September 03, 2014



I'm wearing a blazer (obviously)...

How dare it. Same colour as my blazer...

Let me just say that I like wearing some clothes that look so fancy. The only problem for me is that I'm not that confident to wear them as they can be very chic or dressy... Now you can see what I did with this Red Blazer. It is sophisticated but I paired it with some bright jeans and a casual T-shirt with print on it. That way I don't feel like people are staring at me because I'm over-dressed or anything. Let just say that people in my hometown aren't used to seeing others being nicely dressed or look chic (that makes everything a whole lot harder for me- you can imagine what they think if they see some girl taking pictures of herself *awkward*)
Hope you guys like this look and let me know in the comments if you would wear it.