April 07, 2015


I know that you guys may think that dutch braid is pretty simple but for me it is special because that day I made it myself and I was pretty proud of it. I woke up one night and came up with this idea that maybe dutch braid will be easier to do than normal french braid. I was right guys. I tried it the first time and I succeeded. I was so proud of myself and SO over the moon because I could never do braid close to the head. I always knew how to do a braid from a neck down and that's that. But now I know I can do something more. I will start doing hairstyles a bit more complex so that I can try my boundaries. You know what they say: "Sky's the limit."

Let me know guys if you can do this kind of braid or any special ones. Hope you like it and I'll see you next time with another outfit post.
Photos taken by my sister Maja. Check her blog here

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