February 02, 2015


February has always been a month of celebrating birthdays. My mom and my sister both have a birthday this month and it's always about that. I've never had anything else that month so I always remembered it by them. So we all know this is still a month of winter and we are all kind of getting tired of it (mostly me). I mostly just can't wait for March to arrive. I know I'm so mean but I really don't like winter because it's so cold and my spring clothes are just waiting to get out of the wardrobe and start wearing them again. I know clothes I miss you too ;) 
I guess we can say that February is a month of preparation for spring and anticipation of those warmer days and nature coming to life. All the lovely things. I really like all that if I may say. I really want to know what you guys think about February and are there certain things that are happening in your country on which you cannot wait for to happen.
 It's kind of a short post but it's a new month so we got to welcome it with our best grettings. Have fun you guys and I'll talk to you soon with another post about? You'll see... *wink*

 It's only the beginning og the 2015 so make the most of it.

 In our family we have two birthdays to celebrate- my sister's & my mother's

It is also Valentine's day. Will you be spending it with someone special or you don't consider it as a holiday?

Believe or not 2 days ago this happened in the picture above I did not like it at all...


  1. Lovely post! February sounds fun! Good luck!

  2. February is gonna be awesome ;).

  3. I agree with you..I'm not a big fan of January or february either. I'm ready for spring!

  4. Great post! We are getting a big snowstorm here right now! I normally love the winter but I think im with you this time! I want spring!


  5. good luck lol

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  6. Amazing post =)
    I’m your big fan =)=)=) Follow me on instagram @Ladyfur and look my lats post



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