April 27, 2015


This sun is really welcoming. It should always be present and the coldness can just disappear. I love those kind of days where you don't have to bother what you're going to wear because it's warm and whatever you pull on it's great. And yes these pictures were taken at the graveyard but it's really fancy and there're a lot of statues and it's really clean. Just thought you were wondering why this title. I am on holidays at the moment but I feel like it's worng that I don't post anything for a whole week so I'm taking time off and doing it right now. And also because where I am right now there's some internet so I got to make the best of it.
As I was saying that day that I took this pictures was amazing. The sun, the heat it was just perfect. Yes my hair do look kind of messy but let's just say I was going for that look *wink*. Also I tried to expeiment a bit more because I always feel like I'm posing the same in every picture so let's think this post is a bit different.
Okay gotta go. I'll talk to you very soon but for now enjoy these pictures that Maja took and you can also check her blog and her version of 'the graveyard'. Lots of love :D

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