December 22, 2014


It's almost here... What's almost here?... Christmas is almost here!

I've prepared for you some Christmas outfit ideas. I thought about it and I came up with two types of outfits and you already know which one's I'm sure- dressy one and a more casual one. I tried to incorporate the red as it is the main colour of this time of the year and I also chose a basic black colour because-let's face-it you can never go wrong with black. Accessories are a must and of course find the perfect shoes girls! I would really recommend you wearing some shoes with heels and by that I mean the ones that have a chunky heel as they're the most comfortable ones. Try to have fun while chosing different outfits and try to choose the ones that you're most comfortable in. I really hope these ideas will/has helped anyone.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and to spend it with the ones you love the most and to enjoy in it.

Let me know if you liked my ideas and if you want to see more of these type of posts- fashion tips. Also let me know if you would re-create one the two outfits.