January 13, 2016


Hello reader. Long time no see...

It's a new year and that means a great time to start something new. I should probably update you on what's been going on in my life. Not much to be exact. I got a job in October and I worked there untill January. I decided to quit it because in January I need to study for my exams that start in February. Basically I decided school was a priority and that I need to finish it in time (if possible).

I also had a bit of a problem with the social media/phone. I got so fed up with everything. I kind of got lazy and didn't want to check my mail or any other social media accounts and honestly I had no problems with that. I loved just going to work and go somewhere with my friends. That's what I've been doing the last 2 months. It's quite a long period I know. Now I started being more active and I also watched other bloggers and they made me miss blogging. So here I am.

Things haven't changed. I am still obsessed with Booktubers. I still love watching their videos and I am so tempted to try to film a book haul or something related with books but I am just not yet up for it. I am a chicken I know. I can stick to my blog where I can write everything down and I can also take some pictures and edit it. That's a less scarier way of sharing my thoughts. Maya is still studying abroad but is coming home in a few weeks and then it's time we make a plan. We are going to plan every single day so that we don't neglect our blogs and Youtube channel. I said to her that it would be awsome if we reached 50,000 subcribers on Youtube this year. It is a bit high but we can try and we'll be able to see if we can stick to things (I am so bad at this...). So this is kind of my 2016 resolution/goal and I also decided I'm going to write down every book I've read in 2016 (I already read 2... yaay...).

So I am here today with a bookish post. I decided to show you my small collection of bookmarks. I recently entered the world of bookmarks which means I discovered so many amazing bookmarks that just makes me want to have them all... But that's not possible because then I would have more bookmarks than the actual books. I have some ordinary bookmarks and magnetic ones and the ones with cute qoutes on it. Little bit of everything.Without further ado, let's dive into some bookmarks.