August 24, 2015


A long time ago I wrote a post about a topic that I could talk about all the time. It was a post about Books.
I don't know if you know this little secret about, but I do love books. I love that feeling when you discover a new book and you start reading it and you're so hooked that you can't put it down even for 10 minutes. Those kind of emotions are truly my favourite ones. Ever since I started college last year I haven't found the time to just sit and choose a random book and indulge in it.

A few months ago I came across a Youtube channel all about books-reviews, reccomendations,.. and of course I got a little obsessed with it. I thought to myself-if I don't have the time to read, then I'll watch these kind of videos that'll definitely cheer me up. I also came across a new account on Instagram that is all about books. I kind of sorrounded myself with books even though I don't have the time to actually take one in my hands and read it. Yeey Leja is showing her nerdiness (is that even a word?).

What the heck. I love writing a blog and I especially like writing about the things I like or should I say love or let's say adore. I don't know why blogposts about books isn't a monthly thing? It's also something I love reading on other blogs and that feeling when someone makes a review on a book that you're interested in... Yep, books have weird effect on me. I just love them. Does anyone else love the smell of a new book? And even a better feeling when you can buy a new book and soak in it. There is a bookstore in Ljubljana that has a lot of Fiction and Sci-Fi books (my favourite ones to read) and everytime I enter I want to leave with 5 new books but in the end I can only afford one otherwise I would be broke all the time. Some people are addicted to drugs, I am addicted to books.

This was a little intro into what you can, hopefully, expect in the future + my thoughts were a bit obsessed with the thought of not reading as much as I used to. Of course I need to hear your thoughts on this plan and if you like books in general.

Love, Leja

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