November 25, 2016


Hello everyone.

Right now it’s 1.40 am and I decided to write a post but I’ll be posting it at 12 pm because everyone’s asleep right now. When I get frustrated at something or someone I always like to do something with myself. I hate lying in bed and think about what happened. So today’s that day (or night) and I decided to write this post. Some people are just so hypocritical and ignorant. I know a lot of people judge you but don’t even know you. I mean what is up with that? Okay if you are being judged by a friend or a family but by someone you don’t even know very well? By someone who you don’t talk to on a daily basis? What is that? I just don’t get some people. I mean usually these things don’t upset me because I’ve seen a lot of stupid things but today I was actually in shock that I got a certain remark. After a few moments and a talk with my friend I realised it’s not worth my time. I mean these things happen on a daily basis. People are that way. They surprise you in any way possible. All I can say is: Let it go. If we were worried about every single stupid thing in our lives we would always live under a lot of stress. So I learned to let it go. You only need your truest friends and your family in your life. That’s more than enough. J  Now let’s go on with the actual post.

Two years ago I was obsessed with making different hairstyles because it was so long and I always liked doing something with it. When I was little my mum also used to do all sorts of things with my hair and I always liked it. I have to admit though that sometimes it was painful but in the end totally worth it. Last year in November I cut my hair to a shoulder length and since then I have to admit I haven't done anything with my hair. I always air or blow dried it and that was it. I guess I lost interest in making hairstyles because my hair was short and I always thought you can do nothing with it. Or I even lost interest in hairstyling my hair in general. Anyway now I have to say that I am back with making hairstyles.

I love watching Youtube videos where they show different hairstyles and they make everything look so easy (and it actually is really simple). So I decided to continue this obsession from two years ago. I want to show my hairstyles and how I like to style my type of hair. My hair is pretty thick and pretty easy to style with. The length of it is sort of medium so it’s not very long yet –I have to wait for it to grow out so I can make some weird things with it ;)

Today I have a very simple hairstyle for you. I love making dutch braids. I actually live with them all the time. They’re SO easy to make and it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into it. It’s amazing how they turn out. The key to this braid is that you make a braid from under. When you add hair to the braid you put it under so that the braid has a 3D effect – it stands out and it looks a-mazing. I love making two or just one braid and it looks great in both ways. You can also pull out bits of your hair to make it messier or you add bobby pins to look more polished. Both ways are effective and won’t let you down.

That’s what I wanted to show you for today’s post. I hope you like it and stay tuned for more hairstyles in the future because I’m super excited to do some more. My obsession is back. Have a great weekend.

November 15, 2016


Another beauty post for you guys :)

I may be listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album and thinking about Christmas. It will soon be here so I’m definitely allowed to start listening all of the Christmas songs. It also got really chilly here where I live so I guess autumn is over which makes me sad because no more vibrant colours and warmer days. Now all I can expect are those grey days-who wants that? I just want snow and high temperatures, but that’s not possible so I’m stuck with what we have here (sad and angry at the same time).

I have to admit that with these colder days I definitely use more products for my body. The cold makes my skin so dry and dull. I love discovering new hand and face creams. I definitely need a good face cream to be honest, because my makeup game has to be strong 365 days a year hehe and winter is no exception. I feel my skin dries out quicker in winter so I always need a good base for my makeup. So today I want to share with you a new face cream that I recently received. It is by La Roche-Posay called Effaclar Duo +.

This cream is mainly targeted for people, who have marks on their skin from acne, for oily skin, it controls the appearance of shine, unclogs pores and many other things. My skin is definitely acne prone skin so I was really glad I got this in my hands because I am always on the hunt for new creams to cure my acne. I also have a lot of scars and redness on my face because of that, so I thought this would be a great product for me. I have to point out that with this product I wanted to see if it would be good as a base for my makeup.

When I first applied it on my face, I realised that little goes a long way. I didn’t have to use a big amount of it at all. The cream was so easy to apply with my fingers and it felt so smooth. It does have a slight tint to it but if I can work with it, everyone else can too. When I smeared it all over my face, I saw that it definitely had colour in it but it didn’t contradict my skin tone. Bear in mind that my skin is very light and almost none of the shades suit me but this one did its job.

When I let it dry, I applied my makeup. The whole makeup was really nice. I didn’t have any problems applying it on, the cream was absorbed quickly and it left no shine after it. Also my makeup stayed on for quite some time without me having to correct it. Still I have to admit that after some time I was a bit shiny on my T-zone. It wasn’t too drastic or anything but I still reached for my compact powder to mattify it.

The cream itself is very nice. It feels very light on your face, it absorbs quickly and if you don’t feel like wearing full on makeup that day, you can definitely get away with just this cream, concealer and a mascara and you’ll look great.

Regarding other effects that it says it has on your skin, I can’t just say it yet. I haven’t used the cream for that long to see any changes and to be honest I mainly wanted to see how it works as a makeup base because it is very moisturizing and therefore perfect for winter. It does say you have to use it daily to see the results but I didn’t. If you want me to test it for the reasons stated above, just let me know in the comments.

All in all this product is really good and in my opinion perfect for winter time. Have you tried any of the La Roche-Posay products? If you did, let me know in the comments below so I can check them out.

Where to get it: Worldwide


                          I also saw you can get it in Boots and other Drugstores/pharmacies.

Talk to you soon. Bye

November 03, 2016


Hey guys. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I actually like autumn. Even though nothing can compare to summer, still I can live with autumn as well :D
I love wearing dresses and skirts even more because I can add tights knee high socks and make the outfit look more special. I also love the simplicity of outfits at this time of the year. I can just have a simple skirt a cropped sweater and that's that. I don't have to think too much about the outfit because the skirt itself makes it nice.
I bought this skater skirt a few years ago in Primark while I was in London. I can never get tired of it because the length of it is just perfect. I don't like short skirts and dressses but this one is just great. I also like that it's a bit shiny so it catches the eye of the people around me. It's definitely one of my favourite skirts that I own. On top of the skirt I added this sweater from H&M which is a very light grey and so soft. I could wear it every single day. I like that it's a bit shorter so that I can pair it with skirts and even on top of a dress (check it here). For my accessories I added a statement necklace from Happiness Botique and you can see that it makes the whole outfit slightly dressy and like you've put an effort into it. Of course I can not go anywhere without my amazing sneakers. I am obsessed with them just because they are so shiny and they have a platform. Just perfect for me.
That's basically it. Sometimes I like to put more effort into my outfits but on the other days I just like to be simple but still look like I've done something cool. It's true that I like to play with my wardrobe and try to come up with as many different outfits as possible because it's a challenge and of course because I don't have new clothes every week ;) Hope you like today's post. Have a great day.

Pozdravljene. V prejšnji objavi sem že omenila, da imam rada jesen. Seveda se s poletjem ne more primerjati, ampak je dovolj blizu :)
Jesenske oblekce in krila zmeraj rada nosim, ker lahko dodam žabe, nogavice do kolen in outfit takoj izgleda boljše. Rada imam tudi, ko so moji outfiti bolj preprosti v tem času – potrebujem samo krilo, pulover in to je to. Sploh ne potrebujem razmišljati preveč, kaj naj dodam celi opravi, ker je krilo dovolj (vsaj pri meni).
Tole krilo sem kupila pred nekaj leti v Primarku, v Londonu. Nikoli se ga ne bom naveličala, ker je njegova dolžina ravno pravšnja. Sama ne maram kratkih oblek in kril, tako da je ta res perfect. Druga zadeva, ki mi je pri tem krilu všeč je ta, da se malo svetlika in naredi look res nekaj posebnega. Zgoraj sem oblekla svetlo siv pulover, ki je malo krajši. Njegova dolžina je super, ker ga lahko kombiniram h krilom in oblekcam tudi (poglej tukaj). Modni dodatek je bil samo eden in to je tale velika verižica iz Happiness Botique, ki naredi celo opravo malo bolj fensi. Seveda ne morem, da ne bi imela obutih svojih najljubših superg. Tale srebrna barva je res top in všeč mi je da so malo dvignjene. Popolne zame :)
To je to punce. Včasih se z outfitom rada bolj potrudim, po drugi strani pa imam rada enostavnost. Res pa je tudi, da se rada poigram s stvarmi, ki jih imam v omari, ker je res en velik izziv in pa tudi, ker nimam vsak teden novih oblačil ;) Upam, da vam je današnja objava všeč. Lepo se imejte.

Photos by Maja