October 30, 2014


As promised...

The first day in Belgrade was in my opinion the best because we were all so enthusiastic about it and wanted to see all of the sites and secrets of this beautiful city. When we got to the hotel we wasted no time and immediately went on a little strawl which turned out to be a LOONG strawl and actually saw most of the sites that the city could offer. Of course we weren't planning to visit all of it but I guess we got a bit carried away. Mostly we saw that a lot of things were so close and so we took the opportunity and had fun.

I personally think this outfit is casual enough to walk through the streets of Belgrade but still has a sophisticated look in it. I opted for some checkered trousers as they are my favorite ones at the moment and I think they will be for some time (+ one of the readers wanted to see how I pair them). For the top I chose navy sweater because it was quite windy that day but we were in luck as it was still sunny. I also wore light brown ankle boots with a small heel to look more sophisticated (wink). I also had a black coat just in case and I added a big bag as I carry a lot of things and I had to be prepared. It has some gold details and it spiced up the outfit a little bit. I also had a 'wing' ring- it just looks so mysterious and unique. I also did a little bit of something to my hair. You know I rarely do anything with it but this time I saw a gorgeous fishtail at the side of the head on weheartit and I think it looks really nice.

Remember in previous post there was one fact that stated that I don't know how to take a selfie. Well don't worry I still don't know how to do it but I still created Instagram (maybe I'll learn to make them one day). If you want to check it out here's where you can find my account: leja_kezmic

Have a lovely day!


  1. cool shoes!


  2. such cute pants

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  3. SO beautiful outfit I like it


  4. Great outfit, I love those boots!
    Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Renee | www.losetheroad.blogspot.ca


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