October 05, 2015


Hey everyone.

For today's post I've decided to show you what I'm going to read in the month of October. As you all know I love books and for the last half of the year I've been in a reading slump and I didn't read a lot of books. So I started watching a lot of booktubers and I became obsessed with books again. I love watching their hauls or TBR'S (to be read) and I get excited about it. I think forming a list of books to read is a great idea because that way you read more books and you get excited for some books you wanted to read for a long time. I want to share with you my October TBR and hopefully I'll finish them all. Now I just want to put out there that I'm not going to read like 10 books because my goal is not about quantity but quality. So I will try and read 4 books this month.
On the picture you can see that there are 3 books. I don't have the fourth one but I'll take it from the library as soon as I get there. Starting from the top is The Queen Of The Tearling which I am actually already half way through. I started reading it on October 1st and in one day I devoured half of it. It is truly amazing. The next one is The Maze Runner which is on my list for quite some time now but I still haven't got to it. I read 50 pages of it but I'm going to start all over again. The next one is the first book from The Fallen series. I read like a half of this series but I stopped and I'm not sure why. So I decided to give it another try so I'm starting qith the first book again. And the last book that I hope I'll be getting to in October is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I read the first 2 books in September and I'm continuing with the 3rd one. I am really excited about it.
So this is my list of books that I'll hopefully read in October. Let me know if you make lists yourselves and what type of books do you like to read. I'll talk to you very soon. Bye

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