February 05, 2015


There wasn't an outfit post for a very long time so I went to the city with my sister. At first there was no snow but just as we decided to take some shots...
So I am still not sure if I like the snow on me. I don't know guys. Maybe you can help me decide and let me know in the comments. It just looks a bit wet and not clean. So let me tell you what I wore for this outfit. I opted for some skinny printed jeans which has feathers on it. It is printed in a vertical way so it lenghtens my legs. It looks amazing (I think). Then to make this effect even more visible I put on a grey crop jumper from H&M which is SO soft and cozy. Of course I had a basic white top under it. To make this look a bit more classy I added some accessories. I had this chain necklace from BikBok which is actually my sister's that she bought in Sweden. Next accessorie are midi rings-one is silver and one's gold.. Since it was pretty cold I wore a simple black beanie and a good old black coat which is also from H&M. For my shoes I had black ankle boots with a chunky heel again, from H&M. To top everything up I added a red purse which made the whole outfit more 'alive'.
I am really satisfied with this outfit and Maja did a gret job on these pictures. That just makes me go out in the city more, and take even more pictures of my outfits. Exciting!

Okay enough rambling. Tell me guys how do you like this more darker,edgier look of me and if you think I should continue with it (I actually really like it). How's your week going so far? Have a lovely day everybody.

 Photo credits: Maja

Jumper: H&M (here)
Jeans: New Yorker
Coat: H&M (similar here)
Basic top: (here)
Shoes: (here)