May 19, 2014



Today I'm going to talk about youtube channels. A couple of months ago I started watching youtube bloggers more intensively and I realized that sometimes it is better to just listen to someone giving you advice than reading about it. I am aware that this kind of blogging is quite popular for some time now and my sister is also a part of it but I've never given much attention to it. As I was watching it I realized how people who record these videos have changed throughout this time. They became more confident and you can really see that they are happy with what they are doing.
Below I am going to show (number) youtube channels that became a part of my life at the moment and I check them regularly as they are so interesting. I think some of it are really good with giving advice and if you like them you can check them out:

            1)      TantrumJas

She is a young singer and is doing covers of different types of songs. I love her singing as it is very relaxing and she has an amazing voice. I think she is going to go a long way. My favourite cover of her is Demons by Imagine Dragons.

            2)      Bethany Mota

She is an american fashion blogger and started making videos at her early age. Right now she is one of the most known bloggers in the USA and is also travelling a lot. In her videos on the main channel you can see a lot of DIY's and of course more than enough videos about how to dress up and style different types of clothes. She also has a second channel-in it she shows random clips about her life and travelling to different countries.

            3)      Zoella

She is I think by far the funniest girl I have ever seen. Her videos are basically about EVERYTHING. She makes a lot of colaborations with her friends who also have a youtube channels. She is ordinary girl who lives in England. She talks about fashion, life experiences and has a lot of videos which involves challenges. When my sister first showed her to me I did not like it at first- I guess I just wasn't in the mood for watching her. But now I am kind of addicted to her. It's worth to check her out.
      She also has a blog:

            4)      Michelle Phan

She is one of those youtbe bloggers who bring smile to my face. She makes videos about make-up and about LIFE. I mostly watch category called 'Girl's guide'. Basically it is about how to overcome your fears or is just giving advice to us girls.
Her blog:

           5)      Evelina

Evelina has both blogger and youtube channel. In videos she talks about DIY's, fashion and her trips around the world. I love her as she has a russian accent.
      Her blog:

I hope you guys checked some of the channels and I hope you liked it as they're really interesting people.