December 10, 2014


Here it is. The outfit I wore when I was in town and took those random pictures that you saw in my previous post here. It was so cold and my hands were freeezing and it was raining. Awsome... So this is the outfit and of course I have a big winter jacket and I look like a chubby baby.

I wore a basic jumper with a black vest over it. As for my jeans I wore destressed jeans with some golden details on it and I got them in London ahhh good memories. And my shoes are just simple brown ankle boots with a very small heel. I also added a black&white scarf and a big bag. Hope you like it.

Tell me some of your favorite pieces you like to wear in winter and does it snow already because here it's only cold and no snow.

Love reading your comments so feel free to write some. Have a lovely week.