October 04, 2014


I have a new post.
  "Well Leja that's fast."
I just felt like it. I wanted so badly to post something new and I have an autumnal outfit for you guys. Well the sweater is fluffy and I usually wear it in winter but let's think it was a cold morning and I needed something warm (*what a lame excuse to wear fluffy stuff*)...
Anyways these I feel a bit down... I somehow think I won't have time to write posts, take pictures for my blog as college started and I have classes mostly in the afternoon. I feel sort of sad but I really want to continue with blogging and post regularly. So I bought a planner and I will mark all the posts I want to post, ideas on what I want to write about, how many times a week I will post etc... I really want this to work. I got this feeling like I need to post more. I have less time but want to post more *does that somehow contradict?* I know I'll have to put more effort into it and find even more time to do all this but if I set my mind to something than I'm pretty sure I can do this.
I haven't told anything about my classes or even what I'm studying. I decided to study English and literature. First one is kind of obvious as for the second one I was not sure but I was convinced as I like reading and I heard from a lot of people that the subject can be very fun. So yeah guys that's what I study. I only had one class so far -English morphology- and I actually really liked it. Profesor is nice and I think the class itself will be alright. More on that next week when all my lectures start.

As for the outfit.. I did go out in the morning and it was foggy and humid. I decided to wear, as said above, a fluffy creamy sweater, some black treggings and a new pair of ankle boots. I also like to wear rolled up jeans with those boots as it looks really nice. Over the sweater I added a beige jacket.

Disclaimer: there aren't a lot of pictures because I looked so tired and consiquently the pictures looked rubish

Hope you like this post and tell what is your favorite clothing piece at the moment. 'Till next time.