January 31, 2017


Hello lovelies,

Today’s post will have to be a quick one because I’m jammed with the uni stuff and I need to study a lot. Yes I am under a lot of pressure and I can’t wait for everything to be over because I don’t like this feeling. It’s too much to handle people. Still I have to admit that it’s nice to just sit and write a post and relax. I like to share these things with you guys.

So my plan for this week is actually study nonstop because I’ve got an exam that I have to pass no matter what otherwise it won’t be good. It’s quite a hard one but I think we can manage it. I hope so. So my week is going great so far (sarcasm). I do have to admit that I went out yesterday for a cup of tea with two of my dearest friends and we chatted about everything. We haven’t seen each other in a month or even more so we had a lot to say to one another. We were there almost 3 hours which is A LOT, almost too much. But it was nice to catch up. We always laugh when we hang out so much that my cheeks hurt and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a six pack from laughter as well. They’re really the sweetest persons I’ve met in my life. So I think this is my most exciting thing this week. Also I’m going to an aerobics tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes since I’m not a huge sports person. It’ll be a surprise to all of us. I just hope I don’t injure myself. Otherwise I will be stuck at home studying and hopefully it’ll be worth it. I just really need to pass this one because it’s really ruining my plans of finishing the uni on time.

My post for today is a fashion post. I did this shoot a while ago and I have to admit that I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s got that modern, edgy vibe to it and that was exactly what I was going for. I love wearing shirt dresses so I wanted to incorporate them in winter as well. I just think it makes you look chic and classy in winter and in summer it makes you look pretty without even trying, because the dress does it all for you. Since it is winter, I added a black turtle neck underneath it and these amazing pleather trousers from C&A. They look leather on the front and normal at the back. I also really like the embroidery on it. They go perfectly with this outfit. For my shoes I chose ankle boots from H&M which are very common in my wardrobe already. I also got this amazing bag that can be a shoulder bag or a rucksack. I already showed it in one of my previous posts (check here). The last thing is this gorgeous long marble-like necklace from Accessorize.

Let me know what you think of the outfit. Do you like wearing shirt dresses like me and what do you think of this combination. Talk to you soon.

Outfit details:

Shirt dress: H&M (similar)
Trousers: C&A (similarsimilar)
Shoes: H&M (similar)
Bag: Samsonite
Necklace: Accessorize (similar)
Photos by: Maja

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