October 26, 2014


It's been a long time since I've made a blog award post and I found this one actually very lovely and useful for others to see what is going on in my head (yeah I talk to myself sometimes...). Anyways the rules for this award are really simple plus there are not too many of them *wink*
I was nominated by a lovely girl called Arianne. Thank you very much girl. She said she does not know me well so I decided to do this post just for her and obviously for everyone who wants to get to know the real weird version of me.

Here are the rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

* Take time to thank the person who nominated you. Also, use the award logo.
* List 7 facts about yourself.
* Nominate other awesome bloggers you would like to get to know better and follow the person who nominated you.
                          -the following is optional-


1) I talk in my sleep. That means I have conversation with my sister and sometimes even walk and I don't remember any of it (possessed?)

2)  The only thing I like to do that includes exercise is Rollerblading (at least it is good for my legs) That is of course when I remember that I actually have rollerblades

3)  I do not know how to take a 'selfie' as I don't like taking pictures of myself... I don't know how that picture above was made (maybe that is why I don't have an Instagram-maybe one day?)

4)  A lot of people think I'm a confident person but my self-esteem is actually very low (in public I almost don't exist).*sad face*  My blog is exception (don't judge I'm working on it... sloooowly)

5)  I sometimes imagine stories in my head and I never thought of writing anything down. I never tried to write stories in my life

6)  I am a complete nerd when it comes to fiction-to read books about fiction is probably the best thing for me at the moment but my taste in genres changes every few years so we'll see what I'll choose next

7)  I can not wear the same outfit or just the same piece of clothing two days in a row (is this considered to be a problem?)

These are some of the weird facts about me and if you liked it we can do some more digging about this odd topic *smile*

And now I nominate these lovely bloggers to do this post and tell their readers something they don't know about you:




+ everyone who wants to share some random facts about themselves.

Hope you girls have time to do it and let me know how it turned out.