August 31, 2014


August is over and September is here!

When someone mentions this month a lot of you think about school, summer is over,.. It's like something is coming to an end but it's really not like that. When someone mentions September to me I immediately think about:

  • The colours. I don't know why but colours just pop into my head.
  • Sweater weather-it's the only month (and maybe October) that I don't need to wear a jacket just yet.
  • Hot cocoa. This is in the fall and winter by far my favorite beverage.
  • School. Yes, don't worry I think about that too- I thought about it in the summer too.
  • Fresh start. I just think that September is the new beginning for everyone.

I guess there's a lot of others stuff that September reminds me of but I can't think of anything else. Here are some pictures that describe September the way I see it.

We meet again...


Hot beverage

Sweaters... Lots of them

New ideas, new start...

The one and only.. School :/

That's my way of seeing September and I really want to know what you think about when you know September is practically here. Let me know in the comments and I'll talk to you next week.