October 02, 2015


Hello my lovelies. As you know from one of my previous posts I've been to Valencia. The trip was really amazing. Of course it was since it's a new country, new town, new people. The weather was just amazing- it was 32°C but some days it felt even more. We were there for 5 days and we stayed at the apartment with the most amazing living room. The ceiling was so high and on one wall it had one big window. It was old but that's what gave it the uniqueness. I enjoyed coming back to that apartment in the evening. The best experience from the whole trip would have to be L'oceanografic. It is an aquarium and it's truly amazing. It's also sorrounded with a few other modern buildings so the whole area was good for walkers, joggers and it's made for long walks.

Everytime I visit a new city there's a lot of walking involved. This time was no exception. We were all tired when we got back to the apartment in the evening. My feet were hurting so much but I carried on anyway. We did take the bus and the metro but we exaggerated the first day so the consequences were big. We've seen the Zoo, The botanic gardens, we climbed the tower and had an amazing view from the top, we went shopping (duhh), we visited the central market. There was a lot of things we saw and visited. The trip was amazing and I'm glad we choose to go there. Even though it's not the biggest city in Spain, we still enjoyed it a lot and we got to go to the beach one day which was pretty amazing. Sand everywhere you look. I'll leave you with a bunch of pictures for you to look at. Let me know if you've been to Valencia and wht do you think about it. Have a lovely day.

 The upper pictures are from the central market in Valencia

 One of the castles that we visited and it has a huge hall. Yuup that's me in it

Plaza De La Virgen Valencia

We lived a few metres away from this amazing bull ring and the main road, so the location was on point.

 Their Zoo is amazing and it's called Bioparc

 Here's where we climbed and had a view of the whole city

 That's the part I was most excited about and it was mind blowing. Totally worth to visit and at night also.

 The beach was stunning as I said and so big. I wish I could go back.

They have a lot of parks but we wanted to see the Jardin Botanico and it didn't let us down. So much grenery and perfect place to relax.

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