August 28, 2014


Well... Hello again!

For this post I'm gonna be showing you some tips on how to be more organized in school throughout the whole year or should I say a couple of months because we all know we start to neglect our notebooks and start to doodle in them and we end up having rubbish notes or we don't have them at all (yes that happened to me sometimes and thank god for having such great friends to lend their notes to me).

BUT I can't do this anymore because this year (in October to be precise) I am starting college and that means more studying but less time for studying, I have to be more organized.... So I came up with the idea to do some organisation tips and maybe a little 'back to school outfit'


First: the 2 outfits that I've chosen. One is a bit on a girly side, the other one is a bit more sporty.

Outfit no.1:

Outfit no. 2:

Leave a comment below if you're excited for a new school year or if you're not because I know I'm going to have to work hard this year *erghh*

If you want to see more pictures from both of the outfits, I'll post them very soon.

Have a lovely week!