December 31, 2014


The most festive month only came and it is gone already. Now it is time for a very cold and white month at least in this part of the world (lucky you who can go sunbathing) and it is also time for new beginnings as it is the 1st month of this new year. I honestly do not like January just because it is freezing here and as some of you already know I can't bare the cold and wet snow in my shoes. It's the worst thing in winter for me. But there is also something positive about it. Believe it or not I do like taking long walks in winter where you can see clean, crystal snow everywhere in the nature and that feeling when you're cold but eventually you get warm and you just want to spend more time outside and just admire the beauties of this planet. One of the rare things in winter I truly enjoy in. This post is precisely about this-how I see this month and some of the things that remind me of it.

Let me know some of your likes/dislikes of this month. Have a great beginning of a new yet unknown year.

We can still enjoy the benefits of hot drinks...

It's the last real month to wear fuzzy socks...

 Wrap yourself with a blanket and READ...

 Enjoy in tranquility of the untouched nature...
Best thing for me in winter: endless walks in the nature..

Disclaimer: all pictures from Tumblr


  1. Nice post! :-) I'm from India and it's freezing here too. No snow in my place though, but it's cold that I'm not much fond of.


  2. Great photos :)
    Winter is beautiful but unfortunately is cold :)

  3. Cool post :)
    it's snowing here, but it's not even that cold...

  4. It's freezing cold here in Italy and I like it! hehe.
    The thinks I love about this month and period are city lights, the snow I dream of but rarely falls and staying in front of the fireplace
    Have a joyful nye and xoxo

  5. Anonymous31.12.14

    Nice post! Happy new year


  6. i desperately want a hot chocolate now!

    from helen at

  7. Mmmmmm! Hot Chocolate! I want some now...
    Happy New year! XOXO

  8. Anonymous2.1.15

    Your pictures are stunning!! This is so gorgeous!
    I love taking winter walks too, as you said, the nature is soo beautiful in the winter time! I wish I had snow though, I never have much of it! :)
    Happy New Year and Happy January! :)


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