December 16, 2014


Hello lovely readers!

Who would've known college can take up so much free time (wink). I honestly have a hard time keeping up with everything. Studying, making new posts, providing new material for you... All of it has been quite tricky. To be honest I have a lot of new material prepared but the actual process of designing the whole post is a bit longer thing as most of the days I come home in the evening and feel so tired... But all this is ONE BIG excuse so there will be no more of that. I still post on schedule so today's no difference.
Let me show you my outfit that I wre recently when I was in the city and my sister and I decided to also take some pictures. Hope you like it. I have a skater dress with flowers on it. I paired it with some black stocking and grey high-knee socks. Over it I put a fluffy sweater and I also had a pair of winter shoes. And of course I had a coat and a simple black scarf.

Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL time. See you next time.