not long ago, I was watching Cinderella and it was so cute. I was immediately drawn to the hair Cinderella was wearing, so I decided I should try and atempt to do something similar to that. It's not the hairstyle that she wore to the ball, but the one that she had on a daily basis. I guess this hairstyle is inspired by this movie. I just think it's so cute. Oh and it's not as messy as her's.

Basically what I did is I made one braid on each side of the head and pinned them at the back of the head. I did the dutch version of a braid because I just LOVE the 3D effect. The only thing that I didn't do, is add some flowers in the hair or a flower crown. So guys if you ever make a hairstyle that would look great with a hair accessory, then I definitely suggest you add something. It'll look great and amazing for summer.

So now enjoy the pictures and tell me if you watched the movie. See you soon with another post.

July 17, 2015


''I think that when you're in doubt on how many colours should you have in one outfit, then you can simply build the whole look around one colour and go from there.''

July 13, 2015


Hey hey guys. Done with the exams wuhuuu :D I just finished the last one. After it Maja and I went to take some pictures of this outfit that I put together. I had a different one prepared but when I woke up, it was raining. It was somewhat chilly and all so I decided to wear these new faux leather pants that I recently purchased in H&M. Everything was great but after I finished writing the exam, it became so hot outside and it was 27°C which is way too hot for leather pants. I thought I was going to burst in flames. So ladies don't ever wear leather unless you're absolutely sure it's gonna be cold. I know that but this morning the weather was deceiving and I made the wrong choice. Learn from my mistake. Now that we've covered that let's continue with this grunge look that I wore today.
I bought these pants on sales and I think they're great. Since it's summer, I added this cute crop top which is also from H&M. I put on my favourite platform sandals at the moment. I really like thick straps and the B&W combination. So I guess that makes them good with every outfit. I also had my cute backpack from TOPSHOP and midi rings from H&M. I seem to like this store ;) Oh and for my birthday I got this amazing nailpolish from Essence which is gold and I am obsessed with it.

Let me know you're favourite nailpolish for the summer. Have a lovely week guys.

Pants: H&M (similar here)
Crop Top: H&M (similar here)
Backpack: TopShop (similar here)
Sandals: Bata (similar here)
Rings: H&M
Nailpolish: Essence (here)

Photography by Maja

July 06, 2015


That heat wave is real guys. Don't get me wrong I love summer and everything that goes with. What I don't like is people complaining about it. I mean it's summer it's supposed to be hot and sunny and all that. Oh well, I guess not everyone likes the summer. I can't blame you but don't you just love warm evenings and late sunsets and you can be out at 10 pm and the sun will just go down. You just gotta love the summer. And don't get me started on beautiful sunsets at the seaside-perfection. Anyways sorry for such a lack of posts. I am a living mess. I study and sometimes I'm just too lazy to get up and turn on the computer and write a post. I know I'm not a good blogger ;)
But here I am and with a new outfit post. I don't have a lot of colours but this burgundy bag from Zara (which is Maja's btw... shhh don't tell anyone). It's quite a simple outfit if you wear it with flats but here's the twist - if you decide on wearing heels, then you have yourself a classy, chic outfit and people will start taking you more seriously. I love the combination of the printed shorts and a see-through blouse. Let me know what you guys think about it. Talk to you very soon I promise :D