September 07, 2015


Long time no see guys.

I have to apologize because first I had a  few of the exams to write and then the computer stopped working and I have no idea why but it sucks. The weird part about it is that only internet connection doesn't work. I am writing now from Maja's computer and everything's working perfectly fine. So besides college that is the other (lame) reason why I have neglected my blog and od posting often. It feels so rude not to twice or three times a week because I'm used to that and it's almost been 2 weeks and I'm ashamed of myself. But we have to move on.
For today's post I have a casual outfit for you. It's almost all in black because I got these gorgeous new Oxford shoes and they're glossy. I'm so pumped about them because it adds a whole new perspective on my wardrobe and I think it's amazing. I paired them with a pair of skinny jeans, a striped t-shirt and over everything I had a baby pink cardigan. It looks very conservative but when you look at the shoes it becomes more interesting. If I had a long grey cat, I would definitely wear it instead of the cardigan but colours are important too guys. At least until winter comes and we all start wearing black :(

Let me know what you guys think about glossy shoes and if you own a pair.


Oxford shoes: Humanic
Bag: H&M (similar)

Photos by: Maja