April 25, 2015


I wanted to do this hairstyle for some time now. I saw it on Youtube channel called Cute Girl Hairstyle and it looks so nice and not that difficult to make (if you exclude the time). The steps are really easy to follow. It's a bun but it looks way more prettier and sophisticated. I think it's perfect for weddings and some dinner parties. So if you guys have any special occasions, then I strongly recommend you check out this hairstyle and their Youtube channel.
I also wanted to say that I am having some time of next week and I'll be celebrating my mum's birthday and will have some party time. I already have a few posts prepared in advance and they're fashion posts. So if you would like to check those out, then be on the look out this nex week. I will try and post as regularly as possible. It's sort of a Spring break type of vacation before all the exams start in June and kill me and my spirit. I just can't deal with so much stress that I'll be consuming in June. I just don't think I work well when I am under pressure. Although now I think that I did do everything on time and did not fail any of the exams. Maybe stress helps me? NO?! I do not like that feeling in your stomach and always being nervous and waiting for something bad to happen to you even though you know in the end everything will be just fine and you're probably making a big deal out of it.
Whoops I wrote a bit too much again. I just feel great when I write down everything and let it all out for the world to see. Tell me what do you think of this hairstyle and if you'd re-create it. It's, as I already said, so easy and it looks perfect for any occasion.

If you want more of these posts all you got to do is let me know.

P.S.: I also created a Twitter account where I post every blogpost. So if you want to check that out: @leja_kezmic

Photos by Maja