September 29, 2015

FOR THE LOVE OF BOOKS: reading space

I have always loved scrolling through Tumblr and watch pictures that showed books, people reading, different reading spaces. By reading spaces I mean cozy beds, cute armchair or even outdoor spaces where you take a blanket and you put it under the tree. It's always been an addiction of mine. All this time that I discovered these amazing and appealing places, I would always save the picture and look at it later when I go to bed or when I have nothing to do. I have never though of my reading space. I remember loving reading already when I was little. I would go to the library with my mom and my sister and I was left at the kids section and I picked out so many books and that was before I knew how to read good. I was so happy about it because I got to hold them and read them in the evening or to my dolls-even if I made up the story in the book. I felt content with myself and somehow I was at peace. It was like my own little peace of the world and I knew I wouldn't be disturbed. As I started growing up my passion for books didn't vanish and we still went to the library and I still remember the day when I started reading books that had zero pictures in it and were more than 50 pages long. All this happened in a quite small library in our town and a few years later we got a new, bigger library and you can imagine that I felt like a kid at the candy store. So many books to choose from and so my journey continued.

Reading space is by far the most important thing for me when I want to read a book. I cannot read somewhere where I don't feel relaxed and comfortable. My perfect reading space would definitely have to be cozy-filled with blankets and cushions. I love to use blankets to make the place look warm and inviting. A book on its own is already amazing but I love to make the whole experience even better. That's why I love having the perfect reading space. Of course I can read on the train or when I'm waiting for an appointment at the dentist but it's not the same. When I read on my bed and I'm sorrounded with cushions that is simple perfection. I love being 100% devoted to reading a book and I know it was all worth it because it gave me such a pleasure and I read the book with an ease. One other thing that I love to have in connection with a reading space is a good old tea or a cocoa. Hot beverage is something that makes me concentrate on reading so it's very welcoming when I have it (and I'm not to lazy to make it). The lighting is also one of the most important things for when I'm reading. Though I have to admit that when I'm into the book I don't even realize that it's dark and so my eyes struggle and that's not good for the eyes.

For me, a book is really one of the best things in the world. Reading has always been a part of my life and I'm really glad my mom always took me to the library with her. I had an opportunity to explore so many different worlds and today is no difference. I still discover something new. I still enjoy every time I read something new. I never get tired of it and I hope my passion for books will stay. At the moment I'm obsessed with dystopian novels and fantasy. And this minute I'm reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets.

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