March 29, 2015


This hairstyle may look as it's the hardest thing to do but it's not guys. Seriously once you get the hang of it you would want to do it every day. You can check out this kind of hairstyle on every social platform. I found this one when I was browsing through the Youtube (again I know...). I have long hair and I never do anything with it so I thought to myself:  ''why don't I make something different this time?'' and so I embarked on this mission to suceed in doing this hairstyle and it turned out even prettier than I even thought it would be. The actual twist of this braid was not supposed to happen but I guess I was really tightening it while I was going on. This twist honestly makes it look as it is a DNA (at least in my opinion) and it's so wicked and fun to see. 
So I think that anyone who has longer hair should definitely try this out and have fun with it. I know I thought at the beginning that it'll look one big mess but I was really surprised in a positive way. Well guys get on with it and you'll see that everyone will want to know how you did this. You'll be turning heads for sure.

Share this post if you think someone else might want to try it out or are good with doing these kind of hairstyles. Till next time. Love

March 26, 2015

Hot Pink &Polka Dots

Another post that was shot lasst week and it was so lovely and sunny but now it's raining and everything is grey and just look sad. So to brighten everyone's day here's a sunny outfit post. I wanted to make it a bit different. I paired these cute polka dot pants with a baggy jumper from H&M which is so soft and perfect to live in it ;) As for my footwear I didn't want to wear any ballet flats or heels so I opted for these bright pink sneakers. I think it makes this outfit casual but at the same time it makes it look fancy enough to look like you put a lot of effort in it. I also added a white and gold shoulder bag which is also from H&M. Of course sunnies are a must so I have these big black ones from New Yorker. You may also know that my favourite thing to put on my face is liptick so I applied this dark purple-ish shade to make the whole look more daring and also a sleek ponytail. Over this whole outfit I put my all-time favourite coat from H&M that you see in most of my outfit posts. If you want to see this outfit in action, then you can head over to our channel Modern Moment

P.S: pictures were taken by my sister Maja. Her blog is here

March 24, 2015


I just love those days when I put on a cosy jumper and a pair of sneakers with a small heel and I'm good to go on a little strawl around the town. This day was so sunny and warm and these pictures were taken a week ago. You can see the difference in everybody when the sun is out. Everyone is riding bicycles or are with their children enjoying the day and absorbing vitamin D for the first time in long months. I am just like them. When the sun is out I somehow become more cheerful and am ready to do a lot of things which I otherwise wouldn't because the weather would prevent it + my mood would be awful. So when I see the sun this is a perfect time to take some pictures and show you guys what I like to wear in spring and when I'm just casually walking down the streets of Ljubljana. You can never go wrong with a pair of black jeans and a navy jumper just in case it's windy outside. I also like to accesorize a bit and add a few necklaces, sunnies or even a ring. That day wasn't very warm so I threw over a jacket and I was good to go. 

The best thing about that day is that I saw so many people outside and children enjoying the day. I can't wait for summer to come and to wear skirts and shorts all the time. Now is spring so that's also great but summer will be just perfect. Tell me how's the weather in your country and do you like spring or is any other of the seasons your favourite? 

March 22, 2015


There it is the famous ski jump in Planica

Hello guys!

Yesterday I had a great time watching one of the most known sports in Slovenia. I've been to Planica with my friends and we had one of the best times ever (well at least I did) :D We watched Ski Jumping. In my opinion one of the best sports to watch and it's so exciting. And of course we have the best team of jumpers who won in a group discipline. 

Okay let's return to the beginning. The four of us decided we wanted to go somewhere and we decided to go and watch Ski Jumping. The departure was at 4.45 in the morning because they said the roads are going to be clogged. Well they weren't. It took us about an hour and a half to get there. The drive was enjoyable and we mingled and we met some of our peers. We laughed and started having fun already in the early morning whereas the others were still asleep and I think were a bit annoyed about it. Whoops...  We got there at seven and the whole event started at 9 o'clock. So we had a bit of  time to spare. Around us were a lot of people and we hanged together, met new people, talked about who was going to win today etc. We explored a bit of the fields. There wasn't a lot to explore since we were almost in the middle of nowhere. Well I got to admit that the view was spectacular. All around us were mountains and snow. So then it was 9 o'clock and we though it was a great time to come a bit closer to the whole event and cheer for our team. A lot of people were already there so we had to squeeze a bit to get as close as we could. Hence the slippery snow and that the terrain wasn't quite flat, we still enjyed and didn't mind. A few moments later we decided to find another group of friends who came seperately. With all the people around us that's the hardest thing to do but we managed to find them somehow. Well they found us actually. We joined them and continue to cheer for Slovenia and like I said we won. There were supposed to be 2 rounds of jumps but the wind was in the way so the judges had to call it a day. So after the first round our team was leading and already at the beginning proved to be the best. The other teams were really good and there was a bit of competition for the first place.

When we came to an end we still had some spare time and again we wandered around, had a little snow fight (I had snow in my shoes... SO delightful). The drive back was a bit tiring and I think I fell asleep twice but I knew I had to be awake because I still had to get home.

All in all I had the best time with my friends and the whole event was amazing and that our team won was also great. I think it's one of the best things we decided to go to. We'll just have to repeat it next year. Congratulations to our team and continue to be the best. 

Have you guys ever been to Planica and do you track this sport? Have a great day.

These are my good skills for taking pictures... just kidding. I tried my best :D

Great minds think alike-it didn't occur us to ask someone to take a picture of all the 4 of us...

That's the spirit girls!

P.S.: Excuse the pictures. They were taken with my phone.

March 19, 2015


I am sure you've all heard about the messy bun by now.
So yeah I decided to show you my version of a messy bun. I know everybody has a different way of making it but I thought I'd show you anyway. I love wearing it and it is by far the easiest thing to do when I don't have a lot of time or let's be honest I'm lazy and I don't have the will to do anything in the morning. The perfect sweater and I'm ready for some AHS and a cup of tea. I saw a lot of versions of this hairstyle but I was always upset because I couldn't never do the same as everybody else. After some time I realised that no one has the exact same messy bun as someone else. First of all the name says it: a MESSY bun and also we have different ways of making it.
So if you do a messy bun based on a tutorial that you saw on Youtube or Pinterest, then don't expect to be exactly the same. It'll turn out even better. So I hope these pictures inspired you to do your own 'version' of a messy bun and let me know if you did it. I'd love to see it. 

Let me know what you think about my bun and if you'd like to change/add anything. Have a lovely day.

March 16, 2015


I am really liking these outfit posts. I think I'm getting better at them but not sure. You could tell me how I'm doing and if I could use some guiding. My sister and I made this whole plan when we should go out and take pictures of outfits. It's getting pretty good and I'm so proud that we're sticking to it. I am telling you guys if you have troubles with bogging and posting, the best way to avoid any mess is to just plan EVERYTHING out. I am not kidding. You just got to take time, sit down and see where you have some free time besides the whole school/uni things, work,... We decided to use all the time that we have on our hands and so far it's going well.
I am listening to Nicole Cross' new cover I want you to know and I like it alot. Sooo let me just get to the outfit straight ahead.Since the title is called 'Vintage', I feel I should explain it to you. I am wearing this purple blazer which is actually that vintage piece. It's from my mum's closet and I decided to take it and declare it as my own. I have it for a while now but I wasn't qite sure with what I could pair it. So this time I decided to use my limited knowledge about mixing some pieces together and I think I did okay. So under the blazer I am wearing a basic grey tank top and I added this floral statement necklace. I added some black skinny treggings and those all time favourite black ankle boots from H&M. Since purple blazer wasn't enough, I decided to add this blue handbag.

P.S.: look at those Alps in the back. Pretty :)

Let me know guys if I did okay with this outfit or I completely messed it up. Enjoy the rest of the day.
Photos by ever so talented Maja. Go check out her blog.

March 13, 2015


Hello again!

I just loved the previous post that I did where I showed you a simple hairstyle for long hair. So today I did it again. Since my hair were a bit dirrty and I just wanted it to be away from my face, I decided to do this simple chainbraid on the side. It is super easy and it takes only a few minutes.
Basically what I did was I split the hair into two sections and from each one of them I made a rope braid. When I finished that I twisted both of them and this chain effect showed instantly. It's one of my favourites and I really really hope you guys will like it too.
Let me know what you think about it and if you want me to make these posts more regular. Talk to you soon guys.

March 09, 2015

into the wind

I am back with another outfit post. Who would have thought that I'd still have an outfit post to show. Well I am going to tell a little seccret on how this is working actually. Maja and I wrote down a plan when we have some free time after uni and it turned out that we both have 3 out of 5 days that we end our school duties almost at the same time. So this means that we really have time to create some new content for our blog and there's no excuse. Last week turned out to be pretty succesful and I am really happy about it. So that means you'll be able to see more outfit related posts and I will try and be good at something else too.

Two posts back I wrote about an easy hairstyle and this had such a great feedback that it made me inspired to do some more. Of course that means I'll have to come up with some new hairstyles but with Youtube and Pinterest I don't think this will be such a hard task-creating the actual hairstyle could be more of a problem. But let's leave this for now. I'll deal with it later when I'll have to actually make it. I am so excited to do some more because I didn't expect it to be so fun and like I said the feedback that you guys showed was so nice and motivational.

What's up with this post it looks like all I'm going to do is write and blabber about random things. Okay finishing with all this. Basically what I wanted to say and explain to you is that from now on my blog will be focused more on outfits/fashion, easy hairstyles and I think it'll be less focused on beauty things as I am not a big makeup addict myself. I don't know it never was a big deal for me to just go to the drugstore and get as many makeup products as possible. No no not that kind of gal :) Alright but I have to confess that when I do my makeup every morning, for uni, my favourite thing to apply is with no doubt lipstick. I always knew how to apply it and never had any big problems with it (which with eyeliner I always have and it ruins my whole day-I try to avoid it). So again I talk to much.

Let me tell you about this outfit. It was shot again in a very lovely park near the railway station. I got to admit that it was such a windy day but there were moments where it was so warm and the wind stopped blewing for a few minutes before it struck again. So I decided to show you gys this floral skater skirt which is made of a thicker material so it's not just for summer. Underneath I had brown stockings and on my feet I had this black chunky heels which are SO comfortable. Totally worth the money. As for my top I wore a basic cream/vanilla top and over it a grey-ish cardigan with these cool half-leather sleeves. To spicy the outfit up a little bit I added a silver necklace that kind of gives more edgier look to the whole outfit. And of course my black coat from H&M (always a winner). AND we mustn't forget about this amazing, gorgeous, to-die-for backpack. I mean guys you really need to get this kind of backpacks. They're fancy and fit a lot of things in it and it goes amazing with every outfit. I really reccomend it. Without further ado let me show you this creation of mine.

Let me know some of your favourite topics to read about and are you prepared for spring already? Have you had your wardrobe cleaned from all the jumpers and coats? Talk to you next time.

   Top: Zara (similar here)

Cardigan: H&M (here)

Skirt: H&M (similar here)

Stockings: Takko

Boots: H&M (similar here)

Backpack/Rucksack: Topshop (similar here)

**P.S.: all pictures are taken by an awsome blogger Maja unless otherwise stated. You can visit her blog here.**

March 06, 2015


I just couldn't wait for this day to come. Maja and I decided one day that we should go to our park in Ljubljana and we were both suprised. The day we've all been waiting for. Spring is back guys. When we planned this little strawl we weren't expecting such a beautiful day. The sun was shining all day, the temperatures were really high, everyone were outside. You could literally see the changes spring brought. I was so glad we decided to do this. We actually went to this park to take some shots for the blog and it really was such a beautiful surprise. It couldn't have been better. That feeling when there's little or no sun at all for a few weeks even is awful.

Scenery for our shoot was a park called Tivoli. It's the biggest park in Ljubljana and is just perfect for everything. I wore a black coat from H&M which you are all already very familiar with. You see if I knew the weather was so nice, I would have wear something more bright to emphasize my happiness for spring. Well let's continue with my outfit. I wore this cropped purple-ish jumper with a turtleneck. I actually stole it from my mom because it was of no use in her closet. I don't have any idea where it's from. I paired it with some black denim and my all-time favourite beige ankle boots. The last thing that I had was my handbag which is from H&M.

March 03, 2015


Hello lovely reader!

I am so excited to show you these beauty products. I am not that type of person to wake up in the morning an hour earlier and do my face all pretty. It's not that I don't want to is just the fact that I really don't know to do my makeup as good as others. Okay I can apply concealer and a bit of powder and a mascara. I can also do my lips quite decent (I think). So to make myself and my skills more productive I decided to get some new products. I know applying eyeshadow is pretty hard and to blend it evenly is even more impossible to do. So I bought two creamy eyeshadows by Maybelline. First shade which is more rosy is the number 65- Gold Pink and 35- On and On Bronze. It's much easier to use than a regular eyeshadow. The next thing that I instantly loved is also by Maybelline and it is called Lash Sensational. My lashes are longer and more thicker. The last and my favourite thing is this gorgeous lipstick by Misslyn and it is perfect for spring. So I kind of prepared myself for it. These products actually gave me a boost to start to learn how to do my makeup.

Tell me guys why do you love wearing makeup and some of your favourite products that make you WANT to get up half an hour earlier every morning. Have a lovely day everybody :)