October 03, 2016

LJFW 2016

Hello my lovely readers. Today I wanted to share with a few of the highlights from Ljubljana Fashion Week that lasted from 18th to 20st September. My sister (her blog) and I went the last day and we saw the last two shows.
This was a totally new experience. We've never been to a real fashion show (except when I used to train for a model but that was a loooong time ago) so you can imagine us being pretty excited about it. It was held in the Slon hotel. When we arrived there it was all very fancy. I saw a lot of amazing outfits and a lot of people.
The first show started at 19.00. The designers that presented themselves were Maja Ferme, Nejc Skubic and Sanija Reja Aske. They are all Sovenian fashion designers. Maja Ferme Fashion is on the top of the Slovenian designers and is even known for some of the famous people such as Monica Bellucci and Anna Netrebko. She's travelled the world and never ceases to amaze her costumers. Nejc Subic is a young designer that started his path in high school and continued it at the Faculty of science and engineering in the department of textile. Soon he's won a lot of awards and has gotten a lot of experiences to cooperate with some of the known brands all over the world. Sanija Reja Aske studied at the Faculty of science and engineering in the department of textile. From there she became a part of Young @ Squat crew, which is a group of designers that have a great influence in the fashion industry here in Slovenia. She is mostly known for her roughness that is seen in belts and harnesses that are a part of the collections and lately her collection has gotten more feminine.
I've already heard about Maja Ferme and I always loved her work and the way how she creates something new and always looks amazing on the other hand I've never heard about Nejc Subic and Sanija Reja. Right now I'm really glad I got to see them because I was really impressed by their work and I realized that you don't have to go to Paris or London to see amazing creators. I loved the whole collection from both of them.

The next show was at 21.00 and the designers that presented themselves were Young@Squat which is a group of young designers that have a chance to sow their talent and gain new experience, Natasa Hrupic is a brand created by Nataša Hrupič in 2005. Her collections are mostly known for duality. She always creates new clothing designs but everything still stays very feminine. The last designer is Petja Zorec who is a very young designer. Shealawys combines different fabrics which results in very casual clothing, playful or even appropriate for work. She designs menswear with emphasis on knitwear.
Again I only knew the first group of designers through my sister but I was definitely not disappointed by the other two. In fact my favourite of them all was Natasa Hrupic. Her collection was truly amazing and inspiring.

Before the fashion shows started we planned to take some pictures for our blogs and that is exactly what I'm going to show you today. I opted for a jumpsuit that has a golden top, just to make the outfit a bit more fancy. At first I was all ready to wear my pointed heels from Bershka but I changed my mind the last minute and I'm not really sure why. Instead I chose white ballet flats with a golden detail on them. I added a khaki blazer on top of that and a black rucksack/purse. Hope you like it and I'll talk to you soon.

Photo: Klemen Razinger

Photos by Maja