November 26, 2013


Hi guys. I know I haven't been posting lately. Honestly I hadn't had time to do anything but school work. The only thing that's got me hooked at the moment is TUMBLR. I am posting how I feel most of the day and if I find something awsome I post it on my tumblr page. So if you're curious of my pictures than you should defenitely check it out. The problem with tumblr is that it's addicting. I can look at the pictures all day, or just posting some of the pictures I find it interesting. That can be a problem if you have like 5 assignments for school that you have to do in a week.

But all in all I managed somehow to tear myself from it and studied hard for college. Of course the real semester hasn't started yet. But since I am the last year in high school I have a lot of work, tests and oral examination to do. December will be the most working month of all. I hope I'll achieve what I am aiming for and in the meantime I'll post some outfit ideas or just one of my random days.

Here are some late pictures from London :)

Till next time