December 28, 2014


Right now it is snowing where I live-first snow this year. I am in my bed going through some pictures and I thought I'd show to you who aren't following me on Instagram or don't know that I have an account some random pictures that I posted during this short time. I am actually having fun with it and watching other people's pictures. I follow some of the bloggers and now I always see when they have a new post or their new plans. It's really great. And yes I can stalk some celebrities-you just can go without that (wink). It's a peaceful morning and I should definitely study but I can't bring myself to it. Instead I am tucked in bed and contemplating should I watch The Maze Runner or go through some blogs and youtube videos-believe me it's a hard decision xD

Let me know if you like watching Youtube videos and some of your favourite Youtubers. Mine at the moment are Maybaby, Aspyn Ovard, TantrumJas, Zoella,... Oh no there're actually to many of them to tell you. Anyways this shows that I am slightly obssesed with it. Here are two sets of pictures that I chose and edited for you guys. Hope you like it and if you want to see more of them you can click on this link HERE.