January 02, 2017


Hi guys,

As I’m writing this post, I should be doing stuff for uni but I’m the biggest procrastinator in the world. I am obsessed with vlogmas and just Youtube in general at the moment. People post so many amazing videos that I can’t stop watching. But the main focus is definitely vlogmas. The other thing that is keeping me from doing stuff for uni is just me being lazy. I always end up doing everything else. I go out with my friends or I help Maja with some blog stuff. I need to stop doing that because December is the busiest month of the year, regarding uni and life in general. I need to do all my shopping for birthdays and Christmas and I am also going away with my friends at the end of the month to celebrate New Year’s so I also need to think about that. It’s just so much stuff to do and I’m here sitting in my bed and writing a post which is also important for me because I love doing this. I love showing you guys stuff, whether it is outfit post, makeup, hair etc. It makes me feel relaxed and happy when I do it. I hope you enjoy it as well. I just wanted to update you what's going on at the moment in my life - so basically vlogmas and sleep whooops. Oh I also rediscovered Tumblr last week so I'm going through that as well. Yay all the opposite of what I should be doing. Now let’s get on with what I want to show you today. 

At the beginning of October I saw a lot of ladies wearing long coats. I’ve also seen it in magazines and on TV. It was practically everywhere. Now I’m sure a lot of you out there think that wearing a long coat looks like you’re wearing a bath robe or something, but I’ve literally fallen in love with this item. I just love the length of it. I think this is definitely the main reason. The second thing that I love about the long coats is the colour. They usually come in light grey or camel colour and I love both of the options. So I decided in November to go on a hunt for something similar. I came across two coats that I absolutely adored. The first one was from s.Oliver and it was this gorgeous camel colour and the length of it was PER-fect. The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the price. It was way too much for my budget so I decided to look for some more. Then I came across the one I’m wearing in the pictures. It’s by Dorothy Perkins and I also really liked it. The colour of it is a slightly darker shade of grey that I imagined, but everything else was great. It’s also quite thick so it’s perfect for winter, whereas the s.Oliver one was more of a transition coat so I couldn’t wear it in winter. So I think I found a perfect coat for me. I wear it all the time and it hasn’t failed me yet. I love to pair it with ankle boots because it makes it look prettier (I think high heels are the best option with these coats), but for today’s outfit I chose oxford shoes and it looks just fine. Underneath the coat I have a jumper from New Yorker and boyfriend jeans which are also from New Yorker. I love to keep it simple when I wear this coat because I think that’s the way it should be. It’s a quite simple look, but because of a coat I think it’s something special.

This is what I wanted to share with you guys today. Do you own a coat like that or do you prefer to wear a shorter length? Let me know in the comment and I’ll see you next time.