February 08, 2015


Popular at the moment-that's what I'm going to be talking about in this post, nothing weird I promise. I just realized that we follow the latest trends no matter what it is-fashion, electronics, furniture,.. Everything. So I made a little research on what is popular at the moment amongst the teens. I still think I am a teenager and that's why I concentrated on this group age. So guys if you want to know what are the things that we all rave about, then just go to Youtube and watch some Youtubers. Just kidding. I did that for you. It's actually pretty obvious but when I really thought about it I was like: ''ehmm noup I don't know what's popular or going to be popular." I always talk to much I can never just immerse myself right into the point of this post. Now let's go and see what I found.

Portable Turntable

Since vinyl's are being produced again, it is obvious we need Portable Turntables. So I actually love this idea of bringing back the old things. Mainly because they're designed to go with everything and I think it's so tumblr-ish. The only big downfall is that it costs a small fortune to get the turntable plus a few vinyl's. So anyone who has money can get one and enjoy music like in the old times. I've always loved seeing old vinyl's in music stores but I never bought any because I am missing the main piece. Maybe one day I'll get one for myself. But seriously who would get something like that when they can get an Ipod for less? *slowly raising hands...Awkward dude*


Just hear me out. You all know how Tumblr invaded teen culture and there are a lot of pictures that have random saying and quotes you can relate to. So that is exactly what I am talking about. These sayings are present everywhere: on random pictures, public buildings, pillows, notebooks, we create them ourselves... Does that mean we are the ones responsible what will be popular and what will be unpopular. ''Great discovery Leja. It's not like you discovered hot water...'' I really like seeing different inspirational quotes and also the ones that are hilarious or even far-fetched. You just gotta have something funny in your life.

Polaroid camera/pictures

We all know this is popular for quite some time now and I still don't have one. Gosh I am so cool (sarcasm). These things are an amazing invention; shame that it costs so much. I would love to take a picture and put it on my wall right away or even have different filters + the actual camera looks Amazing and isn't as big as the ones from the past. Go teenagers for making this popular. I just need to get it somehow. Wow I just realized I belong to the not so popular side of teenagers (awkward again...) Never you mind my head is up and still think I am awsome in some weird geekish way. Not everyone can be what they want*khmm need to get a life khmm*

Eat healthy and exercise

It's really not my year. I tried to make a plan and exercise so my body stays in shape and that. Let me just say the plan didn't last long (hint: 2 days). If you tell to lay off the chocolate, I'll start laugh at your face because that's my biggest weakness of them all-you could even tickle me and I wuldn't care as long as I have my chocolate. But don't eat it to much anyway it's bad for your skin. So yeah teenagers started exercising more and eating more healthier. I am 100% on their side, it's just not something I'd do. There're a lot of videos on Youtube if you're interested and want to do something for your body and your innerself. Again so proud of us. Tap yourself on the shoulder. Good job everybody.

If you think this list is all wrong, then please let me know in the comments your suggestions so I'll learn something new.
I guess this is where I'll finish this list and go to bed. I have a lot of studying to do and exercises (for UNI not my body LOL). If you think I should do another list of something like that, then let me know or if you want to see a list of things on a different topic.  Lots of love xoxo
Disclaimer: Again these pictures were found with my awsome talent on google


  1. Lovely post! I have a fujifilm instax and they are so worth the money! I love mine and I highly recommend it!


    Records of my Troubles

  2. Love turn tables, so good :)) xx

  3. The polaroid cameras are amazing, so good! :) x



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