October 12, 2014


Girls it's that time of the year...
Time for shopping. The only thing I like about winter is buying new clothes for colder days. I know I know. There's Christmas and snow and hot chocolate. I loooove all that but the cold part almost ruins all those things. It's actually not winter yet or even cold but I want to be prepared and it was a good excuse to go on a hunt for some new sweaters (truth: I don't own many).
So as some of you know college started last week and it is hard. It's a HUGE change from high-school. Then yesterday I started to wonder is that somethingI really want to do-go to college. It sounds a bit weird but I'll probably continue it and hope for the best. Seminars are way better than lectures (which are sooo boring). It's not just the lectures that bore the crack out of me but it is also the fact that I coome to school at 8 am and finish it at 8pm and in between I have a 2,3 hours long breaks where I don't know what to do with myself. So I thought of skipping some lectures but older students say it is good to attend them as it can be very helpful and less confusing when you study at home. Again don't know who to listen myself or them with more experience.

I promise you I am not complaining. All I want to say that there's a big difference between college and high-school and you can see from above that I prefer high-school *shock*

On to the actual post for today. I already told you some of it at the beginning and there is not much to say but the fact that I needed supplies for winter which I still do not have enough *my opinion*. I was searching for some pants but mostly sweaters. Everything else is sort side-damage.

Let me know in the comment section if you want to see how I style these pieces and I'll talk to you next time.