September 23, 2016

Fall is coming

Hello everyone.
Not long ago I bought myself a new camera which is the Olympus Pen E-PL7. The reason for that is pretty obvious-I didn't have a camera of my own and I wanted one that isn't too big or heavy. My sister has a Nikon and it's great and all but it's a bit bulky for me. I also like it because it's great for travelling and I can put it in my purse with ease.

I also want to give a quick update how this week is going so far. Maja and I went to two events. The first one was Ljubljana Fashion Week which was on Tuesday and it was really fun. It was our first time being there so it was something new for both of us. We had a few drinks and saw two of the fashion shows. I was really impressed by how everyone was dressed-they put a lot of effort in their outfits. All in all the experience was great. The next day we were invited to the launch of the new fragrance by Avon. This was probably the cutest thing ever. There were around 20 of us and the event itself was so nice. We chatted with everyone and tried the perfume. We also heard the background story of how the fragrance was made and also that it was made by Kenzo Takada which is pretty cool. At least for me :D We also received the fragrance ourselves for us to try at home and a body lotion and a body spray from the same line Avon Life. This event was such a lovely thing to be at. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Now it's Friday and we need to start packing for our trip to Paris. We are going on Monday for 5 days and I can't wait because I didn't have a proper vacation just yet. I worked all the time but now I can finally take a break. I hope I'll take a lot of pictures with my new camera for you guys to see.

So for this post I decided to test this beauty and see how the pictures will turn out. I have an outfit post for you and it's pretty casual mainly because I got myself a new pair of sneakers which are the Nike Air Force 1 that I wanted for a few years now and I finally treated myself with them. I paired them with my all-time favourite ripped jeans from Primark and this long grey sweater from H&M which is also a new purchase. I added this cute purse/rucksack. The size of it is per-fect. You can fit so many things in it and that is what I need when I go to town or I have errands to do.
Hope you guys enjoy this post and let me know what you think about the pictures and the quality of them. Enjoy **

Photos by Maja