July 28, 2014


Hello guys!

For this post I'm going to show something I recently got from the website called HOODBOYZ. I recieved a pair of sneakers and a top perfect for summer. Shoes are from Adidas and are bright red whereas the shirt is simple, has no sleves and it's grey. When I was chosing these products I was thinking of summer and I chose a good/light top but for the shoes I secretly wanted to have the ones that are bright and well... cool (at least for me). If you like to wear casual things and are more of a sporty type of person then I would reccomend this site as it has a lot of great T-shirts and shoes and a lot of others products.

So again I went out with my sister and mom and we've made some pictures of our new things. I paired my top and sneakers with some basic jeans and that it is as I think the shoes we're enough heavy with its colour. My sister also made a post about the things she got and it's more of a sporty look. Here's her blog and you can go check it out (Maja's blog).

Hope you guys like the things I've got and let me know if you sometimes like to be more casual than dressy because I know that I have those days when I could be in my sweatpants ALL DAY.