May 18, 2015


It is currently 21.10 and I already feel SO tired. I don't know why exactly but I feel exhausted. To be completely honest I have a lot of things to study and I somewhat got reluctant to do it even though the first exam is on Wednesday. I got to work! I also tried doing some new hairstyles for you guys but I also wasn't quite good at that either. It was a weird day today. I really wanted to post a new hairstyle for you because you seem to like them and I have such a lovely feedback and am so thrilled about it but I guess not today. For today's post I am going to show this outfit that I think is amazing and also because the colours are so calm and don't even get me started on the shoes. They're amazing. I am actually going to wear them to my cousin's wedding in August. Maybe I'll do a post about it and my whole outfit but untill then we'll have to wait.

So yeah let me tell you a little bit about the outfit. I wanted to wear something chic because I also did my hair and what's a better way to achieve this 'chic' look? My golden stilettos. They add such a cool look to the outfit and it rounds up everything. If you have some type of shoes that are really popping out, then just wear them and look fabulous in them :) I just can't get over to how amazing they are. Gosh I'm talking about shoes again ENDING NOW ;) okay so for the outfit I wore these half faux-leather pants that have a floral embroidery on and for the top I decided on this sleeveless striped black & white shirt. Over all of that I added this amazing very thin cardigan that Maja has a whole post about it HERE so go and check it out if you want more details on it. For accesssories I have these golden cufs and a vanilla-ish clutch which is really spacious and fits a lot of things in it. That is basically it. Let me know if you like it and you can also share this post with your friends. I will talk to you very soon but 'till then enjoy in these pictures from last week's photoshoot.

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