November 25, 2016


Hello everyone.

Right now it’s 1.40 am and I decided to write a post but I’ll be posting it at 12 pm because everyone’s asleep right now. When I get frustrated at something or someone I always like to do something with myself. I hate lying in bed and think about what happened. So today’s that day (or night) and I decided to write this post. Some people are just so hypocritical and ignorant. I know a lot of people judge you but don’t even know you. I mean what is up with that? Okay if you are being judged by a friend or a family but by someone you don’t even know very well? By someone who you don’t talk to on a daily basis? What is that? I just don’t get some people. I mean usually these things don’t upset me because I’ve seen a lot of stupid things but today I was actually in shock that I got a certain remark. After a few moments and a talk with my friend I realised it’s not worth my time. I mean these things happen on a daily basis. People are that way. They surprise you in any way possible. All I can say is: Let it go. If we were worried about every single stupid thing in our lives we would always live under a lot of stress. So I learned to let it go. You only need your truest friends and your family in your life. That’s more than enough. J  Now let’s go on with the actual post.

Two years ago I was obsessed with making different hairstyles because it was so long and I always liked doing something with it. When I was little my mum also used to do all sorts of things with my hair and I always liked it. I have to admit though that sometimes it was painful but in the end totally worth it. Last year in November I cut my hair to a shoulder length and since then I have to admit I haven't done anything with my hair. I always air or blow dried it and that was it. I guess I lost interest in making hairstyles because my hair was short and I always thought you can do nothing with it. Or I even lost interest in hairstyling my hair in general. Anyway now I have to say that I am back with making hairstyles.

I love watching Youtube videos where they show different hairstyles and they make everything look so easy (and it actually is really simple). So I decided to continue this obsession from two years ago. I want to show my hairstyles and how I like to style my type of hair. My hair is pretty thick and pretty easy to style with. The length of it is sort of medium so it’s not very long yet –I have to wait for it to grow out so I can make some weird things with it ;)

Today I have a very simple hairstyle for you. I love making dutch braids. I actually live with them all the time. They’re SO easy to make and it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into it. It’s amazing how they turn out. The key to this braid is that you make a braid from under. When you add hair to the braid you put it under so that the braid has a 3D effect – it stands out and it looks a-mazing. I love making two or just one braid and it looks great in both ways. You can also pull out bits of your hair to make it messier or you add bobby pins to look more polished. Both ways are effective and won’t let you down.

That’s what I wanted to show you for today’s post. I hope you like it and stay tuned for more hairstyles in the future because I’m super excited to do some more. My obsession is back. Have a great weekend.