March 11, 2014


Hello everyone!

On Sunday I went to the seaside with my family. We all wanted the sun so badly and so we've decided to go. From where I live it's like an hour of driving. When we came there it was such a beautiful weather that I haven't seen for a very long time. I am such a sucker for a nice weather and hot days. I would so badly like to live somewhere where is summer throughout the whole year. I believe people are shown in a different light when there's sun involved-pathetic I know. But I think it's something about it. And that's why everyone is happy when they go out on a sunny day and just enjoy life.

For me seeing sun so bright in the sky is something I haven't seen for a long time. Because winters in our country are so dull. You can see the sunlight but its hidden behind the clouds. That's not enough for me. I enjoy sun very much. Can't wait for the summer to arrive!!! I need the sea and high temperatures so badly. Come soon!

 Anyways for this day I decided to wear a simple shirt with a partly leathered pants with a pattern on it. And to spice it up a bit I took a silver necklace that has little leaves on it.
And if you live in a place like I do-dull and cold at the moment- than I hope I have brought to you a little sunlight and drove away those low temperatures.
Hope you like it!