October 27, 2015


Hello lovelies.

Today I'm actually doing my first ever review. At least I think it's my first one. If it's not, then let's just pretend it is. So my friend surprised me with a very late birthday gift. Why late? Because my birthday is on July and she gave the present to me 2 weeks age. Yay I explained it normally.
I was super excited for what I got. I don't any eyeshadow palettes because I'm not a big makeup freak and I also don't wear a lot of eyeshadows, Now I got a chance to change my habit. She gave me this amazing palette by Misslyn. I already own one of their lipsticks and I'm really satisfied with it. The palette is called Shades of Nude 3 and from the name you can see it's all about the nudes. It has shimmers and a few mates in it. Shimmers are very subtle so I can very at day time. The whole palette consists of 12 shades and they're divided in the packs of three so it sort of tells you which ones to use together. I tried this theory but I ended up mixing them. It also has a brush in it but I probably won't use it. The colours vary from white to dark brown. They're quite pigmented but if you want a really dramatic look, then I would suggest to apply multiple coats of it. The colours are buildable.
I am really satisifed with this palette and I think it'll be a great one to practice doing a smokey eyes look.
It is a very affordable brand so I reccomend it to anyone who isn't good at applying eyeshadows and who at the beginning doesn't want to spend a lot of money on it. It's perfect for anyone.
Next time I'll have a makeup look from this palette.  Have a lovely day.

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