August 02, 2014


Hello lovelies!

As I wrote in one of the previous blog post, I've decided to write something not related to fashion. Today I am going to write about month August which is very dear to me as it associates me with spending vacation with all my cousins, aunts,.. All in all with my family. August is one of those months that I have to enjoy it to the fullest because then comes September and school starts... Now that's changed because I'm going to college and classes start in October but still I am sure I will enjoy August the same as I did all these years (19 years? Quite long indeed LOL). So August is and will remain the month being know as fun, enjoyable, hot, short but still a bit sad as the summer comes to an end (at least where I live).

Right now (literally) I've come up with the idea how I'm going to show/tell you little bit about August as I see it.

Sea is a MUST

 Enjoying sea is a MUST

Enjoying summer with your best friend is a MUST

 Having ice cream is a MUST and it's a great food for cooling.

 Watching some sunset when you're at the seaside.

I see August as a month of having a lot of free time. And I like reading so...

You can tell me what you like the most in August and how do you see it.

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